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Paul Benoit

“This man deserves a packed house” ~ Sound Magazine, Seattle

"Beautiful Lies" is Paul Benoit' ’s latest collection of moody rockers, americana ballads, and sweet duets featuring Amilia K Spicer, Michelle McAfee, and Sean Divine. Paul is joined by a stellar band of musicians with Rebecca Young on bass, Ron Weinstein on Hammond B3 and piano, and Will Dowd on drums.

The album includes special guests Jesse Dalton on acoustic bass and Noah Jeffries on violin and mandolin from the Austin Texas band The Deer. "Beautiful Lies" was recorded at both the Seattle based Robert Lang Studio and a cozy cabin on the Olympic Peninsula, and produced by Paul Benoit and Jesse Field.

The album leads off with ‘Cactus Met The Sky’, a powerful acoustic ballad inspired by a desert photograph with themes of impermanence. ‘Beautiful Lies’ is a lush duet featuring Amilia K Spicer on vocals and Benoit’s tasty slide guitar, about desire and all of love's complexities. ‘The Score’ is a classic americana rocker breakup song with an elevated guitar hook and driving solo. ‘Delirium’, ‘Saddest Eyes’, and ‘Smoke’ are moody acoustic folk songs in the style of Nick Drake and Townes Van Zandt. Inspired by the global pandemic, ‘Let’s Pretend We’re in Love’ is the perfect love song for dystopic times.

The album changes gears with dynamic rock tune ‘Black Crow’, followed by ‘Crutch’, an acoustic blues duet reminiscent of the Rolling Stones "Sticky Fingers" era, featuring Benoit's slide guitar. The album closes with ‘Freeways’, a soulful and uplifting blues song about the potential of love, with soaring guitar solos.

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