Andrea Van Cleef.....

Andrea Van Cleef was born in a small town near the northern Italian alps. After spending his post teenage years doing various jobs and playing guitar and bass guitar in different garage punk outfits, he founded his first real band, the dark alt rockers Bogartz. He starts singing because nobody in the band wants to sing, and he hasn't stopped since.

In 2002 the Bogartz release their debut album, "Honeymoons In The Desert". It earns rare reviews and a cult status for the band. During the live shows to promote the record, the band gets entangled in major labels net. 3 years are lost in management's effort to smooth the edges of their music, and at the end of 2005, the Bogartz call it quits.

Andrea then releases his 1st EP under the Van Cleef Continental moniker. "8 Shots, 8 Failures", the EP, is then followed in 2009 by "Red Sisters", which is released in the USA. The 1st single, the band's rendition of Mike Oldfield's "Moonlight Shadow", is a minor radio hit, and the record earns ecstatic reviews in the national press. The band tours extensively to promote it, playing clubs and important italian open air festivals, sharing the stage with Willard Grant Conspiracy, Dead Meadow and Gaslight Anthem, among many others.

In 2010, Andrea starts touring alone for the 1st time, playing his old band's songs, as well as selected cover versions of other artists'. During the tour, 57 gigs all over Italy and Switzerland, he starts to feel the need to record new songs in a singer songwriter style. And he starts writing new songs. With "Sundog", for the first time, songwriter, musician and producer Andrea Van Cleef plays acoustic songs, and his distinctive baritone isn't surrounded by thundering drums and overdriven guitars and basses. His music here is a re-interpretation of the experimental folk music of the early 70's, merged with the songwriting sensitivenes.

And now, in the summer of 2018, Andrea Van Cleef releases his sophomore release, "Tropic Of Nowhere".




Rodney Crowell.....

Throughout his more than 40 years as a songwriter, producer and recording artist, Rodney Crowell has explored an expansive musical landscape from intimate, heartbreaking ballads to spirited honky tonk rockers. For his 19th album, the Grammy winning musician, whose health issues forced the cancellation of several 2017 tour dates, finds himself unplugged and recharged all at once with the release of "Acoustic Classics", a 12 track collection of some his most recognizable songs in all new settings. songs on the LP.

The writer of 15 # 1 country hits, including "Making Memories Of Us" and "Please Remember Me", cut by Keith Urban and Tim McGraw respectively, Crowell presents stripped down versions of these songs on the album. Other highlights include "Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight", "Shame On The Moon", and "Ain't Living Long Like This", as well as songs from his solo albums, including "Diamonds & Dirt", which set a record for its 5 # 1 singles on the country chart.

Crowell will follow the release of the new album by joining other tunesmiths to share details of their creative process and offer advice on the craft of songwriting at the new Adventures In Song conference. A 4 day songwriting camp, it also features Lisa Loeb, Joe Henry, Allen Shamblin, Brennen Leigh and Don Peake, along with special guests Bernie Taupin and Benmont Tench. Set for July 16th through 20th, the event takes place at Asilomar Conference Grounds in Carmel, CA.

"Acoustic Classics" will be out July 13th, 2018, and represents the 1st release on Crowell's newly launched imprint, RC1.




Circus In Flames.....

The Circus In Flames is pleased to announce the release of "Outside America", the band's latest CD on the Northern Electric label.  With this recording, Vancouver singer songwriter Doug Andrew returns with his latest offerings and The Circus In Flames deliver their best album yet.  Present again is the 'dark folklore' in the group's 'original, string band music of the Canadian south', a unique folk, country, blues sound driven by Andrew's songs but this time it also resonates with the influences of gospel and r'n'b, as well as the anthology of american folk music.  On "Outside America" the songs and The Circus are now older, wiser and grittier. 

In a career that began in Vancouver’s independent music scene of the early 80's, Doug Andrew has shared bills with everyone from Ramones to Raffi to Ramblin' Jack Elliott.  He is recognized as an accomplished singer songwriter respected by critics, peers and music fans alike.  The Edmonton Journal has described his songs as having 'slightly twisted, always interesting storyline lyrics' delivered with 'an energetic thrust that falls just shy of reckless abandon'. See Magazine has said his songs 'should shuffle him off into the Canadian musical songwriting hierarchy' and the Vancouver Province declared 'Andrew is a great songwriter, while The Circus In Flames are his extraordinarily sympathetic band, a weird mix of musical eclecticism built on a dark folklore'.

Andrew first formed The Circus In Flames when asked to play at a friend's St Patrick's Day bash in the mid 90's and since then the band has toured, played several music festivals and released 2 previous critically acclaimed recordings. In 2007 the group joined such artists as Gordon Lightfoot, Blue Rodeo and former Byrd, Chris Hillman on Stony Plain’s "The Gift : A Tribute To Ian Tyson". The Toronto Star chose their version of the classic "Someday Soon" as the album's top track.

On "Outside America", Doug Andrew once again called on long time band member Brian Barr to co-produce and play mandolin and electric guitar.  Ed Goodine plays drums, and making his debut on banjitar is Brian Thalken.  Upright bassist Bernie Addington, who played on the self titled Circus In Flames debut album, reunites with the band in the studio, while his brother Phil Addington grabbed his electric bass and became the latest musician to run away and join The Circus.

'Sheet metal country', Doug Andrew describes the music. 'It bangs and rattles and booms, generally making a fair amount of noise, but it can also be light and quiet.  It can go from sounding like a runaway locomotive thundering down the mountain without any brakes to a wind slipping through the forest at midnight'.




Milk Carton Kids.....

The Milk Carton Kids’ 5th album, "All The Things That I Did And All The Things That I Didn’t Do" arrives from Anti- Records on June 29th, 2018. The new project marks the first time that acoustic duo Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale have brought a band into studio with them. “We wanted to do something new”, Pattengale says. “We had been going around the country yet another time to do the duo show, going to the places we’d been before.

There arose some sort of need for change". “Musically we knew we were going to make the record with a bigger sonic palette”, says Ryan. “It was liberating to know we didn’t have to be able to carry every song with just our two guitars”. “Sometimes in singing, we’ll switch parts for a beat or a bar or a note”, Ryan says. “And things start to obscure what is the melody and what is the supporting part”. A 3rd presence rises out of their combined voices. “There are only so many things you can do alone that allow you to transcend your sense of self for even a short period”, Pattengale says. “I’m the lucky recipient of a life in which for hundreds of times, day after day, I get to spend an hour that is like speaking a language only two people know and doing it in a space with others who want to hear it”.




Fagen & More.....

One might assume someone with the studio studiousness of Donald Fagen, a man who infamously brought in 7 session guitarists to attempt the solo on Steely Dan's "Peg", would be approached to produce other people's albums every other week. "Not so much", the singer keyboardist says. "And the manufacture, because that's what it is, of much contemporary music is a pretty boring job".

Naturally, Fagen only bothers with an outside collaboration if the chemistry is instantaneous. Enter Austin singer songwriter Peter More, a previous member of Brooklyn folk rock act Oh Whitney whom Fagen met, and later jammed with at a hotel restaurant, while vacationing in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico, with his wife, musician Libby Titus. After playing together a few times, an intrigued Fagen offered to produce More's debut solo album, "Beautiful Disrepair", set for release on June 29th, 2018.

"The guys in the band, aside from being fine players, each had a great sense of fun and a strong musical personality" he says. "Pete is mostly Texas with a Mexican twist, Jose and Diego come from Latin backgrounds, and drummer Adrien's parents are global expats. Although the Texican thing wasn't in the foreground of my experience, the music had a smart, savvy edge, and I got hooked. It's an American dish, but it's served with hot sauce".

More admits he "wasn't exposed to a lot of Steely Dan growing up" and "didn't have any expectation" when they met. "We were invited to jam with him at a New Year's Eve show and played a few songs together", he says. "We talked a bit after the show and I never felt starstruck, he was just a really smart and funny guy that happened to be ripping on the melodica that night".

The crew later returned to San Miguel and began work at guitarist Ken Basman's home studio. Recording in bursts over the next 2 years between Fagen's touring commitments with Steely Dan and supergroup The Dukes Of September, they racked up sessions in Woodstock, NY, and More's hometown of Fort Worth, TX, before mixing in Manhattan.

Utilizing Fagen's expertise with vocal harmony and clever arrangements, More fashioned material that veers from folk balladry, to country, to sauntering soul rock. "Most of the groove and time signature changes came about spontaneously", More says of the latter experiment. "We had been playing long sets at a residency down in Brazil so we got used to trying out new rhythms and interpretations of songs. I think that's how it came about when we got in the studio, trying a couple rhythmic ideas behind the guitar solo".

"Beautiful Disrepair" marks Fagen's 1st major production credit since helming late Steely Dan bandmate Walter Becker's 1994 solo album, "11 Tracks Of Whack", and the circumstances behind those sessions were quite different.

"It was similar to making a Steely Dan record, except that I had to be more of a supporting player, as Walter was when he helped me produce 'Kamakiriad'. It took a while to get used to Walter's studio, which was all the hell up on the side of a volcano in Maui. He'd gone all da kine, big time".




George Lilly.....

George Lilly has been playing professionally since 1961. Playing with local rock'n'roll bands near his childhood home on Cape Cod, then from Pennsylvania to Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky during his college years then on to New York and the New England area.

During the 70’s and 80’s he ran Northern Studios, a successful recording studio in the Boston area, where artists ranging from jazz greats, like Jaki Byard, to pop Icons, The Cars, recorded. He also engineered live broadcasts for 50 000 watt radio station WBCN from the great jazz and blues venue Paul’s Mall in Boston where he got to work with the likes of Muddy Waters, Sun Ra, Tom Scott, Taj Mahal and other greats.

At the same time George continued to perform around the New England area and appeared on shows with Chuck Berry, James Cotton, The Band, Johnny Winter, Irma Thomas, Paul Butterfield, Lonnie Mack, Zachary Richard and many, many others.

In 1991 George moved his family to the New Orleans area to study guitar with Wayne Bennet, of blues and jazz renown, and played around the greater New Orleans area with local blues and r'n'b bands. In 1995 George wrote and produced an album for the independent label Wildcat Records from which Aaron Spelling Productions used his original song, “Always You”, in their film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “Thinner”.

After losing their home in Hurricane Katrina, George and family moved to the Jupiter Florida area where he formed his 6 piece r'n'b band George Lilly & The Half Fast Allstarz with whom he recently completed his latest album “Thinkin’ About You Baby” and he has resumed his jazz studies and is a regular performer at the Jupiter Jazz Society Jam Session on Sundays at the Double Roads Tavern & Grill.

Known for his energetic stage presence and his New Orleans blues feel, George is still very much on the scene!




Chicago II Live.....

For the first time in a career that’s spanned 6 decades, Chicago is on the road playing a full album from start to finish.  The album is "Chicago II", the 1970 classic that may be the most beloved in the band’s impressive catalogue.  This summer, Rhino Records will be marking the occasion with a pair of multi format releases.

"Chicago II : Live On Soundstage" captures the band’s November 2017 performances at the Grainger Studio in Chicago’s hometown. It will be available on June 29th, 2018, as a single CD and a CD/DVD set with video of the program and 5.1 audio. The music will also be available digitally and via streaming services. Then, on August 31st, 2018, "Chicago II : Collector’s Edition" will bundle together the Soundstage performance on CD and DVD, as well as the acclaimed 2017 stereo remix by Steven Wilson on CD and double vinyl.

The creativity and innovation of the band formerly known as Chicago Transit Authority surged more than ever on its 2nd straight double album. "Chicago", now known colloquially as "Chicago II", earned the group and producer James William Guercio a string of US pop hits including “Make Me Smile”, “Colour My World” and “25 Or 6 To 4”, but that didn’t mean Chicago was simplifying the expansive approach of its first jazz rock opus.  “Make Me Smile” and “Colour My World” were excerpted from the album’s centerpiece, composer James Pankow’s 7 part, 13 minute song suite “Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon”. Terry Kath supplied a 4 part classically inspired suite “Memories Of Love”, and Lamm, already the songwriter of the first album’s hits “Beginnings” and “Does Everybody Really Know What Time It Is”, supplied “25 Or 6 To 4”, as well as teaming with Kath and Walter Parazaider to write the politically-charged “It Better End Soon.” Steven Wilson’s remix was derived from the original 16 track multitrack tapes. It was released last year on CD by Rhino Records, and on 2 LP vinyl in the US as a Barnes And Noble retail exclusive.

"Chicago II : Live On Soundstage" features original members Robert Lamm, James Pankow, and Lee Loughnane, along with Tris Imboden, Keith Howland, Lou Pardini, Walfredo Reyes Jr, Ray Herrmann and Jeff Coffey. Since the taping last November, Coffey and Imboden have both left the band, though the "Chicago II" tour continues on with Walfredo Reyes Jr moving from percussion to drums, his brother Daniel De Los Reyes stepping in on percussion, Neil Donell taking over on vocals, and Brett Simons of Brian Wilson’s band playing bass.




Lazy Afternoon.....

Lazy Afternoon has regrouped and are now putting out a single with 2 songs from their forthcoming album. Cristina Säfsten has taken up the lead vocals together with Bo Ahlbertz. It’s still the same ’good mood americana’, but more varied, with 2 lead singers and even some duets. Maria Nordseth, from Poeta Magica, is also in the band, on backingvocals and percussion. Those 2 new members are lifting the band even higher and their great harmonies are becoming alomost like a trademark. Lead track from the new single, ”Everytime”, is sung by Cristina in an acoustic style, and ”Water” is a duet between Cristina and Bo with a good grove. The band has now settled in this new configuration and will continue spreading their happy message throughout the world.



Fairport Convention.....

"What We Did On Our Saturday" is a double CD recorded live at a landmark concert by the founders of the British folk rock genre, legendary folk rock band Fairport Convention. The band celebrated its 50th anniversary in front of 20 000 fans at its own Cropredy Festival on August 12th, 2017. The 25 tracks span the band's entire history and the album features the current line-up plus a galaxy of former members and guests including Richard Thompson, Ashley Hutchings, Iain Matthews, Dave Mattacks, Judy Dyble, Maartin Allcock and Ralph McTell. Matty Grooves Records, June 15th, 2018.






Son Of Velvet Rat.....

Son Of The Velvet Rat celebrate the glorious elusiveness and the sweet heartbreak of song by releasing a new live record, “The Late Show”, for their US label Fluff & Gravy/Mint400.

