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Love On Drugs

Love On Drugs, or Thomas Pontén and band, curiously and passionately blend americana and indie pop, mixing influences from both sides of the pond into a rare and unique cocktail. The brand new single, “Overdrive”, to be released June 7th, 2024, is the perfect soundtrack to a long hot summer with an Aperol spritz in a rooftop bar.

Thomas sings, plays guitars and percussion, Markus Larsson keyboards, Robert Olsson bass and Martin Lillberg drums, percussion and additional keyboards. The new single was mastered by Hans Olsson at Svenska Grammfonstudion.

Love On Drugs music has been compared to Jayhawks and Teenage Fanclub, but also legends like John Lennon, Neil Young and David Bowie. Thomas mainly feels kinship with artists and bands that are a bit 'all over the place' genre wise, namely Bob Dylan, The Band, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, XTC, Kirsty MacColl, and Elvis Costello, to mention just a few. German FolkWorld described the music like this, ”This is on the rockier side of folk rock. They establish a nice groove, which gives this the edge over many other bands you hear playing in clubland”.

Love On Drugs has performed with among others Ted Russell Kamp (US), The Mommyheads (US), Pi Jacobs (US), Sarah Macdougall (CAN) och Gordie Tentrees (CAN). Through the years Thomas has played everything from reggae to avant garde in various bands and constellations. With Love On Drugs however, it’s the first time in his music career that he fronts a band and sings lead vocals.

In the spring of 2016 the debut album ”I Think I’m Alone Now” was released, and in April 2018 the 2nd album, ”Solder”. March 26th, 2021 saw the release of “meLODies”, and the latest album, “Fluke”, was released June 2nd, 2023. All 4 records received great reviews and lots of airplay throughout Europe.

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