Bill Price : I Can't Stop Looking At The Sky (Grass Magoops Records)

Gibrish : Gangster Tango (Gibrish Songs)

Selina Martin : Caruso's Brain (Selina Martin)

23.10.15 :

Marcus Eaton : Versions Of The Truth (Route 61 Music)

Mikke Severinsson : Again (Canamus)

16.10.15 :

My Quiet Companion : My Quiet Companion (My Quiet Companion)

Reverend Freakchild : Hillbilly Zen Punk Blues (Citizen Of The Universe Music)

09.10.15 :

Jeremy Pinnell : OH/KY (SofaBurn Records)

02.10.15 :

Jonathan Kasper & 6W2L : In The Know (Kasper Wits Music)

Tiffany Huggins Grant : Jonquil Child (THG Music)

25.09.15 :

Kevin Sekhani : Day Ain't Done (Louisiana Red Hot Records)

Matt Woods : Sawdust & Gasoline (Matt Woods Music)

18.09.15 :

Lazy Afternoon : Viva La Quinta Brigada (Artache)

Mike McGuire : Southern Attraction (Mike McGuire Ky)

11.09.15 :

Billy Hector : Old School Thang (Ghetto Surf Music)

04.09.15 :

Hidden Treasures - Singer Songwriters From Home (Hemifrån)

Melanie Dekker : Lekker, Eh - Live In Europe (Elephant Ears Entertainment)

Tokyo Rosenthal : Afterlife (Rock & Sock Records)

28.08.15 :

Allan Thomas : Class Of '65 (Black Bamboo Recordings)

Auburn : Mixed Feelings (Scarlet Recordings)

Barbara Blue & Memphis Blue : Sweet, Strong & Tight (Big Blue Records)

David Massey : Until The Day Is Done (David Massey)

Elizabeth MacInnis : Sensitive Guy (Elizabeth MacInnis)

21.08.15 :

Jack Tempchin : Learning To Dance (Blue Élan Records)

Ryan Davidson : A Wick Burning High (Ryan Davidson Music)

Steve Mednick : Root Of The Sun (Cottage Sound Recordings)

14.08.15 :

Scott Albert Johnson : Going Somewhere (Monkaroo Music)

Sun Soul Orchestra : What Matters Most (Gumbo Child Productions)

The Pinder Brothers : Melancholy Sea (T.P.D.)

07.08.15 :

Lazy Afternoon : Before You Fall Asleep (Artache)

Tom Freund : Two Moons (Surf Road Records)

31.07.15 :

Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw : Stone Cold Beautiful (Mescal Canyon Records)

10.07.15 :

Mark Billingham & My Darling Clementine : The Other Half (Hachette Audio)

John Cee Stannard & Blues Horizon : Stone Cold Sober (Castiron Recordings)

03.07.15 :

Eight O'Five Jive : Too Many Men (Red Rudy Too Tunes)

The Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men : Wrong Side Of The Road (Sally Sasquatch Music)

30.06.15 :

Ted Russell Kamp : The Low And Lonesome Sound (PoMo Records)

23.06.15 :

Amanda Rheaume : Keep A Fire (Amanda Rheaume)

Millpond Moon : Time To Turn The Tide (Tikopia Records)

Spuyten Duyvil : The Social Music Hour Vol 1 (Spuyten Duyvil Music)

16.06.15 :

Erik Sitbon & The Ghost Band (Erik Sitbon)

Georgie Jessup : Philosopher Dogs (Winkte Music)

Good Lovelies : Burn The Plan (Six Shooter Records

Tod Hughes Project : Changing Gears (Tod Hughes)

09.06.15 :

Joel Rafael : Baladista (Inside Recordings)

Kim Erickson : The Raven's Wing (Route 61 Music)

West Of Eden : Glenntown (West Of Music)

02.06.15 :

Annie Gallup : Ghost (Gallway Bay)

Byron Fry : Explosive (Iguana Breath Music)

Kaurna Cronin : Glass Fool (Songs & Whispers)

ODi : Maslow's Songbook (Songs & Whispers)

Richard Schumacher : I'll Be Honest Withya (Richard Schumacher)

Vincent Cross : A Town Called Normal (Vincent Cross)

26.05.15 :

Cris Cuddy : Dear Elvis (Vanishing Castle)

Grand Old Grizzly : Cosmonada (Grand Old Grizzly)

Jack Tempchin : Room To Run (Bluélan Records)