A few years ago, Austrian natives Georg Altziebler and Heike Binder set down roots in the Desert community of Joshua Tree,CA. In the last 50 years the desolate town has quietly become an enclave for artists and musicians much like Paris in the 1920’s or Laurel Canyon in the 1960’s.

Their 2017 release, “Dorado”, produced by Joe Henry, featured a mix of high desert musicians and LA stalwarts, as well as guest vocals from brilliant singer songwriter Victoria Williams. The record received rapturous reviews and topped myriad year end critics’ polls.

“The Late Show” is a souvenir from their extensive 2017 tour. The album was recorded at three venues, the Rhiz in Vienna, Austria, Scheune in Wredenhagen, Germany and The Studio Venue in beautiful downtown Burbank,CA.

The 11 song set features several songs from “Dorado”, but also reaches back to older albums like “Animals”, “Firedancer” and “Red Chamber Music”. “Another Glass Of Champagne” is a newish number that revisits an older riff and adds new lyrics. The ambiance is passionate, sweat soaked and electric.

Georg and Heike’s cinematic sound is augmented by Dominik Krejan on Fender Rhodes piano and backing vocals. Drum duties are split between Muck Willmann and Felix Krüger. Highlights include an epic “Sweet Angela”, a brooding version of “Copper Hill”, the pulsing psychedelia of “Surfer Joe” and the world weary ache of “Franklin Avenue”.

Son Of The Velvet Rat weaves a sonic tapestry of disparate influences that is best described as folk noir, while being thoroughly unique in every aspect. No wonder everyone from Americana UK to Lucinda Williams to Palm Springs Life & Magnet Magazine is singing their praises. “The Late Show” offers a perfect introduction to their sui generis sound.



Grateful Dead.....

This is one the most thrilling albums the Grateful Dead ever produced, mixing portions of live recordings from the first 6 months of Mickey's tenure with the band, along with studio experimentations that would hint at where the Dead would go when they started recording to 16 track tape the following year. The 1971 remix, produced in order to make the album more accessible to the newer fans who were brought on board with 'Workingman's Dead' and 'American Beauty', has been the most commonly heard version for the past 45+ years. However, having this side by side with the original 1968 mix demonstrates countless differences, with the original mix being more primal, psychedelic, and experimental. Add to this the 1st extant live recording featuring Mickey as a member of the Grateful Dead, and you have a very special release in every way”. ~ David Lemieux

The Grateful Dead are continuing their 50th anniversary reissue series with "Anthem Of The Sun : 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition", due July 13th, 2018. Released 50 years after its anniversary date, this 2 disc deluxe version features a double dose of the original album, 1 fully remastered from the original 1968 mix and the other remastered from the more well known 1971 mix, as well as a bonus disc of a previously unreleased complete live show recorded on October 22nd, 1967, at Winterland in San Francisco, CA. Newly remastered by Jeffrey Norman, this is the 1st known recording of the Grateful Dead with Mickey Hart, who joined the band in September 1967. The 1st run will come with a special lenticular of the artwork.




Wilson & Yes.....

Rhino Records are to mark Yes‘ 50th anniversary with a new vinyl box set, "Yes : The Steven Wilson Remixes". The box includes remixed versions of "The Yes Album", "Fragile", "Close To The Edge", "Tales From Topographic Oceans", and "Relayer". Each album features remixed audio by renowned producer Steven Wilson, released on vinyl for the 1st time. These mixes were previously available on BluRay and DVD. The outer box features artwork created specifically for the set by Roger Dean, whose artwork is of course synonymous with the band’s identity. Additionally, the label have confirmed that, 2 of the albums, "Close To The Edge" and "Tales From Topographic Oceans", have new cover art, while the remaining 3 covers have been reworked by Dean. "Yes : The Steven Wilson Remixes" vinyl box will be issued on June 29th, 2018.





Ray Davies Country.....

Kinks legend Ray Davies has announced he will be returning with a new solo album. Titled "Our Country : Americana Act II", the record will arrive on June 29th, 2018 via Sony Legacy Recordings.

The album comes as a follow up to Davies' 2017 solo effort "Americana" and his 2013 memoir of the same name. You can get a taste of the upcoming sequel album with the newly premiered track "Our Country".

A press release explains "Our Country" was 'born from Davies' vision of America, how it shaped him and evolved through the years. His reflections on his experiences in America instigate personal reformation, and eventually rediscovery and celebration of his own origins'.

"Our Country : Americana Act II" was arranged and produced by Davies. It was co-produced by Guy Massey and John Jackson, and all the songs are Ray Davies originals. This includes new renditions of the Kinks' "Muswell Hillbillies" track "Oklahoma USA", "The Real World" from Davies' 2007 solo LP "Working Man's Café" and "The Gateway" from 2006's "Other Peoples Lives".

Like its predecessor, "Our Country" was recorded at the legendary Konk Studios in London with guitarist Bill Shanley. In addition to a group of UK musicians, the Jayhawks once again serve as Davies' backing band on the record.

"The book, 'Americana', has got some song references in it and the songs are part of the narrative, so the trick was to get the record to stand up as a record, as well as being part of a series", Davies said in an album announcement video. "I think people that like the 1st album understand where it's going. 'Our Country' is what happens when you get there".

Besides the new album, Davies is currently working on a theatre or film piece based on his overall "Americana" Project.




Tom Peterson.....

If you’re from South Dakota, you’ve grown up listening to the songs of Tom Peterson. Every band that came from the area had a song or two of Tom’s in their repertoire. In fact, he’s a member of the South Dakota Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Dancers’ feet would swing and fly to Red Willow Band’s version of “Magic Bird” or “Hell Or High Water”, Blueberry Buckle’s “Crispy Friends” or “City Song” and others. Until now, Tom hasn’t released his own album, even though his voice is the perfect medium for his message. Listen to “Broken Heart Of Mine” on his brand new album ”Black Hills Gold”, and you’ll see what we mean.






Procol Harum.....

Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of an expanded 2 disc edition of the acclaimed Procol Harum album “Grand Hotel”. Released in March 1973, the album was the 1st to feature a line up of Gary Brooker, Alan Cartwright, Chris Copping, Mick Grabham and B.J. Wilson, and was remarkable for its musical diversity and was hailed as “a masterpiece of musical perfection and lyricism” by the NME weekly music paper. From the sumptuously orchestrated title track, to compositions such as ‘For Liquorice John’, ‘Fires (Which Burnt Brightly)’, ‘Bringing Home The Bacon’, ‘Toujours L’Amour’ and ‘Robert’s Box’, “Grand Hotel” defied classification but remains one of Procol Harum’s best loved and most admired works.

This expanded 2 disc edition includes 5 bonus tracks, 3 previously unreleased, taken from the early recording sessions, along with a DVD featuring a previously unreleased performance filmed for RTBF television in Belgium from November 1973. The release also features a replica of the book included with the original LP of “Grand Hotel” and a further lavishly illustrated booklet featuring material from Gary Brooker’s personal archive and an essay by Procol Harum authority Roland Clare featuring comments from Gary Brooker.

Esoteric Recordings are also pleased to announce the release of an expanded 3 CD edition of the acclaimed Procol Harum album “Exotic Birds And Fruit”. Released in April 1974, the album was the product of a series of recording sessions beset by power cuts, the result of industrial strife during the winter of 1973. Despite having to work around these difficult conditions, “Exotic Birds And Fruit” would prove to be another fine collection of material written by Gary Brooker and lyricist Keith Reid, featuring such classic tracks as ‘Nothing But The Truth’, ‘As Strong As Samson’, ‘Beyond The Pale’, ‘Butterfly Boys’ and ‘The Idol’. The album would reveal the line-up of Gary Brooker, Alan Cartwright, Chris Copping, Mick Grabham and B.J. Wilson to be in fine, inspired form.

This new expanded 3 CD edition of “Exotic Birds And Fruit” includes the original album, with two bonus tracks, along with two additional discs featuring the band’s entire performance for BBC Radio 1’s 'In Concert' show from March 1974 and a previously unreleased 65 minute live set recorded at January Sound Studios in Dallas on July 5th, 1974, for KZEW FM. The release also includes a lavishly illustrated booklet featuring material from Gary Brooker’s personal archive and an essay by Procol Harum authority Roland Clare featuring comments from Gary Brooker.

Esoteric Recordings, June 29th, 2018.




Jim James.....

As always, Jim James is keeping himself busy. Following 2016’s "Eternally Even" and 2017’s "Tribute To 2", the My Morning Jacket frontman has announced a new outing, entitled "Uniform Distortion". “Touring is fun, but it’s tough to keep a real life together when you’re always gone”, James says, describing My Morning Jacket’s recent touring hiatus. “You get this desire to see what it’s like if you actually stopped. But it’s hard for me to stop, because I always want to do something, so I end up making another solo record”. "Uniform Distortion" is due on June 29th, 2018, via ATO Records.






Graham Nash.....

Towering above virtually everything that Graham Nash has accomplished in his long and multi faceted career, there stands the litany of songs that he has written and introduced to the soundtrack of the past half century. 2 time Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer inductee Nash burst on to the scene during the British Invasion with The Hollies before he formed the legendary supergroup Crosby, Stills and Nash in 1968 with David Crosby and Stephen Stills. As Nash prepares to launch a European tour in July, Rhino Records looks back at some of his best known recordings from the past 50 years in a new anthology featuring more than a dozen unreleased demos and mixes.

"Over The Years" features 30 tracks and will be available on June 29th, 2018, as a 2 CD set and on digital download and streaming services. A 15 track, 2 LP version featuring an etching on side 4 will be released on August 31st, 2018. The anthology has been painstakingly curated by Nash and longtime associate Joel Bernstein and includes extensive credits and liner notes.

"It does my heart good to present my songs this way. I hope that listeners will enjoy hearing the demos of my songs, how my demos of ‘Our House’, ‘Teach Your Children’, and others turned into the records that have endured ‘Over The Years’, how I started writing them, and how they became the now familiar recordings when they were released", says Nash.

"Over The Years" highlights songs from the iconic CSN debut album and its successor album "Déjà Vu", for which Neil Young joined forces with CSN, as well as songs from subsequent CSN albums. In addition, the collection highlights songs that Nash recorded for his 1971 solo debut, "Songs For Beginners", and includes unreleased mixes from that album. The most recent recording on the compilation is “Myself At Last” from Nash’s 2016 solo album "This Path Tonight".

The CD version of "Over The Years" includes 15 demo recordings, 12 of which have never been released. Standouts include the 1968 London demo of “Marrakesh Express”, rejected by the Hollies and setting the stage for Nash’s relocation to Los Angeles and the next chapter of his life. The set contains early versions of CSN classics like “Our House”, “Wasted On The Way”, “Pre-Road Downs” and “Teach Your Children”. Other unreleased gems include “I Miss You” and “You’ll Never Be The Same”, both from Nash’s 1974 solo album "Wild Tales", and “Horses Through A Rainstorm”, originally intended for "Déjà Vu".




Mike Aiken.....

Life on the fringe has its benefits, not the least of which is the perspective from an outsider’s view. Northwind Records is proud to announce the release of Mike Aiken’s 7th studio album, ”Wayward Troubadour”. Aiken’s 11 song package is the anticipated follow up to the Grammy nominated ”Captains & Cowboys”, produced by Dan Baird, Georgia Satellites. As the 1st track’s title indicates, ‘Everything Changed’ with this album. A conceptualized work that each of us can relate to, ”Wayward Troubadour” tells tales of trouble and charm.

It has been 5 years since ”Captains & Cowboys” made its debut and Aiken says he wasn’t going to stop, not until he achieved what he was after. “I had a very clear sound in my head for this album, one I’ve always wanted to capture. At this point in my career I don’t have time for folks who don’ t believe in the music 110%. These are the folks I want to write, record and perform with”.

Of the 8 original songs on the album, 6 are co-writes. ‘Two Lane Highway’ was penned with Henry Paul, from Outlaws and BlackHawk, who also lent his talents to mandolin and vocals on this timeless, sweet track. ‘Nashville Skyline,’ written with Chris P James, of the Burrito Brothers, covers the troubadour’s view of Nashville as seen from any highway leading in to town . Mike included 2 very different songs he wrote with Paul Jefferson, the cooking Bob Wills-esque, ‘Everything Changed’, and the intense song about not being judgmental, ‘Hard Working Working Girl’. Longtime friend and co-writer, Tim Buppert and Mike created the more tongue in cheek offerings with ‘Hangover Helper’ and the gypsy jazz flavored, ‘A Little Lazy In Your Life’.

The 3 covers were chosen for their content and their songwriters, rather than audience familiarity. ‘Real Mean Dog’, by Robbin Thompson and Gregg Wetzel, is for Robbin, longtime friend, fellow sailor and songwriter, ‘Dead Man Runs Before He Walks’, by Mark Collie and Shawn Camp, for an interesting twist on a somber story, and ‘Penelope’, by Christopher Hynes, for its reminder that the grass is not always greener elsewhere.

The self penned songs ‘Travelin’ Bone’and ‘Chesapeake’ give an autobiographical peek into Mike Aiken. Wayward, by definition, is difficult to control, unpredictable, non conforming. It took 3 studios and almost as many years to complete this troubadour’s collection of true north. Tracking began in Austin, TX, late in 2016. Aiken then found his way to Latitude Studio South in Leiper ’s Fork, TN.

Here is where the magic started, where the wayward musicians could be themselves and Mike could begin to capture what he heard in his head on the vintage equipment. Tracking and mixing were completed in Deep Creek, VA, when Aiken brought the project to longtime friend and mixing engineer Skip DeRupa. The 2 had not worked together since ”Just Add Salt” in 2008 but they picked up as if no time had passed. DeRupa understood exactly what Mike was going for and set about mixing each song for what it needed.

Tom Hurst on drums set the tone and character Aiken was after. David Roe cooked on upright and electric bass. Kenny Vaughan, acoustic and electric, shared the guitar work with Mike adding grit, tension and color. Amy Aiken added depth with harmony vocals and percussion. Ben Probus rounded out the band on fiddle.

If anybody has earned the title of ”Wayward Troubadour”, Mike Aiken has. He ran away as a kid to play music, he became a licensed U.S.C.G. Captain, he has sailed over 30 000 bluewater miles on his own sailboat, and logged countless miles on the road performing in North America and Europe. Put this record on and become part of the journey.



Buffalo Springfield.....

