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Safari Season

"Darkness Queen" is a great new single version of one of the most admired songs from Safari Season's critically acclaimed album "Forevermoor". More glam, more guitars, brighter harmony vocals, underpinning the sublime lyrics about this mystic queen of darkness.

Safari Season started in 1994 by singer and keyboardist Lars Ryen, and guitarist and producer Anders Lindgren. Up to date they have released 3 full length albums, the latest "Forevermoor" in September of 2023, and a large number of singles and EP’s and have had their songs on many compilations all over the world through the years. Ryen and Lindgren write the songs, arrange and record them assisted by who can be considered as the 3rd member of the group, Daniel Gullö, a young talented multi instrumentalist.

The new single will be released February 24th, 2024, on Paraply Records & Tapes, with distribution by Border Music and Red Eye Worldwide.

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