Tim Hardin Tribute


Published 2023-03-08 18:00

Jeff Larson is a veteran singer songwriter from the San Francisco Bay area. Musically, Jeff got his start under the wing of producer Elliot Mazer (Neil Young, The Band) playing in clubs and venues throughout the Bay area.

As a native Californian, the influences are obviously present and reach from the golden era of LA’s Laurel Canyon singer songwriter scene to the Bay area’s musical heritage, and the tension between the two. While remaining a solo artist, he’s collaborated with Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell of America, Chicago’s Robert Lamm, John Blakeley of The Sandals, and Eagles songwriter Jack Tempchin, among others.

His prolific body of work created over the years has been released by various means and labels with licensing opportunities with JVC Victor, Universal Music, Rhino Records, BMG and others, from The Netherlands to Japan.

In 2014, Jeff expanded his musical activity to include audio production. This turned out to be a natural step, he’d been a recording artist in various studios since the age of 15 and later worked in technology in the Silicon Valley. These worlds would collide in the modern recording process. Since then, he worked on several archival albums and some new recordings by America.

He engineered and edited archival projects for legacy acts such as The Beach Boys, Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison, with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and currently, new solo efforts by Jack Tempchin and Gerry Beckley. Jeff is the producer of the upcoming America release "Live From The Hollywood Bowl 1975" on Sun Records.

In 2021, longtime friend Gerry Beckley approached Jeff to record a cover of the Tim Hardin song "It'll Never Happen Again”. This initial effort spawned an additional 5 Hardin covers and resulted in a 6 song EP, "It'll Never Happen Again", due in early 2023. A new solo album is also in the works, his 1st since 2014, out in the fall of 2023 on new Nashville based label Melody Place.

"It'll Never Happen Again" was produced, arranged and mixed by Gerry Beckley and features 1st single “Reason To Believe”, 2nd single “If I Were A Carpenter”, the title track "It'll Never Happen Again”, "Don't Make Promises”, “Misty Roses” and "How Can We Hang On To A Dream”.

Jeff Larson on lead vocals and acoustic guitar is musically joined by Gerry Beckley on piano, acoustic and electric guitars, organ, accordion, strings bass, drums, and an array of fine musicians including Joachim Cooder on electric mbira, drums, percussion, and Matt Combs on mandola, fiddle. The EP was recorded at studios in Sydney, Australia and Southern California.

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