Before playing its final show on May 5th, 1968, Buffalo Springfield released 3 studio albums on Atco Records during an intense, 2 year creative burst. Those albums, "Buffalo Springfield", "Buffalo Springfield Again", and "Last Time Around", have been newly remastered from the original analog tapes under the auspices of Neil Young for the new boxed set, "What's That Sound? The Complete Albums Collection". The set includes stereo mixes of all 3 albums, plus mono mixes for "Buffalo Springfield" and "Buffalo Springfield Again", and will be available on June 29th, 2018, from Rhino Records as a 5 CD set and will also be on digital download and streaming services. On the same date, the albums will also be released, for the first time ever, on 180 gram vinyl as part of a limited edition set of 5 000 copies. The 5 LP box features the same mono and stereo mixes as the CD set, presented in sleeves and gatefolds that faithfully re-create the original releases.




Dawes' Passwords.....

"Hi folks. Taylor here. As you’re probably aware, it’s a wild time to be alive. There are a lot of thoughts and feelings we feel less inclined to share than we ever have before. At least in my lifetime. A lot of controversial conversations that feel like they only serve as something for the next person to crumple up and toss aside. So it’s with all that in mind that we are proud to announce our new album ‘Passwords’, to be released June 22nd, 2018. In this rapidly approaching age of transparency, passwords can feel like this last vestige of a wall between a world we can see and one we can’t. Having a password allows you to gain access to some information or perspective that you didn’t have before. In that sense, I like the idea of looking at a song as a password, an opportunity for some sort of insight that had previously been unavailable to you. And that goes for the singer as much as the potential listener, I promise. These songs are about everything to the extent that any Dawes record has been, but in this case there is more of an objective, at least for us, to think a little harder about not just how but why we, not just ‘you’ or ‘I’ but ‘we’, feel the ways that we do. What small steps can be taken to revisit these old ideas of empathy? How can we develop a form of communication that goes beyond making sure you’ve said your piece and accurately aims at being heard?" ~ Taylor Goldsmith, Dawes




Ben Folds Five.....

"Brick : The Songs Of Ben Folds 1996 - 2012" features 13 CD's housed in a unique brick box set. This collection of 194 tracks spans the career to date of one of the most adventurous and exciting songwriters and performersof his generation, who has not only worked with a diverse range of artists including William Shatner, Sara Bareilles and Regina Spektor, but authors Nick Hornby and Neil Gaiman.

In addition to featuring all the Ben Folds Five and Ben Folds’ solo studio albums, the box set also includes the 2002 ‘Ben Folds Live’ album, the live album ‘Songs For Goldfish’ which accompanied the 2005 album ‘Songs For Silverman’, the alternative ‘Seeds’versions from ‘Stems And Seeds’, and all the bonus tracks, b sides and rarities from the whole period.

Ben Folds Five formed in in 1993, accompanied by Robert Sledge (bass, synthesizers, backing vocals) and Darren Jessee (drums,backing vocals), with Folds on lead vocals and piano, this outstanding musical trio forged a path as an incendiary live band.

Releasing their self titled debut album in 1995, the album featured such classics as “Underground” and “Philosophy”. This was followed in 1997 by ‘Whatever And Ever Amen’. The album featured the singles, “Battle Of Who Could Care Less” and “Kate”, as well as the UK Top 30 and mainstream radio hit in the USA and Australia, “Brick”. The 3rd and final album, until their 2012 reformation, was ‘The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner’.

In 2001 Folds released his first solo album, ‘Rockin’ The Suburbs’, which was recorded in Adelaide, Australia, where he was living at the time. The title track was remade for the 2006 film 'Over The Hedge', featuring William Shatner on vocal duties, both versions ppear on this box set, as well as the 5 other songs recorded for the film. This was followed in 2005 by ‘Songs For Silverman’, which reached # 13 on the Billboard chart. The next year Folds released ‘Supersunnyspeedgraphic’, a compilation of songs, which were originally released on the EP's 'Sunny 16', 'Speed Graphic' and 'Super D'.

The final Folds solo album to appear in this box set is 2008’s 'Way To Normal', which is his highest charting solo album to date in the US, having entered at # 11 on the Billboard chart. The album featured a guest appearance by Regina Spektor, as well as a remastered follow up version, 'Stems And Seeds'. For this Folds created a different track order and stem files, which allowed the listener to use computer applications to produce their own remixes. 

In 2011, Ben Folds Five reunited to record new tracks for a Ben Folds retrospective. Excited by the experience, the band reconvened in Folds’ studio and recorded what would become the first album for 13 years. With the title track’s lyric supplied by Folds collaborator Nick Hornby, 'The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind' was to be their highest charting album, reaching # 10 on the Billboard chart.

This box includes a 60 page booklet featuring a brand new interview with Paul Myers. June 22nd, 2018.




Patton & Brokus.....

US label Berkalin Records is proud to announce the May 2018 European release of "The Hard Part Of Flying", a new album from the Austin, TX, folk and americana duo Jim Patton and Sherry Brokus. Building on the momentum of their last album, "The Great Unknown", named one of 2013’s top 100 CD's by Geoffrey Himes in Paste Magazine, the duo has teamed up with producer Ron Flynt for the 4th straight time to deliver their strongest writing and singing yet.  Once the album is released, Patton and Brokus will support it with live shows in Europe.

Patton’s new songs not only provide a back and forth with Brokus on vocals, with Brokus taking a larger role than usual, but the songs create a back and forth between Austin, their home for over 20 years, and their Maryland home before that. John Conquest said in 3rd Coast Music, “The Baltimore rootedness gives their latest real strength”.

Producer Flynt has crafted ingenious acoustic and electric arrangements that keep Patton’s acoustic guitar, Brokus’s hand percussion and the duo’s voices out front, while subtly reinforcing them with bass and keyboards. The result is a sound that closely resembles the duo’s live shows, where the lanky, silver haired Patton sits next to the petite, dark haired Brokus and showcase the lyrics that are the key to the act’s appeal. Even at house concerts and folk clubs, however, the duo often brings along an extra musician to embellish the songs, and that's the feel of the record as well. Providing that enhancement on "The Hard Part Of Flying" are bassist and keyboardist Ron Flynt, acoustic guitarist and multi instrumentalist Rich Brotherton, fiddler Warren Hood, and acoustic guitarist and mandolinist Marvin Dykhuis, with guest appearances from lead guitarist Mary Cutrufello, cellist Julie Carter, guitarist Scrappy Jud Newcomb, and percussionist John Bush.


The Beach Boys.....

"The Beach Boys With The Royal Philharmic Orchestra" combines the brilliant original vocal harmonies of The Beach Boys’ beloved classics with brand new symphonic arrangements performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, creating a unique and special experience of these iconic songs. 17 tracks produced by Nick Patrick and Don Reedman. Executive produced by Jerry Schilling. Orchestra conducted by Sally Herbert and Steve Sidwell and recorded by Peter Cobbin at Abbey Road Studio 2. Universal Music, June 8th, 2018.







The Darkness.....

England’s most distinctive, multiple award winning, platinum selling, hugely entertaining rock gods The Darkness have announced the release of their live album "The Darkness Live At Hammersmith", out on June 15th, 2018, through Cooking Vinyl.

To mark the live album announcement, The Darkness have made 2 songs from the album available for free download with pre-orders of the live album. This includes the swashbuckling live version of "Buccaneers Of Hispaniola", one of the highlights from "Pinewood Smile", and their award winning smash hit "I Believe In A Thing Called Love", taken from their chart topping, 4 x platinum selling debut album "Permission To Land".

The album captures The Darkness on sterling form at their iconic London headline show at the Eventim Hammersmith Apollo in December last year. In true Darkness spandex clad fashion it featured huge riffs, mighty bass faces, seismic drumming, hair raising falsetto, Justin Hawkins acrobatics, gigantic disco balls and a whole lotta pyro.

"The Darkness Live At Hammersmith" is the band’s 1st live album across all formats and spans their spectacular back catalogue of 5 albums across 19 incendiary tracks. Regarding the live album Justin says :

“The Darkness is untamed. It cannot be caged. Some very clever recording engineers have discovered a way to capture its essence, all that remains is for us to release it back into the wild. Life is about experiences, not possessions. This is your opportunity to possess the experience of The Darkness live, as perceived by your ears, leaving your eyes free to scan the road ahead for obstacles, or to watch Emmerdale with the sound off, or to mould clay, or to darn socks, or to look at the beautiful artwork in this magnificent gatefold release”.




Rolling Stones LP's.....

The Rolling Stones and Universal Music have announced the June 15th, 2018 release of "The Studio Albums Vinyl Collection 1971-2016". The limited edition vinyl box set collection will include 15 of the band’s storied albums across 20 LP's, pressed on heavyweight 180 gram black vinyl. They’re contained in a highly bespoke, lenticular mounted, limited edition box set, housing the 15 studio albums from "Sticky Fingers" to "Blue & Lonesome".

Featuring faithful and intricate original packaging replications, each album has been remastered and cut at half-speedat Abbey Road Studios in London. The remasters have been created from vinyl specific original tape transfers, to make these among the highest quality vinyl pressings these classic albums have ever received. Each album includes a download card for HD digital redemption of the catalogue, and includes a numbered certificate of authentication.

Detailed artwork reproduction features include the 20 cut outs on the cover of "Some Girls" and the famous sleeve of "Sticky Fingers" in Andy Warhol’s original design, complete with a working zip with a hidden image underneath. "Exile On Main Street" comes with a set of 12 original postcard inserts. The new set will arrive as the Stones roar through Europe on their 'No Filter' tour, which begins on May 17th in Dublin.




Gene & Rose Garden.....

Finding a musician and songwriter more influential in the collective genres of pop, folk, country and americana music, and yet also more underappreciated, than the late Gene Clark would be a formidable task. Clark's legacy as a singer, songwriter, founding member of the Byrds, and collaborator in a number of acts, including Dillard & Clark, Gene Clark & the Gosdin Brothers, McGuinn, Clark & Hillman, and as the duet partner of Carla Olson, front woman of 80's L.A. rock band the Textones, earned him a place in the Rock AndRoll Hall Of Fame. Now, a previously unknown collection from Clark's post-Byrds career has been unearthed by Omnivore Recordings, as "Gene Clark Sings For You" is set for a June release.

The 8 tracks on the album, which author and annotator John Einarson describes as "nothing less than the Holy Grail of the singer songwriter's extraordinary body of work", were recorded in 1967 and discovered on a rare acetate in the Liberty Records vaults. The upcoming collection also features 5 tracks from another acetate given to L.A. band the Rose Garden, best known for their solitary 1967 hit, "Next Plane To London". An additional album, "A Trip Through The Garden : The Rose Garden Collection", is also being reissued with a wealth of previously unavailable bonus tracks.

Included on the Rose Garden acetate as part of the "Gene Clark Sings For You" album is "A Long Time," penned and performed by Clark acoustically with a warm, enveloping vocal that sounds like a mystical cross between Bob Dylan and George Harrison. Lines about faces on street corners "all just looking for a place called somewhere", naturally give the gentle tune a vintage Byrds feel, built on a foundation of poetic 60's idealism, yet easily translated to the 21st century social media conscious ethos.

 "Gene Clark Sings For You" and "The Rose Garden" will both be available on Omnivore Records, June 15th, 2018.




Nico Rivers.....

After releasing 3 self produced EPs, Nico Rivers has put together his first full length album backened by the Black Grass. Recorded in a log house, "Tiny Death" touches on themes of existence, transformation and the cyclical nature of the universe. One of the only known constants in the universe is transformation. All that exists has been and will someday be something else. "Tiny Death" is meditation on this notion.








Chris Rainbow.....

Active as a solo recording artist between the years of 1975 and 1981, Chris Rainbow wrote and recorded 3 very highly regarded albums, "Home Of The Brave" in 1975, "Looking Over My Shoulder" in 1978 and this release, his 3rd full length recording, "White Trails" in 1979, as well as a collection of singles throughout his valued career. Chris Rainbow also worked extensively adding vocal contributions to artists’ work of the calibre of The Alan Parsons Project, Culture Club, Elaine Paige and Toyah Wilcox, as well as producing albums for the likes of Scottish Gaelic rock group Runrig. Includes the singles ‘Love You Eternally’, ‘Ring Ring’ and ‘Body Music’. Features the sought after bonus tracks ‘Body Music’ (7” Version), ‘Girl In Collision’ (12” Version) and ‘Body Music’ (12” Version). First time released on CD in the UK. All material has been fully remastered especially for this release. Lemon Records, June 15th, 2018.




Buddy Guy.....

Fresh off the heels of a thrilling performance for the closing of New York City’s BB Kings Blues Club & Grill, Buddy Guy announces the upcoming release of his brand new studio album, "The Blues Is Alive And Well". Set for a June 15th, 2018, release on Silvertone/RCA Records, "The Blues Is Alive And Well" features guest appearances by Mick Jagger on “You Did The Crime”, Keith Richards & Jeff Beck on “Cognac”, and James Bay on “Blue No More”. Producer, songwriter and longtime collaborator Tom Hambridge produced the album.







Allman Brothers Band.....

On June 15th, 2018, Peach Records will release a new live Allman Brothers Band compilation titled "Peach Picks : Cream Of The Crop", which takes from 6 shows the band performed during the summer of 2003.

The 4 disc collection features 36 tracks in all, culled from shows between July 25th and August 10th, 2003, in Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Darien Center, NY, Hartford, CT, Charlotte, NC, and Raleigh, NC. The 2003 lineup of the group included founding members Gregg Allman, Butch Trucks and Jaimoe, plus Warren Haynes, Marc Quiñones, Oteil Burbridge and Derek Trucks. “That was an important time in the growth of that incarnation of the band”, says Haynes, who acted as supervising producer on this collection.

“We had just released "Hittin’ The Note" and everybody was psyched to be playing a lot of new material from an album we all were very proud of and there was new life being breathed into a lot of the older songs”. "Peach Picks : Cream Of The Crop 2003", which also features special guests like Susan Tedeschi, Karl Denson and Branford Marsalis, will also be available digitally, along with full versions of each of the six concerts. The release is being dedicated to the memory of the late Gregg Allman.




Paul Messinger.....

Paul Messinger is a poet, songwriter, vocalist, and instrumentalist, who writes nuanced, character driven songs in varied styles. His abiding passions are history and people, and his artistic lens is focused on telling the stories of thepeople in the world around us.

Keith Hargreaves, reviewing Messinger’s acclaimed 2017 release "America 2.0 "for Americana UK wrote, "'America 2.0' is an extraordinary album that attempts to examine the very concept of what America is in the Trump era, and what it means to be part of the great American melting pot. It is massive in its ambition and scope”. He concludes that "'America 2.0' is a “powerful examination of America 2017 from a true artist”.

