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Skinny Dyck

Twang savant Skinny Dyck has put on weight since his debut album "Get To Know Lonesome" in 2020, a delight to fans of traditional country music, but in equal measure with an alternative leaning audience. On 1st listen, the Lethbridge, Alberta based singer songwriter Skinny may sound like a throwback to classic country artists of the 1960's, but get to know him a little better and it’s clear that he’s firmly part of the new generation of artists, pushing country forward into the 21st century.

“I think that’s a result of the aesthetic and the sandwiches”, relays Dyck in reference to his penchant toward a tape saturated, mid fi sonicscape, coupled with sparse arrangements. Led by the success of the twangy indie rocker "Dreamin’", "Get To Know Lonesome" found an audience for capturing the distilled spirit of wide cut country out of a few days with an 8 track machine in his living room.

Skinny makes further strides on his forthcoming album, "Palace Waiting", which includes “In On The Upswing” and “TV Blue” to be released digitally today, June 3rd, 2022. Produced with Billy Horton in Texas, Skinny capitalizes with brevity on "Palace Waiting", pouring an equal measure of traditional country and austere indie folk.

“Billy is a seasoned traditionalist and a wealth of knowledge”, Skinny says. “I guess I’m still a full on country obsessive type, but my taste has expanded in recent years. I cringe at the that’s not real country trope that pervades many a conversation related to genre. My thing requires keeping one foot in country music, as well as one foot outside”.

Armed with the benefit of a comprehensive country music vocabulary in support of the songwriting and his own steel guitar work, it'll be interesting to see what the loser country king sets his sights on next.

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