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New american music for the 21st century that connects the deserts of the Southwest with the brownstones of old Brooklyn neighborhoods, not manufactured in a record labels boardroom or carbon copied by pasting the lastest pop chart sounds together, built with love in a little studio, hand crafted, using whatevers available, running on inspiration and imagination and duct tape, calling on the spirit of Gram Parsons and Otis Redding and KRS-ONE and Dolly Parton and Nina Simone and Willie Nelson and Missy Elliott and Johnny Cash, talented artists getting their voice in the mix, because to make it happen is reason enough, and to share it with the world is all the reason you need, because we tell the truth with music and the truth is beautiful.

Kept secret from the public through the mid seventies was the strange relationship between an aging Lone Ranger and an adolescent Voltron, in which they adopted and raised a young orphan. The young orphan Rench went on to success at the feared World Domination Academy, though he dropped out before graduating, rejecting his training by the nefarious Dr. Destructo. Working with elite musical teams combining hip-hop and country music under various names (Battlestar, Battlestar America, B-Star), Rench and his associates have repeatedly defeated the schemes of Dr. Destructo and his army of vampire robots, and continue to fight evildoers everywhere.

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