With songwriting elements that channel Beck meets Marley meets Zappa, Messinger explains. Different stories require different musical styles to tell them.

Messinger’s new release, “Love Will Find You : 9 Degrees Of Relationship”, explores the people in the world around us, doing what people do. Each song represents a different aspect of human relationship.

Trust. Delusion. Perseverance. Faith. Regret. Courage. Betrayal. Patience. Satisfaction.

As always, things are not as simple as they might seem and stuff happens.

Diverse and eclectic collaborators such as bassist Fernando Saunders, Maceo Parker alum keyboardist Jay Shirley, producer Jason Merritt, Las Vegas based Pure Joy People’s PJ Trasmil and Rob Hau, New York producer Dezo, and vocalist Raney Hayes, all deliver a sonic pallete that, combined with Paul Messinger’s unique harmonica, lyric, and vocal stylings, is just plain unusually gorgeous.




Zuider Zee.....

An early to mid 1970's group that sound like a hybrid between T Rex and Big Star, might sound like a band that should be universally adored but Memphis’ Zuider Zee have remained something of an untapped curiosity. Until now. With this 1st time release of the album "Zeenith", recorded between 1972 and 1974 and featuring all previously unheard tracks, the band should no longer be a boxed up mystery.

Prior to "Zeenith", Zuider Zee’s 1975 self titled LP was the only record out there that existed. Released on Columbia, it was hailed as a true great power pop record of the time by groups such as Cheap Trick. “Rick Nielsen called me one night”, Zuider Zee’s Richard Orange recalls. “He was asking about why weren’t we bigger and doing as well as they were. He said, 'Man, you’re so damn good, do you know where I have your phone number? I have your number right beneath John Lennon’s number. Fuggin’ John Lennon, Richard'!"

Despite love from such bands and a later line-up of Zuider Zee even supporting the Sex Pistols at the Taliesyn Ballroom in Memphis in 1978, “Sid Vicious stumbling around out of his gourd. It was very unremarkable, the whole event”, remembers Orange, and with Columbia never even releasing a single for radio, Zuider Zee never quite took off and dissolved into the ether of cult band land. However, an untold chapter of the group’s history has now been unearthed as Light In The Attic’s ability to pluck gold from seemingly nowhere continues on this release.

Comprised entirely of previously unreleased tracks, "Zeenith" is an album in which sugar coated glam stomp nestles up alongside Mersey beat and where rousing power pop, crunchy rock and a undercurrent of pop peppered psychedelia all merge seamlessly.

Childhood pals Richard Orange and Gary Simon Bertrand had matriculated in late 60's Lafayette pop psych outfit, Thomas Edison’s Electric Light Bulb Band, before joining forces with Kim Foreman and John Bonar. Zuider Zee’s tale wasn’t always destined to be that of a mysterious cult band but they did face some difficulties in from the off, as they found when they moved from Jackson, Mississippi, to their new adopted home of Memphis.

“When we 1st rolled into town, we were completely unknown”, says Orange. “We couldn’t get a gig at any of the clubs for what seemed like at least a year or even longer. We were very different from bands in the South. We never covered any Southern rock, apart from The Allman Brothers who we all thought the world of, and as we grew into ourselves, we didn’t sound anything like southern rock”.

It was Orange’s work ethic that kept the band driven and focused though through such tough times. “I can honestly say that there is one thing Zuider Zee shared with The Beatles experience”, he says. “We played for years in the crappiest most disgusting, dangerous and depressing places, and we played anywhere from 5 to 7 hours, 6 days a week, for years”.

A group led by such a hard working and determined individual is glisteningly apparent on this release. "Zeenith" feels like a band at that magical juncture between a group perfecting their craft whilst still driven by wide eyed optimism, youthful energy and a sense of fun that radiates throughout every note played. Ultimately, this was at the core of Zuider Zee’s aims. “Most important is to have fun whilst you’re up there doing it on stage, because people will feel that joy, it’s electric and contagious and they will react to it”.

Something that still feels pertinent over 40 years since it was created.

Light In The Attic Records, June 8th, 2018.




Eric Clapton.....

Eric Clapton will complement the upcoming home release of the revealing documentary "Life In 12 Bars" with a massive soundtrack featuring 5 unreleased songs. The "Life In 12 Bars" soundtrack, which features songs from all of the Clapton affiliated bands and solo work, as well as tracks by the Beatles, Muddy Waters and Aretha Franklin, arrives June 8th, 2018, on CD and digitally, while a 4 LP version will hit shelves on July 20th, 2018. The previously unreleased tracks include a mammoth 17 minute version of "Spoonful" that Cream performed live in 1968 during the band's farewell tour, plus Clapton's full length version of his Bob Marley cover "I Shot The Sheriff". A live rendition of Derek & The Dominos' version of Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing", Clapton's live take on Chuck Berry's "Little Queenie" from 1974 and the unearthed Derek & The Dominos track "High", later rerecorded for Clapton's solo LP "There's One in Every Crowd", round out the unreleased songs. "Life In 12 Bars" also features 2 alternate mixes of Clapton's "After Midnight" and "Let It Rain" from his 1970 debut solo album. The documentary itself will also be released on DVD and BluRay on June 8th, 2018.




Beside Bowie.....

25 years after Mick Ronson's death at the age of 46, a new documentary sheds light on the crucial and creative member of David Bowie's influential early 70's band Spiders From Mars. In "Beside Bowie : The Mick Ronson Story", the shaggy haired guitarist, a player whose 'grit and energy cut through the room', as Bowie observes in the doc, is revealed through interviews with contemporaries and collaborators, including producer Tony Visconti, Lou Reed, singer and publicist Cherry Vanilla, Angie Bowie and Yes' Rick Wakeman.

Many recent documentaries focus on supporting players, "20 Feet From Stardom", "Hired Gun", etc, but "Beside Bowie", was incited by Bowie's personal contribution, as director Jon Brewer explains. "When Mick died, his wife Suzi wanted to do a documentary. But David, I don't think, was up to be in it at that moment in time", Brewer says. Instead, of his own volition, Bowie recorded audio memories and praise for Ronson. "Bowie said, 'I'll give my donation to Suzi Ronson. I'll give you the guidelines'. He wrote the chapters for that documentary. That was his gift. That's a big, big statement".

 While Ronson was a trained pianist and violinist, and is revealed to be an extremely skilled arranger with an interest in scoring, his contributions weren't always acknowledged with credits, or cash. Brewer feels Bowie's documentary donation aimed to remedy that. "He possibly should have acknowledged Ronson's songwriting credits, but the band were all about being creative. None of them would talk about who's getting what off what. Nothing reflecting against David, but due to management problems, record company problems, money situations, David would bury his head about a lot of things".

There are no on camera interviews from Bowie or Ronson done specifically for the documentary, which was begun after both men had died, and no contributions from his Spiders bandmates, bassist Trevor Bolder, who died in 2013, and drummer Mick Woodmansey. Still, "Beside Bowie" paints a powerful portrait of a humble man from Hull, England, whose appeal and talent was large, varied, and ultimately cut short due to liver cancer. Of the lack of kudos during his lifetime.

"Mick was not bitter, more disappointed", says Suzi Ronson in an interview. "I think, later in life, he realized the enormous contribution he made to those 5 albums and 'Transformer' by Lou Reed. When he was working with Morrissey, the last album he produced, he alluded to Morrissey that he had co-written some of those Bowie songs. His musical contribution was enormous to David and Lou, he didn't get paid what he deserved. They gave him credit for co-producing 'Transformer', as well as credit for guitar, piano and string arrangement, but no money and no royalty. For a long time Mick was unrecognized for his massive contribution".

Brewer, an associate and friend of Bowie's, notably during the "Hunky Dory" era, and a friend of Ronno's, as his pals referred to him, wanted to "take out the trumpet and blow it for Mick Ronson". To that end, the film eschews traditional doc fare of childhood and family background in favor of focusing on Ronno's seminal time with Bowie on songs such as "Five Years" and "Jean Genie." There's also footage of Reed listening to and praising Ronson's playing, he also plied his trade with Ian Hunter and Bob Dylan. Although a 1974 solo album, "Slaughter On 10th Avenue", tried to establish Ronno as a frontman, it was as a collaborator where he shone. As Suzi Ronson says, "After the final Ziggy show, Mick was pushed to the front by Tony DeFries' MainMan before he was ready. David took time off and Mick was in the spotlight. It was more that they had a machine that needed a star. Mick was to be that star. Hindsight is 20/20 and I think now Mick should have waited to see who he was as a solo artist rather than been pushed out alone".

"Beside Bowie" has strong footage of the Bowie Ronson chemistry. Ronson's live debut with Bowie was a February, 1970 John Peel session at BBC Studios, but it was the rapport between the two on stage that proved iconic and groundbreaking for the time. Legendary concert photos and 'Top Of The Pops' clips of Bowie with his arm draped around Ronson titillated audiences, while more incendiary imagery of the frontman on his knees, simulating oral sex on Ronson's guitar, shocked people. In "Beside Bowie", Cherry Vanilla observes that Ronson "made Bowie a rock star" rather than a theatre star.

Ronson's guitar tone, which he discusses in archival interview footage from the BBC, derived especially from his skill and use of the wah-wah pedal, and he demonstrates how songs like "Jean Genie" owe a debt to the rhythms of Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker.

In an interview Yes' Rick Wakeman, an uncredited player on "Ziggy Stardust", noted that "Mick was around during a period when there were literally hundreds of great guitar players, so you had to be very special to stand out and make a name for yourself and Mick did just that. He was a joy to know, and a joy to play with".

In the doc, Mott The Hoople frontman Ian Hunter recalls Ronno meeting Bob Dylan at New York club Bitter End, leading to his role in Dylan's 1975 and 1976 Rolling Thunder Revue band. In 1982, Ronson worked with John Mellencamp on his "American Fool" album, contributing heavily to the creation of "Jack & Diane." Tina Turner was likewise interested in working with the multi faceted musician, though it never came to pass. One of his last big projects was Morrissey's 1992 album "Your Arsenal", where Ronson's production and playing brought a glam sheen to the singer's 3rd album.

Brewer, who is currently working on a Chuck Berry doc, dislikes the term "unsung hero", but he acknowledges it's apt in Ronno's case. "This makes people sit up and say, 'wow, we didn't know that, because it wasn't at the forefront of every press release that David Bowie put out'. I just feel that people should know where that music came from. There's always been a big problem with writing credits, and there always has been for arrangers, and we know, and musicians will tell you, time and time again, that was Mick Ronson. Don't get me wrong, David Bowie needed to be there, and he needed to contribute his wonderful performance, but Mick Ronson was that engine behind him".

For Suzi Ronson, "Beside Bowie" is bittersweet viewing. "I think none of it would have mattered if Mick had lived. I feel sure he would have worked with David again and it seemed it was finally his turn to be successful. He was only 46, plenty of time for him to make his mark. I have no doubt he would have done that".

Available on CD, BluRay and DVD on June 8th, 2016.




Mike Spine.....

Mike Spine is a critically acclaimed Seattle born and Seattle and Europe based musician, known for his captivating live performances, intelligent songwriting and support of humanitarian issues. He has played 100’s of shows in 5 continents since 1995 and has received press and radio airplay throughout the US, Europe, UK and Asia.

”Forage & Glean, Volumes I & II”, is the 10th full length studio album for Mike Spine. It is a 32 track double album, an anthology containing the best of Mike’s songwriting and recordings from the last 2 decades.

”Volume I” is a collection of Spine’s best work of folk and rock songs, including the memorable and more relevant than ever “Crumble”, personal political songs such as “Meteorite”, and the labor themed “Sand in Your Teeth”.  There’s also a hauntingly beautiful version of “The French Girl” and the stripped down “Black Diamond”, the lyrically dense and moving tale of families immigrating to work in the coalmines outside Seattle in the early 1900’s.

”Volume II” contains Spine’s more explosive rock and punk material. It opens with the dynamic anti-war song “Kiss and Remember”, and then launches into fiery, complex and catchy rockers, which touch on the themes of global warming with “Second Hand”, empire “Transylvania” and the anti-corruption song, “Power Broker”, before transitioning into the hook filled songs like “Iron Lake”, the hybrid country punk song “Another Day” and the rocker version of “Meteorite”.

For 20 years, Mike Spine bounced between the worlds of folk rock, underground rock and punk, while simultaneously working as an inner city language arts and social studies teacher in Seattle, Portland, New York and London.

Since retiring from public school teaching in 2011, Mike has spent his time focused on music, having performed 100’s of concerts and benefit shows in multiple continents, ranging from Italy to Vietnam, Cambodia and Costa Rica. The last few years he has split his time between the US and Europe, touring extensively throughout the EU and often living out of a motorhome for months at a time.

The songs on ”Forage & Glean” were chiefly recorded and mixed at Haywire Recording in Portland, Oregon, with longtime engineer Rob Bartleson. The album was predominately mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI Resonant in Seattle, Washington.

The recordings were made with a highly talented pool of band mates from Seattle, Portland and Italy over the last decade.

Core musicians on ”Volume I” include Joey Prude and Chris Croft on drums, Martin Flores on guitars, Katie Toft and Ali Ippolito on piano, organ, accordion and backing vocals, Amelia Claire on backing vocals, Robert Bartleson on electric bass, Brian Casey on upright bass, Barbara Luna on violin and Mike Spine on guitars, vocals, songwriting, arrangements, etc.

Core musicians on ”Volume II” include Jeff Gall and Chris Croft on drums, Martin Flores on guitars, Richie Parish on guitar and bass, Jack Peters on bass, Amelia Claire on backing vocals and Mike Spine on guitars, vocals, etc.

”Forage & Glean, Volumes I & II” will be available on CD, downloads and streaming on June 1st, 2018.




Simon's Graceland.....

Sony Music are soon to release "Graceland : The Remixes", a new edition of Paul Simon‘s classic 1986 album, with every track reimagined by well known remixes. This 2018 reworking was overseen by project curator Michael Gaiman and features different styles such as deep house, afro house, drum'n'bass, tech house, etc, and includes the talents likes of Paul Oakenfold, Groove Armada, MIK and Richy Ahmed. "Graceland : The Remixes" will be released on CD and 2 LP vinyl on June 1st, 2018.







Father John Misty.....

