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Kip Boardman

Raised in the northeast on a healthy diet of Jimmy Webb and Rolling Stones, and drawn by the warm California sun, Kip Boardman began messing with the piano when he was five or so, and much to everyone’s chagrin and disappointment, never really let it go. A longtime bass player with many angeleno stalwarts, Kip has lately turned to the lonely art of songwriting and the more complementary piano and guitar.

Mostly preoccupied with dusty and obsolete forms of country, folk and pop, Kip has released two previous solo albums, 2003’s 'Upon The Stars' on Ridisculous Records and 2005’s 'Hello I Must Be…' on Mesmer Records. Kip continues to play the occasional show with his favorite musician ever, Tony Gilkyson and has recently toured with The Watson Twins. "The Long Weight" Kip Boardman's 3rd and most ambitious album to date was produced by Eric Heywood (Ray LaMontagne, Son Volt) and also features members of Ray LaMontagne’s Pariah Dog backing band, Jennifer Condos on bass, Jay Bellerose on drums and Ryan Freeland on accordion. Along with Patrick Warren on keyboards, David Ralicke on horns and and a dream team of first-call singers comprised of Gia Ciambotti, Claire Holley and Kristin Mooney.

Earthen and halcyonic, "The Long Weight" mines the rich musical landscapes of a distinctly American songbook with shades of Nilsson and Toussaint. "The Long Weight" is a step into late afternoon sun and promises to be one of the most intriguing discoveries if not one of the best albums of 2011.

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