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Giulia Millanta

Singer, songwriter and guitarist, Giulia (Julia) Millanta, by way of new self penned songs, invites us to fall in with her edgy and quirky “Moonbeam Parade” traversing the back alleys of pain, anger, solitude and self doubt, finally winding our way onto the streets of humanity lit by courage and trust.

Co-produced with George Reiff, “Moonbeam Parade” features a stellar band, some of Austin’s finest musicians, Charlie Sexton (Bob Dylan), Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), Glenn Fukunaga (Dixie Chicks), Gabriel Rhodes (Willie Nelson), Dony Wynn (Robert Palmer) and David Pulkingham (Patty Griffin), as well as fellow artists Kimmie Rhodes and Michael Fracasso.

Hailing from the music scene in Austin, TX, which she now calls home, Millanta delivers poignant, yet rockin’, Americana inspired by her musical journey from Florence, Italy, where she was born.

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