Father John Misty has formally announced the release of his 4th album, "God’s Favorite Customer". A press release issued by Sub Pop Records, confirms the leaked album information to be true, including the tracklist, the album art, photographed by Pari Dukovic, and the June 1st, 2018, release via Sub Pop and Bella Union. The follow up to "Pure Comedy" was written and produced by Misty, and recorded with Jonathan Rado, Dave Cerminara and Trevor Spencer. "God’s Favorite Customer" is available for preorder on Father John Misty’s official store along with Sub Pop, Bella Union and select independent retailers in 6 formats, limited loser edition LP on metallic purple vinyl, standard LP on black vinyl, CD, streaming, digital download and cassette.




Cheap Trick.....

Cheap Trick fans positively inhaled the 1st batch of rarities, so Real Gone Music are back with 16 more lost tracks from Rockford, Illinois’ finest Except this time, Ken Sharp’s notes feature track by track commentary from Bun E Carlos, Tom Petersson, and Rick Nielsen. This collection is a deep dive into the Cheap Trick hive mind. So let’s jump in. First up are 3 tracks taken from the 1980 EP "Found All The Parts", including a live version of The Beatles’ “Day Tripper”, with an instrumental nod to The Yardbirds’ “Shapes Of Things”.

Then comes the single “Oh Boy”, followed by the demo of “Loser”, which was recorded in 1980, but was written by Nielsen way back in 1976, all CD debuts. 2 live tracks, “The House Is Rockin’ (with Domestic Problems)” and “Way Of The World”, from a New Year’s Eve 1979 show at the L.A. Forum raise the temperature, then come the George Martin-produced single versions of “World’s Greatest Lover” and “Everything Works If You Let It”. 2 tracks, “Reach Out” and “I Must Be Dreamin’”, from the Heavy Metal soundtrack and the title song from the Spring Break soundtrack cover the Cheap Trick silver screen legacy, while the demo version of the classic “If You Want My Love” premieres on CD. The “Super New Dance Remix” of “Saturday At Midnight” and “Short Version” of “Dancing The Night Away” also appear on CD for the first time, as does the last track, the B side “Get Ready.” Rare photos by long time band photographer Robert Alford accompanies and the set is mastered by the great Vic Anesini at Battery Studios. Real Gone Music, June 1st, 2018.




David Gerald.....

David Gerald, the son of Rural Mississippi born and raised parents, grew up to the sounds of the blues and r’n’b music in his hometown, Detroit. He's the youngest of 11 children, 6 of whom were born and partly raised in Mississippi. "Because segregation and racial discrimination were so bad in Mississippi at the time, my dad moved the family north to Detroit when he was 33, so we'd have a better chance at the American dream".

Gerald, whose dynamic, blues infused rock and soul hybrid has been captivating audiences across the country for over a decade, grew up to the sounds of the blues, r’n’b and rock’n’roll in his hometown of Detroit. He started playing guitar at 14, influenced by Prince and 80’s rock guitarists.

"I was lucky enough to have a neighbor who was a guitarist and gave me scrap guitars. I would piece them together and build Frankenstein guitars", says Gerald. "They were horrible to play and sounded bad, but I had to play music. It was and is my destiny. I finally scraped up enough money to buy an old amp and I was happy".

Gerald performed in many local blues, r’n’b and rock’n’roll bands, cutting his guitar and vocal chops live and in person. Finding it hard to keep a band together, Gerald learned to play guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. Using 2 antiquated cassette recorders he would overdub each part individually until the song was complete. "The end result sounded horrible, and the songs would not end up in the same key they started in. But it got my songs recorded", says Gerald. This was the beginning of his songwriting, most of which were pop and rock tunes during the 80's. Around the age of 24, he began experimenting with computers to write and compose music. As he began to explore the music of blues guitar heavyweights like Albert King, ZZ Hill, BB King and Stevie Ray Vaughan, his sound evolved and expanded to where it is today.

Gerald is now playing nationally with his own band. Year round, he performs at clubs and festivals across the US. Some notable appearances include Riverdays Festival, formerly known as the International Freedom Festival, in Detroit, MI, Chrysler Arts, Beats & Eats in Royal Oak, MI, Springing The Blues Festival in Jacksonville, FL, among many others.

Gerald's music has been receiving widespread radio play, along with recognition in the blues and rock communities. His 2009 debut CD, ”Hell And Back”, continues to receive consistent airplay, while his stirring live performances have brought widespread acclaim. Recently Gerald was listed as #1 on the Reverb Nation blues charts for Michigan Blues artists. "Hell And Back" reached #1 on Roots Music Report's Blues Chart for Michigan based artists and remained in the top 20 for many weeks in a row.

Gerald's long awaited new album, ”N2U”, is slated to be released in the spring of 2018. Videos from 2 of the album's 10 tracks of blues infused rock’n’soul have begun to leak out across the internet, creating a groundswell of excitement in anticipation of the release. "This album has been a long time coming", Gerald comments. "I put together these songs for myself, my friends and supporters. It's all about new thoughts, new experiences and deeply felt emotions. I hope everyone who listens can find something that touches them. Something they can relate to".

N2U” is a true solo effort, with the exception of 2 live tracks where he's backed by his band, Gerald not only plays every instrument on the album's 8 studio tracks, he also handled all of the recording and mixing duties.




Malo Singles.....

Malo was pretty much a jam”, Jorge Santana laughs. “Just a lot of natural energy. But it had to be structured to an arrangement”. The legendary and pioneering Bay Area band, Malo found inspiration in its latin roots while mixing it with rock, blues, funk and jazz, creating a musical stew that was augmented by a horn section. At the time, horn sections were popular in rock bands like Blood, Sweat & Tears, Chicago, and Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

Malo joined other California bands at the time, like War and Tower Of Power, in adding a brass section. “The new band had elements of the latin rock sound thriving a few hundred miles south in Los Angeles, but Malo had something that set it apart from established groups like Thee Midniters and El Chicano. We had latin percussion and we had a horn section", Santana notes. Drawn from their 4 long players, a series of singles were issued for radio airplay, the 1st of which, “Sauvecito” was to be their biggest hit and has been called The Chicano National Anthem.

All 14 A and B sides are gathered here on "Latin Bugaloo : The Warner Bros. Singles" for the 1st time, including a single that was previously reported as having been assembled but never issued. That single, including the songs, “Pana”, backed with “Just Say Goodbye” was in fact released, but only in Turkey. Because the length of Malo’s album cuts could at times stretch to the near 10 minute mark, all the tracks selected for 7″ release were edited for the format. Those edits appear here so Malo fans can hear the songs the way they originally heard them on the radio. Omnivore Recordings, May 25th, 2018.




Matthew Sweet.....

Matthew Sweet had a head start for his new album, "Tomorrow's Daughter", whose opening track and first single "I Belong To You" is streaming now. Sweet wrote and did most of the recording for the dozen songs on the set, which comes out May 18th, 2018, while making last year's expansive "Tomorrow Forever". "It's really, like, a deeper dive into the sessions that made 'Tomorrow Forever'", the Nebraska based Sweet says.

"At the time I was finalizing that record I took all of these other songs I really liked and made it into this album. I didn't know if I'd get to release it right away or what, but I just liked the way they fell together". Sweet likens the project to the 1994 EP "Son Of Altered Beast", but notes that "this is more of a real record. It's a whole 12 songs that seemed to hold together and be their own fresh thing". "I Belong To You" kicks the new album off in a manner that will sound familiar to fans of Sweet's particular brand of riffy power pop. "It's a very signature to me kind of song, it's poppy and upbeat and pledging love and all of that", Sweet says.

"Everybody liked it when I was making 'Tomorrow Forever', so it was high up in my thoughts". There's more of that on Tomorrow's Daughter, too, though the album does have the wide range of things, Sweet also likes to pursue. "I do like those poppy, jangly, happy things", he says. "I'm always hoping I'll have some stuff like that, 'cause it's fun and has a sound to it. But I know it can get tedious. So there's lots of the more morose kinds of things I do, too".




Buck Owens.....

Omnivore Recordings, in conjunction with the Buck Owens Estate, is proud to present Buck Owens & The Buckaroos’ "The Complete Capitol Singles : 1967 – 1970". This is the 2nd in a series chronicling every one of Buck’s historic Capitol singles from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Taken from the original mono and stereo masters, "The Complete Capitol Singles : 1967 – 1970" collects the A and B side to all 18 singles from that period, including 14 Top Ten hits, in their original, chronological form. Newly remastered, and featuring liner notes from Scott B Bomar, "The Complete Capitol Singles : 1967 – 1970" presents the golden age of Buck Owens in an entirely new way. These are the records that made Buck Owens a legend and defined the Bakersfield Sound. It’s history. It’s "The Complete Capitol Singles : 1967 – 1970". Omnivore Recordings, May 18th, 2018





Mona Wallin.....

Mona Wallin is a Swedish singer, songwriter and guitar player from Ljusdal, Hälsingland. She made her first public appearance at the age of 8. During her younger years, she played flute in a brass band and acted in the nationally organized Riksteatern’s performance of "A Fiddler On The Roof". She started to play the guitar at the age of 12.

Her path to a musician’s life has been winding, and may at first appear to have almost led her astray. 4 years of university studies in forestry seemed to lead to a life of profit margins, production and pay checks, but in the end, the forest beckoned for other reasons, with its serenity, its beauty, and its quiet songs. She traded the industry for jazz studies at Birka Folkhögskola. At the end of her stay, she was offered a place in the highly selective program for individual artistic expression, and after that, she completed a 3 year degree programme in world music at the Academy Of Music And Drama at the University Of Gothenburg.

Mona Wallin has been a member of various bands, from the early days garage band Rainy Day Woman and bluegrass band Bluegrass And Green Skies, to her current acoustic trio Ain’t No Brothers. In recent years, however, her focus has been mainly on her solo career, and she performs regularly as a duo act together with guitarist Erik Ivarsson, featuring her own material. Her songwriting has always been grounded in her love of the forest and the wilderness, from Americana to traditional northern Swedish music, from one outback to the next.

On her debut album, “To Build A Fire”, she gathered a band and recorded most of it live in the studio. Records like Neil Young’s "Harvest" and Gillian Welch’s "Soul Journey" inspired the album. “I really wanted the process and the sound to connect to an era in music that was more about the whole record than just one song”. she says. “ And I didn’t want it to sound complicated with big arrangements and too many things going on. I wanted it to sound authentic and grounded. The songs are so connected to where I come from and they speak much about my longing for home and my journey towards this record”.

“I also wanted the record to connect to that time in my life when I discovered music and it was about the whole album, from the songs to the order of the songs to the cover of the album. Everything about the record mattered back then, not just weather the song would be played on the radio or not. This record has through the whole process always been about more than writing songs. It has also been about me and my journey to reconnect to myself. I always have been able to do that by spending time in the wilderness. Nature humbles me”.

The title “To Build A Fire” comes from a short story by Jack London, about a man that on an extremely cold winter day, go on the Yukon Trail to meet his friends at a gold digger camp after being warned by an old man of the dangers of traveling alone in this area and in the extreme weather conditions. The man doesn’t take the warning seriously and thinks, a bit arrogantly, that he can master the cold and the nature. But he doesn’t.

 “That is an reflecting image of society today, I think. It feels like we’re just carrying on living our lives in the city. We’ve lost contact with nature and the respect for it and that is so sad. I think that in a way it means that we lost contact with ourselves. We don’t know how to connect anymore, to nature, to ourselves or to each other. Way back, people used to gather around an open fire at night for the light, warmth and to feel that they belong and to connect to each other. I think we need to learn how to build a fire again. I hope this record can contribute to that“.




Brent Cobb.....

Grammy nominated singer, songwriter and performer Brent Cobb will release his highly anticipated new album, "Providence Canyon", today, May 11th, 2018, on Low Country Sound/Elektra Records. Recorded at Nashville’s RCA Studio A with producer Dave Cobb, the album features 11 songs including “King Of Alabama”. The new album and tour follow a breakthrough few years for Cobb, who was nominated for Best Americana Album at the 60th Grammy Awards for his major label debut, "Shine On Rainy Day".

Released in 2016 to overwhelming acclaim, The Tennessean calls the album, “an outstanding piece of work and a collection of true, country songs”, while WXPN World Café asserts, “a gorgeous solo album that promises to place him in the top echelon of this century’s young troubadours”. Since the album’s release, Cobb was also nominated for Emerging Artist Of The Year at the 2017 Americana Honors & Awards and made his television debut on Conan. Cobb was born in Americus, Georgia, about an hour east of Columbus, in the rural South central part of the state. In addition to his work as an artist, Cobb is widely respected as a songwriter garnering cuts by Lee Ann Womack, Luke Bryan, The Oak Ridge Boys, Little Big Town, Miranda Lambert and many more.




Calle Karlsson.....

Calle Karlsson describes his childhood as quite idyllic. Even though it was not so well ordered at Träslövsläge, on the westcoast of Sweden, at that time, "läjsingarna" had each other. At home, his dad Janne played  accordion and his mother Ella the piano, and there was always a lot of music in the house. Calle and his 2 brothers contributed singing. 

It was in church that Calle got his first stage scene. "I sang in the choir and participated in school closures. My singing has been there, all the way. As a child, I liked to enjoy and to entertain and to be on stage". Calles first music memories is a photo where he has formed a band at the age of 5, with some cousins playing with homemade guitars.

"It was only when I started at Varberg School Of Education I learned to play the guitar properly, such teaching was not available on Läjet. My first solo performance was at the Rosenfreds school scene. I'll never forget it. I was terribly nervous until I started playing. Then it suddenly disappeared and I've never been nervous about standing on stage ever since".

When Calle finished his education he was very tired of school. His father, a fisherman for generations, who had realized that the fishing industry was facing a hard time, did not try to persuade Calle to take on this task. Calle instead started working at Dagåh's Photo Shop in Varberg. At the same time, interest in cars, motorcycles and music grew. Calle became one with his own Ford Thunderbird, formed Varbergs Automobil & MC Club, and also played rock'n'roll with brother Håkan and some friends in the band Victoria. The music took more more and more of his time. After 15 years at Dagåh's Photo Shop, he quit.

Calle then fronted the band Blue Light, recorded an album in 1985, but despite the fact that they were touring around Sweden and other countries, they never really took off. Calle began to play more and more as a solo troubadour at cafés and pubs. He didn't wanted to let go of the music, and he was very appreciated for what he was doing.

"I sat there and played and sometimes wondered what I was doing there, so I started talking to the audience, telling stories". Suddenly, he received requests to attend corporate celebrations, weddings, birthdays and association meetings. The business took a new focus as Calle developed increasingly. Over the years he has become an appreciated entertainer, but music has always been the foundation. He has released 6 CD's so far. They consist of mixed material, some written by himself, and some have been on his hometown language, which he feels extra warmly about.