Paper Moon Shiners : Paper Moon Shiners (Paper Moon Shiners)

19.05.15 :

Jen Maurer & Paul Kovac : Boy = Girl (Boy Equals Girl)

Jim Jones : Race With The Wind (Jim Jones Music)

Lazy Afternoon : As Time Is Passing By (Artache)

12.05.15 :

Brad Absher & Swamp Royale : Lucky Dog (Montrose Records)

Johanna Börjeson : bara är (Dwarf Records)

Whelan feat. Fred Wesley : The Story Of Ike Dupree (Presidio Records)

05.05.15 :

Cheryl Barnes : Listen To This (Barnes & Cabasso Music)

Duffy Kane : Dead Man Walkin' (Freedom Train Records)


Kyle Carey : North Star (Americelta Records)

Mitchell Coleman Jr : Soul Searching (Soul Revelation Music)

28.04.15 :

Brian Ashley Jones : Out Of The City (Brian Ashley Jones Music)

Buford Pope : We Got Time Tomorrow (Unchained Records)

Sugarcane Jane : Dirt Road's End (ArenA Recordings/eOne Entertainment)

21.04.15 :

Elliott Murphy : Aquashow Deconstructed (Route 61)

Peter Blachley : Nevada Sky (Peter Blachley)

Whitehorse : Leave No Bridge Unburned (Six Shooter Records)

14.04.15 :

All Day Sucker : Denim Days (Trademark Entertainment

Bill Gable : No Straight Lines (Bill Gable Music)

The Great Dictators : Killers (Royal Toad Records)

07.04.15 :

Geyster : Knight Games I (Somekind Records)

Geyster : Knight Games II (Somekind Records)

Geyster : Knight Games III (Somekind Records)

Matt Lax & Nearly Beloved : This House Of Mine (Attaboy Records)

31.03.15 :

Jenna Glatt : Jenna Glatt (Glatt Music)

Kiana Luna : O Sole Mio/Where The Sun Is Waking (FR Music)

RxGF : Any Other Way (Orange Allies)

24.03.15 :

Andrew Maxwell Morris : Well Thread Roads (Andrew Maxwell Morris)

Casey Weston : Young Heart (Casey Weston)

John McDonough : Dreams & Imagination (McDonough Records)

Rob Lytle : A Hypocrite Of Heart And Hope (Heart And Hope Music)

17.03.15 :

Pi Jacobs : Hi-Rise Ranch (ThatCrazyChick Music)

Marco R Wagner : My Old Spain (Marco R Wagner)

The Headlocks : Most Golden Goose (Cuckoo Bird)

10.03.15 :

Astrid Young : One Night At Giant Rock (Astrid Young)

Jan Rørdam : Stardust In Your Hands (Jan Rørdam)

Jimmy Somerville : Homage (Jess E Musique/Membran/Naxos)

Lazy Afternoon : Any Road (Lazy Afternoon)

03.03.15 :


Blind Willies : Every Day Is Judgement Day (Blind Willies Net)


Lynn Jackson & Chris Boyne : The Acoustic Sessions (Busted Flat Records)

Richie Lawrence : Rue Sanxay (Big Book Records)

24.02.15 :

Allan Harris : Black Bar Jukebox (Must Have Jazz/Membran/Naxos)

Dave Desmelik : We Don't Want A Dying Flame (Dave Desmelik)

Gang Of Four : What Happens Next (Membran/Naxos)

Ryan Boldt : Broadside Ballads (Dahl Street Records)

17.02.15 :

Doug Adamz Plays National Steel (Magi Productions)

Fraser Anderson : Little Glass Box (Membran)

Markus James : Head For The Hills (Firenze Records)

10.02.15 :

Hank Woji : The Working Life (KZ Records)

Martin Kaplan : The Slow Down (Martin Kaplan Music)

03.02.15 :

Fuzzbee Morse : Dreams & Other Living Things (Fuzzbee Music)

Hat Check Girl : At 2 In The Morning (Gallway Bay Music)

27.01.15 :

Bill Gable : I Threw Your Heart (Bill Gable Music)

20.01.15 :

Miriam Jones : Between Green & Gone (Miriam Jones Music)

13.01.15 :

Annie Keating : Make Believing (8th Street Studios)

D Edward : Love Is (10th & Clay Records)

The Porter Draw : The Porter Draw (The Porter Draw)


Eric Schwartz : The Aristocrat (Claritone Music)

Eric Schwartz : The Better Man (Claritone Music)

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