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Never Give All The Heart

"Never Give All The Heart" is a celebration of WB Yeats in words and music, a collection of 24 musical compositions set to selected love poems by WB Yeats that evoke the sense of love and longing Yeats imparted through his words. Soprano Laura Whittenberger has performed throughout the US as a singer of a variety of musical styles. She frequently travels from her native Baltimore for theatrical and concert performances. This project has been particularly special because of her love for early 20th century poetry. Peyson Moss is an pianist, organist, and accompanist. He earned his master's degree in vocal accompanying from the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore in 2015. Arranger Max Maples is a professional composer, teacher, and drummer based in New York City. Raymond Driver is an illustrator and cartoonist in the Washington DC area. After 38 years in illustration, this CD fulfills a lifelong ambition to compose music. Creating music set to the poetry of WB Yeats has been a labor of love.

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