In the summer of 2013, he took the full step and released the CD "Läjet, Läjet", completely sung in his native, hometown language. "When I was a child, we talked like this at home. When I started 1st class I had to learn Swedish. Today, the hometown of which the dialect is called is cool, but back then there was nothing positive about it. I would think there are about 200 people, at most, who can talk to this native tongue today. Therefore we also had to translate the songs on that CD into Swedish".

On May 11th, 2018, Calle will release his 7th CD, "Monterey Shoreline", a 5 track CD EP, that Calle recorded with comrades, relatives and friends from all over the westcoast of Sweden.




Ray LaMontagne.....

Ray LaMontagne, "Part Of The Light".

01  To The Sea 
02  Paper Man 
03  Part Of The Light
04  It's Always Been You 
05  Let's Make It Last 
06  As Black As Blood Is Blue 
07  Such A Simple Thing 
08  No Answer Arrives 
09  Goodbye Blue Sky

RCA Records, May 18th, 2018.





Joe Medwick.....

After many stops and starts from Los Angeles to Woodstock, to Austin and back to Los Angeles, Joe Medwick has wrapped up his "Memphis To Montreal" sessions at Johnny Lee Schell’s Ultratone Studios in Studio City, after starting the project in Austin and Woodstock. With musical contributions from Grammy award winning friends like Albert Lee, Mike Finnigan, Hutch Hutchinson, Tony Braunagel, Johnny Lee, Joe Sublett, Gary Mallaber, David Jackson, Jennifer Condos, John Inmon, Joel Savoy and the legendary Garth Hudson of The Band, "Memphis To Montreal" features handpicked original songs, as well as selected covers by Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Dan Penn and more. "Memphis To Montreal" is dedicated to Joe’s too soon gone friends Tim Drummond, Levon Helm, Lonnie Mack and his late brother Peter.



Lanois & Venetian Snares.....

Daniel Lanois and Venetian Snares are 2 very different kinds of producers. During the last 30 years, Lanois has become one of his generation's essential record producers, responsible for the likes of U2's "The Joshua Tree", Bob Dylan's "Time Out Of Mind", and a score of collaborations with Brian Eno. Lanois favors widescreen sounds and albums with atmosphere, music that invokes that mystical asset of 'vibe', no matter what the genre. Venetian Snares is the long running concern of electronic producer Aaron Funk, whose rapid cuts between shards of noise and ruptured samples have made him a pioneer of what's been reductively dubbed intelligent dance music. Claustrophobic and intense, his meticulous records produce the illusion of chaos controlled, vibe be damned.

But years ago, in a Los Angeles watering hole, Lanois heard an audacious album for which Funk had sampled the sounds of symphonies and string quartets to build his own boisterous electronic simulacrum of a classical ensemble. Lanois was intrigued by the fellow Canadian and soon confessed his burgeoning fandom to Funk. A few years later, they finally convened in Lanois' Toronto studio and, with little planning in place, improvised. In person, Lanois was even more floored by Funk's approach. "I recognized that he knew something I didn't", Lanois says laughing. "And I always like to work with people who know how to do something I don't. It's a way of broadening my scope".

Hearing their bewildering, intoxicating 8 track debut, simply titled "Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois", is tantamount to rubbing one's fingers across a topographical map of some monstrous mountain range. It is a vast landscape, where flat stretches jut suddenly upward into an intricate series of peaks and valleys, nooks and crannies. Aside from his resume as a producer, and occasionally brilliant songwriter, Lanois is a master of celestial pedal steel, mutually inspired by gospel exaltation and minimalist exhalation. Funk cavorts atop that bedrock, making mountains out of chopped, screwed and scrambled drums, and valleys from warped webs of static. Recorded live after their brief studio stint, "Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois" finds an altogether unlikely duo locked in feverish instrumental cross talk, a sort of free jazz duo for the new millennium.




Raven And Red.....

With many musical accomplishments individually, Brittany Jones and Mitchell Lane met while attending the University Of North Carolina School Of The Arts in Winston Salem, NC. Not limited to one style of music, they discovered their shared interest in many different genres alongside classical music. From singing opera and playing the pipe organ to singing folk and country songs with a guitar and a fiddle, Mitchell and Brittany have been collaborating musically since they first met.

Upon graduating with her master’s degree in organ performance in 2011, Brittany decided to continue her education in bluegrass, old time, country, and celtic music at East Tennessee State University. While Mitchell continued pursuing his degree in vocal performance, he decided to learn the acoustic guitar in order to accompany Brittany at her program’s audition.

Together, their musical training has aided them in grasping the detail and sensitivity in music, and it enables them to effectively present those nuances on stage and in the studio. “Just like in classical music, there is an important historical component to folk music and we were immediately drawn to it. After graduating college in 2013, forming Raven and Red was our natural calling as performing musicians”, Mitchell recalls.

To round out the group, Cole King, Mitchell’s youngest brother and current 11th grade student at Woodward Academy in Atlanta, GA, joined the duo on mandolin and fill out the group’s 3 part harmonies. Cole was only 13 years old when he began performing with the band.

Raven And Red combines elements from all of their different musical influences into their songwriting and the songs featured on their new album, ”We Rise Up”, which is set to release in Europe in the spring, on Line Crossing Records.

“We find it difficult to really narrow down our style into one particular genre”, declares Mitchell. “We have so many influences, from John Denver and Jim Croce to Tim O’Brien to classic rock and back to Bach. We are still learning from each other every day and developing our signature sound. This album is one milestone in our musical journey”, he adds.



Duane Betts.....

Guitarist Duane Betts has just issued his debut studio EP. The 6 song collection "Sketches Of American Music" is now available on CD, as download and on streaming services. Betts collaborated on "Sketches Of American Music" with Steve Cropper, Marc Ford and Stoll Vaughan. Recording sessions were held in Nashville and Los Angeles. Currently, Duane Betts is on tour with The Devon Allman Project, which see the singer songwriter performing with Devon Allman, the son of his father’s Allman Brothers bandmate, Gregg Allman.

During these performances, Duane opens with a 30 minute set, ahead of Devon Allman’s performance, both bands then reconvene for a special, joint 30 plus minute encore. Furthermore, Duane Betts will also be performing with his father for a number of shows during Dickey Betts’ highly anticipated comeback tour.





CJ Simmons.....

Nashville duo CJ Simmons is Christian and Jessica Simmons. Originally from Oklahoma, Christian fuses his Okie influence with Jessica’s soft hometown Texas sound. Over the past few years CJ Simmons has opened for many of today’s top names in country music, played for 1000’s, toured overseas to play for the US military, and had their videos picked up by CMT, and they are just getting started. With the release of their latest album, ”Forever”, they look forward to hitting the road while picking up fans one by one and show by show. CJ Simmons has one goal in mind, making the best possible music, and of course having a great time doing it.




Little Steven.....

Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul are heralding this Thursday's start of their landmark live tour with today's surprise release of "Soulfire Live!", a 24 track collection recorded last year in the US and Europe, during Little Steven's 1st tour in nearly 2 decades. "Soulfire Live!" is available now at all digital music retailers and streaming services and a 3 CD box set with bonus tracks, BluRay, and vinyl box set will arrive this summer. To stream or download "Soulfire Live!", please visit here.

"Soulfire Live!" is an epic and electrifying journey through rock'n'roll history led by one of its most passionate practitioners, showcasing Stevie Van Zandt's limitless knowledge, talent, and sheer love for the genre in all its many shapes and guises. Among the album's many highlights is the introduction made by the legendary Mike Stoller, who along with partner Jerry Leiber, are widely considered to be the 1st successful and the most enduring rock songwriters and producers of all time. Other highlights on the album are the original songs from throughout Little Steven's illustrious career, alongside a number of favorite cover versions. In addition, the album includes Van Zandt's inimitable introductions, detailing each song's unique history and singular spot in his life and illustrious career.

"Soulfire Live!" was produced and arranged by Stevie Van Zandt and the album was mixed by Bob Clearmountain and mastered by Bob Ludwig.




Annie Keating.....

A hugely impressive body of work, 8 albums over 14 years, culminates in this acoustic mini masterpiece by Brooklyn based songwriter Annie Keating.  An intoxicating mix of poetic and raw, tough and tender, Keating’s songwriting is at the heart of meaningful americana music. "Ghost Of The Untraveled Road" features this seasoned songwriter at her best. The album delivers beautiful, engaging, honest and real songs.

About the new release, she shares, “These songs were born in motion, in the back of a sweltering tour rig last July, traversing 4 countries and some 7000 miles with no mobile phone service, I had a lot of time to write and think. Somehow as the miles rolled along, I collected a box full of half poems, melodies, refrains and phrases on napkins, set lists and my tour notebook. When opening that box of writings months later back in Brooklyn, I was pleasantly surprised. I picked up my Gibson guitar and it seemed like the songs were already there waiting, just hungering for the right chords".

The music and lyrics impart the feeling of traveling through new lands, unexpected surprises, a journey of longing and also letting go. The songs titles themselves voice these themes, with compelling lyrics that take the listener in and away, "From Holland to Hull, across the North Sea, with dreams of the ocean, your eyes and the deep. Travel has a way of changing time, a little more freedom the curve from a line", and from the title track, "The windows open blowing papers around, the Italian radio's playing a sad song. I understood little but felt just as much, as if I were fluent the pale music hushed. Wondering what would unravel if we dared let the string go. Busy bees in my head and a 'Ghost Of The Untraveled Road'". Other lines linger, heartfelt but not trite, honest and searching, "Shall I cherish confessions or bury them all?  You wanted forever inside the lines, I wanted a moment lost in time. You like a beautiful darkening sky, your eyes they lied”.

 Over the course of her previous 7 full length albums, Keating has proven herself a unique and extremely talented artist. When asked about how the band recorded the album, she reflects, "When the songs took shape, I brought the band together and we had sessions by the fire at my place with acoustic guitars, mandolin and bass, no amps. Just playing acoustically in a circle and work shopping the songs, I decided that’s the way we should record the album, live in a room together playing. We laid them down pure and simple together live in a former firehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Atomic Sound, NY. I’m more proud of these songs than anything else I’ve recorded. You either capture the magic or not. For me, the sound of the band on this album is magical”.



Nick Lowe.....

Nick Lowe is back and has re-discovered his rockin’ side on his 1st new release in half a decade.This new EP is limited to 3,500 copies and features 2 x 7" singles in a gatefold package. "Tokyo Bay b/w Crying Inside" is a 4 song EP featuring 2 Nick originals, the ship rockin’ “Tokyo Bay” and introspective “Crying Inside,” plus covers of the Bee Gees’ “Heartbreaker” and Cliff Richard’s “Travellin’ Light”. Nick’s recent tour mates, Los Straitjackets, are his backing band on this record, contributingto the sounds of Nick rocking his hardest in decades. June 1st, 2018.








A.F.T.  is a new trio containing of some of Gotland's (SE) finest musicians and songwriters. The response of the tours A.F.T. has done so far, in Sweden, Denmark and Germany, has been overwhelming. Strong stage presence, a rich  musical experience with lots of groove to the deep and moving lyrics of Annika Fehling's songs, and light and love flowing from the music makes the concerts magical  and unforgettable. 

Annika Fehling is a touring Swedish singer, songwriter, composer, artist, event producer, guest teacher and consultant, living on the magical island of Gotland in Sweden.  Currently touring with the Annika Fehling Trio, A.F.T. , as well as  as a solo artist, and with Glimra, she has played in over 17 countries to date, released 12 albums, and produced over 200 shows, festivals and events working with over 500 artists from the whole world.

Christer Jonasson, guitarist with a distinct and rhythmic sound, as well as a singer songwriter,  has been part of the Swedish music scene since the 1970's.  He has played with and behind many of the most well known artists  in his homeland, on several LP's, CD's and in live concerts.  Swedes have heard him on radio, seen him on television, in theatres and in movies. Christer plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar, slide guitar, lap steel guitar, banjo and most instruments with strings.

Robert Wahlström, percussionist, producer and composer. Composing, among other things, music for film and theatre. Performing live electronica, as well as folk music. Recently went to India, invited to collaborate with the Bauls of Bengal. His relation to music is to dive deeper into the listening and interpretation of rhythms in a free way. To improvise  and to create a straight channel from feelings, mind and body to the hands and voice. Performing drumming, on his framedrum from the northern forests, to bring the extatic feeling of life and nature to people.




Karen Dalton Box.....

Loads and loads of Karen Dalton here in this handsome box set, which is attractively designed to look like an old studio tape box. 3 LP's and 4 CD's contain beautifully remastered versions of the live album "Cotton Eyed Joe", the home recordings of "Green Rocky Road", and a tantalising collection of previously unreleased home recordings, plus a book of treats from the Dalton archives and a bonus DVD. Get stuck in. June 15th, 2018.









Sawdust & Rust.....

Sawdust & Rust was born after a chance meeting on Greenland in 2015 between Swedish singer songwriter Patrick Rydman and Faroese singer songwriter Benjamin Petersen, who goes under the artist name Son Of Fortune. Most of the debut album was recorded in Benjamin's studio Bunkarin, in Tórshavn, FO. Melodic and accessible, this is poetic, catchy songwriting with lots of rootsy, folky elements and a touch of good old Nordic melancholy thrown into the mix, while never forgetting the importance of a memorable chorus. Welcome to a world where creation and decay walk hand in hand. Welcome to Sawdust & Rust.



Roger Daltrey.....

On June 1st, 2018, a week before Roger Daltrey begins a tour where he'll perform "Tommy" with an orchestra, the Who singer will release "As Long As I Have You". This will be Daltrey's 1st record since "Going Back Home", his 2014 collaboration with Dr Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson. "As Long As I Have You" includes covers of songs written by Stephen Stills, Stevie Wonder, Nick Cave and Garnet Mimms. Daltrey also wrote some of the songs, notably "Certified Rose" and "Always Heading Home".

For the singer, it's a return to his roots mixed with the wisdom that can only come with age. "This is a return to the very beginning, to the time before Pete started writing our songs, to a time when we were a teenage band playing soul music to small crowds in church halls", Daltrey says in a statement. "That’s what we were, a soul band", he continued. "And now, I can sing soul with all the experience you need to sing it. Life puts the soul in. I’ve always sung from the heart but when you’re 19, you haven’t had the life experience with all its emotional trials and traumas that you have by the time you get to my age. You carry all the emotional bruises of life and when you sing these songs, those emotions are in your voice. You feel the pain of a lost love. You feel it and you sing it and that’s soul. For a long time, I’ve wanted to return to the simplicity of these songs, to show people my voice, a voice they won’t have heard before. It felt like the right time. It’s where I am, looking back to that time, looking across all those years but also being here, now, in the soulful moment”.

