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Cina Samuelson

"One of the women who truly inspired me as a little girl was Wanda Jackson and her music, both rockabilly, gospel and country, was constantly on repeat. As my own career within country had started, I had the immense pleasure and honor to tour together with this icon of rockabilly. And she continues to inspire me still today.

The 1st time I heard the song 'Please Love Me Forever', it was performed by Wanda and I completely fell in love with the song. Recording my own version of it has been on my mind for years and finally the song is ready to be released. With the beautiful arrangement by Berra Karlsson and Stig Lindell, it has a 60's sound but with a modern touch, just like I wanted it. I hope you will love the song as much as I do!"

~ Cina Samuelson

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