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Ruby Lovett

“Authentic, real, what you see is what you get, that describes Ruby Lovett and her music. There is no 'put on in this collection of songs, just pure musical emotion that is music to the heart and soul. From the cotton fields and magnolias of Mississippi, to dreams of walking on the moon, this album takes you on a musical journey that is set free by the simple production that allows room for each instrument and especially Ruby’s vocal to shine". ~ Jimmy Metts, president, Torque Entertainment and Voxhall Records, and long time friend

Ruby Lovett is pure country. She is heir to a tradition of women with drawls and spunk. She is funny, unaffected, and unabashedly traditional in outlook. The combination makes both her singing and her presence extraordinarily appealing. The fact that such appeal is tied to a beautifully one of a kind voice is all the better. Her music is as real as she is, full of honest emotion and real life situations, sung with unaffected grace and power. To hear her sing is to witness the flowering of a life and musical approach that began with a childhood in Laurel, Mississippi.

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