Daltrey worked with a band that includes former Style Council keyboardist Mick Talbot and Sean Genockey on lead guitar. Townshend contributed guitar on 7 tracks, and noted that the record 'shows Roger at the height of his powers as a vocalist'. The record was produced by Dave Eringa.




Michael Veitch.....

Heart driven songs combined with a beautiful tenor and fluid guitar playing, Michael Veitch is highly regarded by many of his singer songwriting peers. His music visits the past without regret and the future with an optimist’s Eye, while his lyrics and melody weave a narrative of world class performance. It’s every person’s dream to get to do what they love, intertwining that work with their heart’s passion and making a difference in the world. And that’s exactly how Michael Veitch lives his life.

Some musical highlights includes Judy Collins covering his song “Veteran’s Day” for her CD “Bohemian”, and live DVD “From The Temple Of Dendur”, both duets with Kenny White. Michael’s version reached #3 song on the folk and americana DJ list in November 2017 from his EP “Wake Up Call”. Being honored by the Music2Life Foundation for his song “Pledging Allegiance”, which reached #10 on the folk and americana DJ list in October 2017, being featured with Ellis Paul, Vance Gilbert and Jim Henry for a full set at the 2001 Newport Folk Festival, opening numerous dates for Shawn Colvin and sharing stages with many fabulous singer songwriters out there.


Def Leppard Box.....

In June, Universal Music will issue a new Def Leppard albums box set which will be available both on CD and vinyl. It’s the 1st of 4 planned volumes which will cover the band’s complete recorded output. "Vinyl Collection Volume 1" and "CD Collection Volume 1" contains the band’s 80's output, their 1st 4 albums, "Live At The LA Forum 1983" and a disc of rarities. Additionally, the vinyl set will include a recreation of the band’s first EP "The Def Leppard EP" which contains 3 songs recorded in 1978. This was issued in January 1979, 15 months before debut album "On Through The Night" was released. Interestingly, the CD box includes the same content on a 3" CD single. The audio was re-mastered by Ronan McHugh and Joe Elliott at Joe’s Garage, and the vinyl LPs were cut by Greg Moore. Both vinyl and CD sets feature a hardcover book with photos by Ross Halfin and notes by Paul Elliott. Both collections will be released on June 1st, 2018.




Emmylou Harris.....

Emmylou Harris once called this concept album, "The Ballad Of Sally Rose", a country opera. Released in 1985, the song cycle is based loosely on her short time with influential singer songwriter Gram Parsons, who died in 1973. Known more for singing songs written by others, this was Harris’ 1st self composed album and it remains one of her favorites.
Harris says the idea for the album had been brewing for years, but she needed time away from the road to write. Previously, Harris used the name Sally Rose as an alias on tour. So when she started writing songs about a singer whose lover and mentor, a hard living, hard drinking musician, is killed while on the road, the name Sally Rose was a natural fit.
This expanded edition features a newly remastered version of the original album which includes the singles “White Line” and “Rhythm Guitar” with Waylon Jennings on lead guitar. In addition, Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt sing harmony throughout the album. The expanded edition’s bonus disc introduces unreleased demo recordings for 10 tracks. Most feature Harris accompanying herself on acoustic guitar giving these versions a stripped back intimacy.

Warner Bros Records, June 1st, 2018.




Martin & Marotta.....

Soul Redemption” is the debut release from singer songwriter Flav Martin and drummer producer Jerry Marotta. The duo harmoniously blends modern adult rock with traditional world pop. Whether performed in a café in Italy or on the polo fields of Indio, these songs would feel comfortably at home in either environment.

Credited as one of the most innovative acoustic guitar players on the scene today, Flav Martin blends beautiful melodies with intricate technique, voicing, and a percussive style that leaves people saying, "How does he do that?”. Throughout his career Flav has performed with David Crosby, Al Stewart, Suzanne Vega, Tommy Emmanuel and more. Flav's many writing credits include Saturday Night Live, PBS, Canon Films. All but 2 of the songs on this album were written by Flav.

World renowned drummer, touring and session musician and producer Jerry Marotta has left his mark on countless recordings by Paul McCartney, Hall & Oates, Indigo Girls, Marc Cohn, Sarah MacLachlan, and John Mayer to name but a few. He 1st entered the music scene as the drummer for Orleans with the hit single “Still The One” followed by a decade of performing and recording with Peter Gabriel. His rhythmic drumming and world music inspired percussion complement the acoustic flavor of Flav's guitar.

Backing up the duo are their long time friends Tony Levin, bass, Peter Primamore, piano, Thor Jensen, guitar, Marc Shulman, guitar, and Gary Schreiner, harmonica, accordion.




The Humblebums.....

The Humblebums were a Scottish folk band, based in Glasgow. Its members included Billy Connolly, who later became a renowned stand up comedic actor, guitarist Tam Harvey and singer songwriter Gerry Rafferty. Connolly co-founded the band with Harvey in 1965 and played in the pubs and clubs around the city, most notably the Old Scotia Bar. Connolly sang, played banjo and guitar, and entertained the audience with his humorous introductions to the songs. Harvey was an accomplished bluegrass guitarist.

 Rafferty joined later and for a short time they performed as a trio. However, the nature of the act had changed and Harvey departed shortly afterwards. The remaining duo broke up in the early 1970's after recording 2 albums of material, "The New Humblebums" and "Open Up The Door", the former graced by a cover by John Patrick Byrne, marking the beginning of a long working relationship between Byrne and Rafferty. Connolly embarked on a solo career while Rafferty formed Stealers Wheel with Joe Egan, before eventually emerging as a major recording act with "Baker Street". 

The "Transatlantic Anthology" features material from both albums plus a few different versions. Talking Elephant Records, May 25th, 2018.




Jethro Tull 50.....

Jethro Tull  will celebrate their 50th anniversary with a massive 3 disc compilation, "50 For 50", out May 25th, 2018, via Parlophone Records. Jethro Tull's founder, singer and flautist, Ian Anderson, hand picked the 50 song track list from the band's 21 studio albums. The 3 disc set is loosely arranged in chronological order to capture the band's myriad musical phases. "50 For 50" boasts Jethro Tull's early blues influenced efforts like "Nothing Is Easy" and "Beggars Farm", hard rock hits like "Aqualung" and "Locomotive Breath", prog classics such as "Skating Away" and "Critique Oblique", plus folk songs like "Heavy Horses" and "Songs From The Wood". Along with "50 For 50", Jethro Tull will also release "50th Anniversary Hits", a condensed, 15 track collection that will be available on CD and vinyl. The CD version will be released May 25th, 2018, alongside "50 For 50", while the vinyl version will arrive August 31st, 2018.




Otis Redding.....

Rhino Records are to issue "Dock Of The Bay Sessions", a new Otis Redding collection, in May this year.  The release is part of an ongoing 50th anniversary celebration of "(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay" which topped the charts in America on March 16th, 1968. Although nothing is actually previously unreleased, "Dock Of The Bay Sessions" effectively brings together individual tracks that have found their way onto posthumous albums and compilations and attempts to paint a picture of what the next Otis Redding album might have looked like, had the singer not been tragically killed in a plane crash on December 10th, 1967. This new collection, which features 12 songs including "Hard To Handle", "Gone Again" and "I’ve Got Dreams To Remember", was compiled with input from Roger Armstrong of Ace Records and Otis biographer Jonathan Gould and has the Redding family’s full endorsement. "Dock Of The Bay Sessions" will be issued on vinyl and CD on May 18th, 2018.




Mark Huff.....

There are 2 kinds of singers, the ones you believe and the ones you don’t”, observes Mark Huff. “Anything that’s good stems from honesty”.

You can hear the ring of honesty throughout Huff’s 9th solo release, "Stars For Eyes", as he negotiates the highs and lows of love and life in its 11 songs. But like real life, there’s nothing simple about the characters that populate his tunes or their emotions. As Huff knows, even the bliss of falling in love can be laced with conflict, a duality he captures perfectly in the title track’s shimmering sonic dreamscape, elegantly painted with steel and electric guitars, keyboards, and an angelic choir of female voices to support the balance of limerence and doubt in his arcing vocal melody.

"Stars For Eyes" follows his 2016 tour de force, "Down River", which ranged from full tilt roots rock to gospel fueled allegory, all spiked by Huff’s expert writing, open hearted vocal performances, and ear for perfect musical support.

In his new album’s “I Know You Don’t Want My Love”, a number driven by Huff’s own acoustic guitar, he ventures into darker territory as the song’s narrator is driven toward madness and even, possibly, murder, by cold hearted rejection. All the while, the warm, wailing tones of an effects laden pedal steel played by Russ Pahl provides ghostly commentary.

Huff is also joined by a host of other accomplished players on "Stars For Eyes", which was produced by Chad Brown, who has worked with Ryan Adams, Faith Hill, Gretchen Peters, Tom Russell, Dr John, and Hayes Carll. Brown won a Grammy in 2015 for his work on Mike Farris’ "Shine for All The People". Other guests include guitarist Doug Lancio, bassist Mike Vargo, keyboardist Micah Hulscher and Julie Christenson, the longtime supporting vocalist for Leonard Cohen, who plays the same role for Huff on his version of Cohen’s meditative “Almost Like The Blues”, which closes the album.

Together Huff and his players give "Stars For Eyes" an uncommon blend of cinemascopic sound and storytelling depth, once again raising the bar for the rich musical journey he began in his teens. “For this album”, Huff explains, “I took the filters off. I decided to liberate myself as an artist. I arrived at a point where I felt, after a lifetime of singing and learning from great songwriters like Ray Davies and the Beatles, that my vocal style had come into its own. When I was writing many of these songs, I’d also been in a relationship, and clearly I did not get the girl, so that affected by perspective. And I knew that since I was ready to really get personal with these songs, I didn’t want it to be a typical Nashville sounding album, so I decided to work with Chad and to get a diverse group of musicians who could play deeply rooted music with an ambient sonic approach”.

That approach turns songs like “Carolina Blue”, a kind of cosmic country waltz, into iridescent works of pop craftsmanship, balancing the poetic sensibility of Dylan’s "Nashville Skyline" with the scope of Daniel Lanois’ earthier productions. All the while, Huff’s voice and guitar serve as the album’s compass.

Although most of the songs negotiate the turns of life’s emotional landscape, “Big City Down” is an ode to his adopted hometown, Nashville, TN. “When I moved here, I was welcomed with open arms by the music community”, he says. “I’ve felt at home here ever since”.

Huff relocated to Music City in 2003, after establishing a strong career that began in his native Las Vegas. Inspired by a mix of music brought into his home by his mother and older siblings, which ran from Muddy Waters to the Rolling Stones to the Doors to Neil Diamond, he started a garage band with his brother Rick as a teenager. Huff’s first original band was the punk  and British Invasion inspired Smart Bomb, which quickly gained momentum, drawing as many as 1 000 fans to the frat parties and outdoor shows they played.

Huff’s talents as a singer, songwriter, and charismatic performer grew, as did his regional reputation. In 1989 he released his 1st solo album, "Happy Judgment Day", and through the 90's he made a series of heralded discs including 1999’s "Skeleton Faith", which won Best Album and Best Artist awards, as well as the Best Single award for “White Trash Town”, in the annual, fan driven Las Vegas City Life music poll. All the while he played to increasingly larger audiences at local venues like the Hard Rock Hotel and the House Of Blues, where he opened for Chris Isaak, Al Green and Peter Frampton, among others. He also launched his busy international touring career, and has performed in arenas as an opener for Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson.

After arriving in Nashville, Huff met Allison Moorer, who was so impressed with his songs and performing abilities that she invited him to open on her US tour. In 2005, he cut his first Nashville studio album, "Gravity", and in 2010 he recorded and released "Feels Like California". The success of those albums and the recent "Down River" EP has continued to widen his fan base on both sides of the Atlantic and kept him on the road, performing solo and as a headliner, and opening more shows, both for Dylan and Steve Forbert.

“I love the cycle of making records and touring”, says Huff. “Being in a new place every night and sharing my songs and stories with people makes me feel alive. I thrive on it, and I love being able to meet so many interesting people along the way”.

Among them was Leonard Cohen, whose “Almost Like The Blues” appears on "Stars For Eyes", and who gave Huff some indispensible advice. “I was struggling with a serious case of writer’s block at the time, and felt like I couldn’t get anything good on paper”. Leonard said, “Sometimes you’ve got to write some shitty songs to get the good ones flowing again. And remember, a song is never finished”.

Huff took that to heart, and as he performs the songs from "Stars For Eyes" on the road, they’ll explore new progressions, new sounds, additional nuances of tone and emotion. And continue to grow. So will their author.




Joe Bonamassa.....

Joe Bonamassa has just announced that he’ll release a new live package later this spring. Titled "British Blues Explosion Live", it was recorded during the vocalist and guitarist’s show at Greenwich Music Time at The Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London, on July 7th, 2016. It was part of the live tour Bonamassa set up to honour the musicians who have inspired him, including Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. It’ll launch on May 18th, 2018, on CD, DVD, BluRay and a 3 LP set via Mascot Label Group. Bonamassa says, “If it wasn't for certain British musicians of the early 60's, the blues may well never have exploded into rock music as we know it today, and indeed may have passed into history”.





2nd Bruce Box.....

Bruce Springsteen, "The Album Collection Vol 2 : 1987 - 1996". This new collection follows Springsteen’s 2014 release, "The Album Collection Vol 1 : 1973 - 1984", which included newly remastered editions of the 1st 7 Bruce Springsteen studio albums. The vinyl box set includes Springsteen’s 4 studio albums from the era, plus 2 EP's and a double LP live album.

These 4 LP's have been long out of print and have been remastered for the first time on vinyl. The LP's include 1987’s "Tunnel Of Love", 1992’s "Human Touch" and "Lucky Town", and 1995’s "The Ghost Of Tom Joad". All 4 of these albums were certified gold, platinum or multiplatinum.

The 2 EP's include a 12” of 1988’s live EP, "Chimes Of Freedom", and the first ever vinyl release of the 1996 "Blood Brothers" EP. The double live album is Springsteen’s 1993 "MTV Plugged" special. The boxset will include a total of 10 discs with recreations of the original packaging and a 60 page book with rare photos, memorabilia and original press clippings. The albums were remastered by Bob Ludwig and Springsteen’s longtime engineer Toby Scott. They were transferred from the original analog masters using the Plangent Process playback system. "Tunnel Of Love" and "Human Touch" have also been expanded to double LP's to maximize audio quality. May 18th, 2018.




