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The Odd Birds

"While so many youngsters buy a buckskin jacket, Gibson Jumbo and wear their fringe like Roger McGuinn they forget they have to have lived their life to the max, before their songs become authentic, and that’s where The Odd Birds really come alive. These songs sound believable, and have the capacity to live with the listener for a long, long time, if not forever." ~ Alan Harrison, The Rocking Magpie, UK

The Odd Birds are 2 of the least cool rock stars you'll ever meet (no really, they met doing musical theatre). They've been playing and singing their blend of americana, country and folk for over a decade. The Odd Birds strength lies in their vocal harmonies, with Ron's rougher twang complementing Jennifer's sweeter tone. They play intimate music about healing broken hearts and repairing broken connections, with a focus on a sound that's real and accessible.

The Odd Birds have been playing and singing together for over 10 years. They released their 1st EP, "Better Days", in 2020, and now, in 2022, they will release their 1st full length album, "Tremolo Heart". They've been featured on Radio Boise (Boise, ID) and AM Radio (Laguna Beach, CA) and in Voyage LA Magazine (Los Angeles, CA) and Metronome (Boston, MA).

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