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Jaron Reid Raven^sky

“Without music, life would be a mistake” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Jaron Reid Raven^sky, born of the prairies on the vast Alberta, Canada, vista. His 1st nation heritage echoing clearly on “Black Crow Cloud” and “Broken Down“. Gifted with a beautiful voice, a singer of charm, dignity and empathy, with a deep self felt comprehension of pain and the raunchy side of being. Jaron’s latest double CD, a serious, long time in completion, delivers the true artist he has become.

Jaron, gifted on the piano and guitar, his passion, since he first heard notes of music at an early age. Influenced by the likes of Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Jaron, unsigned, roamed the bars and clubs of Europe, paying his dues with his love of performing. Over the last few years, he has awed audiences young and old throughout Europe, including, Norway, Switzerland, and Ireland. His deep talent lead him to performing around the Caribbean, as well, years of some settling’s downs, some out times, and a seasoning of his abilities.

In 2016 the album started its conception in the cold winter in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, at the CCM Studio. 3 serious renowned American musicians laid the instrumental tracks supporting his music on this epic double CD. There followed a week of additional input from a group of talented Canadians. Some things just take time. An Italian break, an island decision to record the vocals again and mix at the Prairie Sun Studio in California of Tom Waits history. Additional tracks and vocals in Edmontone Studio. The end of 2017, Matt Wright mixed all 25 songs at Prairie Sun Studio. Another hiatus arrived. Those years, some settlings downs, some out times, a bit wiser.

Finally, time arrived for the mix tweaking by Matt Wright, the mastering of the double album by Ken Lee, this fall 2019 in California, USA. Yes, 25 songs, a stunning 16 page booklet, in the old fashion way, pull him back on the road. Born to it, with his name Jaron meaning 'sing out'. The pulse of the vocal gift to transport, enhance and heal his audience with his shaman soul whether intimately in a small club to the larger stage as opening act in Casino, Paris, this life capability for his music to find it’s way into the secret places of the soul, a utopia gut jarring double album.

The artist delivers imposing songwriting in a spiritual rusty voice traversing the dark, commanding euphoria vibes on 25 songs.

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