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Parker Gray

Parker Gray is a collaboration between singer, songwriter and producer Peter Gallway, and keyboardist, composer and producer Harvey Jones, featuring songs, spoken word poems and memoirs, and atmospheric landscapes that take us from the asylum in Birmingham, England, to Greenwich Village in the 60’s, and rural backroads over black ice.

As Peter Gallway tells it, "I initially approached Harvey, after working together on various projects, with the idea of joining spoken and sung narrative poetry to timeless yet contemporary cinematic musical compositions, Leonard Cohen meets James Blake and Brian Eno, drawing on my years as a songwriter and poet, and Harvey’s deep, expressive, and wholly unique perspective as a keyboardist and composer".

And from Harvey Jones, "the synthesizer is the indigenous folk instrument of my culture. I’ve been dragging the instrument in its various forms across studio hallways and stages for 30 years. Initially struggling to keep the thing in tune and now working just as hard to make it out of tune".

Peter Gallway has been described as, “a songwriter and storyteller with the skill of a novelist and a filmmaker”. As a producer, he has had the opportunity to work with Laura Nyro, Chrissie Hynde, Paul Brady, Jonatha Brooke, David Wilcox, and many others.

Harvey Jones has worked closely with such musicians as Donna Lewis, Robbie Dupree, and Chris Botti, and performed on recordings with Jerry Marotta, Robert Fripp, Sting, Paul Buchanan, Tony Levin, and Carla Bley.

Swedish magazine Zero described their first release, "Luminous Darkness" in 2019, as “this is the very essence of night music, if you ask me. Music that gives rain soaked asphalt and starry skies another dimension. Music that enhances the inner feeling and touches the innermost flame of the soul”.

Their new album, "My Fearless Career", will be released January 19th, 2024.

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