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On their 3rd full length album, “Where Do We Belong”, Bonefish takes their americana and britpop mix a step further into perfection. The album is produced by Max Lorentz, who also produced the critically acclaimed previous album, “Atoms”.

11 new compositions, such as the NOLA tribute, “New Orleans (I Will Dance When I Get There)” and “Sad”, with lead vocals by Bie Karlsson and Nylle Thoor respectively. Bie and Nylle usually share the lead vocals between them, but this time Rasmus Rasmusson, from the back of his drum kit, fronts the sensitive ballad “Friend Of Mine”. Of course, the album also has an abundance of magnificent guitar work by Matte Norberg, not to mention the keyboard splendidness by the omnipresent master musician and producer Max Lorentz.

Bonefish was formed in 2010 by Bie Karlsson, Lasse Nilsen, Rasmus Rasmusson and Anders Nylle Thoor. As all in the band were excellent singers, it was perhaps natural it started off with a lot of americana inspired harmonics, mixed with some blues rock aspirations. Listen in on self titled debut album, “Bonefish”, produced by Bie Karlsson. The album was met with good reviews and the band did a lot of gigs during 2013 and 2014, playing UK and Belgium, as well as numerous occasions in Sweden.

Late in 2015 Lasse Nilsen left the band and was replaced by Matte Norberg and, as a consequence of Matte’s superb guitar playing, Bonefish tilted against a more guitar driven sound. The harmonics is still in place, but less dominant. This new brand of Bonefish can be heard in the album “Atoms”, recorded in legendary Welsh studio Rockfield and now with Max Lorentz producing. The album was critically acclaimed and got airtime in German national radio. This led to extensive touring in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands during 2018 and 2019.

Then we all know what happened next. After only 1 gig in 2020, “all died and left no trace” to quote the song “Just Like A Warrior” from the new Bonefish album. The supposed release of 2021 had to wait to 2023. But now it’s here. “Where Do We Belong”, the 3rd Bonefish album, for sale in physical format at your local record dealer, or at your digital distributor of choice.

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Bie Karlsson have recorded and toured with bands like T-Shirts, Giant Steppers and Docenterna, and worked with high end producers, most notably Dennis 'Blackbeard' Bovell, Anders 'Henkan' Henriksson and Michael Ilbert. Matte Norberg, Rasmus Rasmusson and Anders 'Nylle' Thoor, all have years of experience of touring and recording for the local Swedish music scene.

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