Glenn Frey Box.....

A new 4 disc box set is set to celebrate the solo career of the Eagles’ Glenn Frey. Entitled "Above The Clouds : The Collection", the new box is set for release on May 11th, 2018, through Geffen/USM. Frey, a co-founding member of the Eagles, one of the world’s best loved and best selling bands, also carved out a notable solo career during their hiatus in the 80's and beyond, something he carried through with as an artist right up until his untimely passing in January 2016.

"Above The Clouds" compiles the key elements of Frey’s music both before and after the Eagles became international superstars, showcasing the broad range and wide influence of the Detroit-bred singer songwriter in the process. The collection is a fitting way to honor a singer songwriter whose imagination knew no bounds.

The 1st disc, aptly subtitled "The Very Best Of Glenn Frey", is chock full of major chart hits, including the 'Beverly Hills Cop' smash “The Heat Is On”. the gritty, slide guitar driven gutbucket groove of “Smuggler’s Blues”, the epic 'Miami Vice' ballad “You Belong To The City”, the inward looking poignancy of “Soul Searchin’”, and much more. This disc will be available as a stand-alone disc as well as part of the box set. And while Glenn clearly embraced the burgeoning video age, nabbing a vaunted 1985 MTV Music Video Award with the cinematically dramatic clip for “Smuggler’s Blues”, it’s the enduring essence of the man’s songwriting skills on display here that truly sealed his legacy as a solo artist.

Disc 2 explores Frey’s prowess beyond the charts, from the classy to the classic. Included are the broad swath of "After Hours", his majestic take on "For Sentimental Reasons", a harmonic nod to the Beach Boys with a spot on cover of "Caroline, No", and the sheer battle cry of "Route 66" among them.

The 3rd disc highlights the early output of the duo formed by longtime friends Frey and JD Souther known as Longbranch Pennywhistle makes its digital debut. Originally released on the Amos label in 1969, the self titled "Longbranch Pennywhistle" may have ultimately been consigned to the side bins of the acid rock era, but songs like "Kite Woman" and "Run, Boy, Run" serve as the literal seeds of the country rock movement Frey and the Eagles perfected to a T. Besides navigating the success of his own fine solo career, Souther also went on to be a chief Frey collaborator on such pivotal Eagles songs as "Best Of My Love", "New Kid In Town" and "Heartache Tonight".

The final disc, a live DVD culled from a telling performance at the National Stadium in Dublin, Ireland, in July 1992, on the 'Strange Weather' tour, shows Frey and his top shelf band at the height of their powers, veering from the cool breeze manifestos of "Long Hot Summer" and "Peaceful Easy Feeling" to the rip roaring crackle of "Strange Weather" to the everyone join in vibes of "Party Town".




Carrington MacDuffie.....

In life and in art, Carrington MacDuffie is an adventurer. A New York native who now splits her time between Austin and Seattle, after a decade beachside in Los Angeles, she travels the globe and joyfully explores diverse universes of thought and practice. Whether making music, writing poetry, voicing works of literature, piloting a fixed wing airplane, or savoring the zen like concentration of target shooting, she is led by her passion for creativity, and her endless fascination with exploring both the world outside and her inner muses.

As a singer songwriter, Carrington first released work in 2014. Her love for music was originally sparked in earlychildhood while listening to the records that her dad, a huge music aficionado, was spinning, Teddy Wilson, Beethoven, Herb Alpert, Hudson River folk, Scottish marches, The Mamas & The Papas, Arlo Guthrie, classic rock, The Beatles, among many other artists and genres. Those far reaching influences weave through her entire body of work, and stand out in her new album, "Kiss Make Better", recorded last year in Nashville. 

The 13 song album took shape when she was gleaning her repertoire with an eye toward material to pitch for film and television synchronization.  With a wealth of music with cinematic inclinations, what emerged is a collection of songs, some new, some spanning a few years, and a pair of covers, that are atmospheric, brimming with emotionality, desire and resistance, and full of compelling sonic space.   

The title track came to sum up what Carrington sees as the album’s overall theme, the healing and redemptive power of erotic love. She notes, “If Marvin Gaye said it, he’d say ‘sexual healing'”. It’s a song both lusty and delicate, with potent lead guitar from Tim Galloway. The second track, the yearning “Red Kiss, Blue Halo”, is about the spiritual aspect of erotic love. “It came out of a time when I was writing a lot of poetry, and working with my dreams. I was also deep into sacred geometry and symbology, and creating forms and images using a protractor and various visual media. I was looking at the world through that lens”.

Other highlights include the reggae influenced “Love Chased Me”, the psychedelic infused “Rising Sun” and “Come For Me”, “I Let You Kiss Me”, a contemplation on what goes through a woman’s mind between a 1st, and possibly, 2nd kiss, and “Over Again”, featuring a riveting electric sitar part. Carrington’s ethereal cover of Rodgers & Hart’s “Blue Moon” reinvents the classic as a mystical wish rather than as a lament.  The other cover, “Why Can’t He Be You”, written by Hank Cochran and popularized by Patsy Cline, is the one song not recorded in Nashville. Carrington’s rocking version, which remakes Cline’s torch with punk, was produced in Austin by Scott Clark, who also plays lead guitar.  She says, “It struck me that the singer might not just be sad and heartbroken, she could also be frustrated and pissed off, ’cause she’s ready to move on. I just picked up my uke one day and started singing it like that”.

Other than “Why Can’t He Be You”, "Kiss Make Better" was produced by Steve Freeman, and mixed and mastered by John D Kennedy. In addition to Carrington on vocals, the band, which she totally adores for their musicianship and camaraderie, includes David Dorn, keyboards, and known as the secret weapon, Tim Galloway, guitar, electric sitar, ukulele, Tim Denbo, bass, and Grady Saxman, drums, percussion, programming. It follows up Carrington’s 2017 EP "Rock Me to Mars".  She will promote the new album via a spring tour of Europé, including Paris, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, London, and Scotland, followed by subsequent U.S. dates.

Carrington is also busy with her career as a renowned and versatile voice actor, and has recently done the narrations for audiobooks including the first reading of Katharine Graham’s Pulitzer Prize winning memoir “Personal History”, and “The Dance Of The Dissident Daughter”, a memoir of spiritual awakening from “The Spiritual Life Of Bees” author Sue Monk Kidd, as well as syndicated self help columnist’s Amy Alkon’s “Unf*ckology : A Field Guide To Living With Guts And Confidence”. Previously, she voiced biographies of Joni Mitchell, Pussy Riot and Jack Kerouac, and video games including “World Of Warcraft”, in which she plays a shamanic Scottish Dwarf.

In Spring of 2018, she launches her podcast “Voice Of A Muse”. Twice a month, she will present outside the box, thought provoking topics seen through her deeply considered, humorous, and philosophical perspective. 

Going forward, Carrington will venture forth to engage and inspire audiences with the intimate power of words, music, and voice in all her endeavors.



Roy Buchanan.....

"Live At Town Hall 1974", Roy Buchanan Real Gone Music, May 4th, 2018. Guitarist Buchanan was famous for playing the Fender Telecaster with an effects free technique and influencing many other musicians despite never having much solo success of his own. Jeff Beck dedicated “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers” on 1975’s "Blow By Blow" to Buchanan. He began his career as a sideman in the late 1950's, joining on recording sessions for such artists as Dale and Ronnie Hawkins, Freddie Cannon, Merle Kilgore and others. He also was a tutor to a young Robbie Robertson. He stepped away from music for a time, but returned to performing in the early 1970s in the Washington, DC, area. His career took a major turn when he was featured on the PBS program "Introducing Roy Buchanan" in 1971.  This lead to a recording contract with Polydor Records. Around this time, the story goes that he turned down a place in The Rolling Stones for the position Mick Taylor eventually got.

Buchanan recorded 4 studio albums for Polydor, of which 1973’s "Second Album" went gold. By 1975, however, he had an offer from Ahmet Ertegun to join Atlanic and wanted to move on. But an album was still owed to Polydor, leading to the live album "Live Stock". It featured 6 songs taken from 2 sets on November 27th, 1974 at Town Hall in New York City. A 7th song was taken from a gig in Evanston, IL, at the Amazin Grace Café. The shows were recorded by the Record Plant Mobile Studio and Buchanan’s band featured Malcom Lukens, keyboards, John Harrison, bass, Ronnie Foster, drums and Billy Price, vocals. But like most live albums, there was a lot of material unreleased.  Now, Real Gone is releasing the entirety of both sets from Town Hall on a new 2 CD set. It features the 6 songs from the original album, a version of Neil Young’s “Down By The River” which surfaced on a 1992 compilation, and 14 additional previously unreleased tracks. The set has been mixed and mastered by Tom Lewis at Studio 1903 in Athens, GA. Bill Levenson has produced the reissue and the booklet feature liner notes by Buchanan biographer Phil Carson, plus photos from the night of the show, taken by Charles R Cohen. Beautiful new artwork tops it all off.




Barry & The Doctor.....

"Barry McGuire & The Doctor", Real Gone Music, May 4th, 2018. On this album, Barry McGuire was joined by “The Doctor,” aka guitarist Eric Hord, for a 6 song set of free wheeling blues rock. Real Gone’s reissue will mark the album’s authorized worldwide CD debut.

After his stint in The New Christy Minstrels, McGuire would shoot to solo fame with 1965’s classic protest anthem “Eve Of Destruction”, and, in 1966, he would help launch the career of The Mamas & The Papas. But, by 1971, McGuire’s profile was low, as he had not released an album since 1967 and was reportedly battling drug abuse. Deciding to get back into the studio, he was joined by old friends and acquaintances to record what would become "Barry McGuire & The Doctor". Collaborating with him was Eric 'The Doctor' Hord, a guitar prodigy who had played for The Mamas & The Papas and would also appear on Denny Doherty’s solo album "Watcha Gonna Do", recently reissued by Real Gone as part of "Of All The Things : The Complete ABC Dunhill Masters. He co-wrote 4 of the songs on the album with McGuire and played on all 6. McGuire would co-write the remaining 2 tracks with others. The album was produced by Lou Adler and 2 of McGuire’s former New Christy Minstels bandmates, Nick Woods and Art Podell. Besides Hord, other top tier musicians playing on the album, included many from the country rock genre, like Chis Hillman, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Byron Berline and Bernie Leadon. They were even joined by an uncredited Herb Alpert on one song.

Unfortunately, "Barry McGuire & The Doctor" did not fare well on the charts. Hord never recorded another album as a lead player, while McGuire would become a born again Christian the same year as the album’s release. He turned his attention to contemporary Christian music, beginning with 1972’s "Seeds" on the Myrrh label. In 1976, he signed to Billy Ray Hearn’s Sparrow Records, where he recorded 7 albums and a children’s record. McGuire left the music industry in the 1980's before returning as part of the duo Talbot McGuire, releasing 4 albums between 1996 and 2000.  He has continued with sporadic live appearances since then.




Jennifer Warnes.....

Jennifer Warnes will release her new album "Another Time, Another Place" this spring. Warnes recorded the album in Austin, TX, and Los Angeles, CA, with Roscoe Beck, her longtime friend from Leonard Cohen’s band, for which Beck was bassist and musical director. He also co-produced her albums "Famous Blue Raincoat" and "The Hunter". “Singing is what I do”, Warnes says. “My manager said, ‘It would be good for you to make a record’, so she got this deal for me and I went to Texas and started working with Roscoe”. BMG Records, April 27th, 2018.







Love On Drugs.....

"Solder" is the title of Love On Drugs 2nd album, due for release April 13th, 2018. Behind the name Love On Drugs we find Thomas Pontén. He describes himself as an in Gothenburg residing singer songwriter and guitarist, who, for the past few years, has tried to combine the easiness of pop, with the often more harsh and brooding storytelling of country usic. Love On Drugs has been compared to Karl Wallinger's World Party and it makes sense since he, just like Thomas, tends to mix influences from both sides of the pond in his music.

Love On Drugs is essentially a solo project. Pontén has written the songs and sings as well as plays all the guitars. The album was for the most part recorded at the producer, Magnus Johansson's studio but some tracking was also done at Thomas' own studio close to his home in Gothenburg. Together they've produced an album that probably first will find it's way to listeners who share Ponténs eclectic taste in music. However the level of songwriting is so high and the songs so catchy, that most people will find them very appealing.

On the album you also find Krister Selander, Love On Drugs´s bass player since day one, drums and percussion was played by Martin Lillberg, and one of Thomas´s favourites on the Gothenburg scene Anders Göransson, a.k.a. Anders Enda Barnet, on keyboards. Last winter when Pi Jacobs from Los Angeles did a short tour with Love On Drugs and Ted Russell Kamp she got to do some backup vocals.

All the songs were written by Pontén, except for the closing track, “Night Ride Home”, written by Joni Mitchell. ”One of the world´s best songs and Joni Mitchell one of the world´s best performers”, Thomas reckons. His old band was also called Little Green, named after Mitchell´s song off her classic album "Blue".

Lyrically the songs on "Solder" are often about different flaws of man. The album aims to comfort us and reassure us that the not so charming traits really are what makes us human and wants to piece us back together.

Pontén describes the 9 track long album as a homage to the fantastic songwriters of the 70's and 80's. “Every Now And Then” reminisce of British pubrock by Nick Lowe, Graham Parker and Rockpile, epic "Scar" of Elton John, David Bowie and Beatles, and ”Gone Away” sounds like a mix of Neil Young with 'twin guitars' a la Thin Lizzy. There are also more modern 90's and 00's influences like Teenage Fanclub sounding ”Solitude”, and americana ballad ”At The Rainbow's End”. ”Insomnia” starts off as a 60's ballad but ends like a cacophony by Radiohead or Arcade Fire. “Your Kind Of Man” is one of few rock songs in the meter of 7/8 and is a nod to both 70's classic rock, as well as older prog rock from Genesis and Rush. ”I love so many types of music and I just can't hide it in my songwriting”, Thomas concludes.




Fab Gear.....

Named after the slang term forever associated with The Beatles, "Fab Gear", this 6 CD box set offers around 180 tracks in chronological order from the mid 1960's, many of which are new to CD and some of which are previously unissued. "Fab Gear" draws heavily from the vaults of Pye Records and sister label Piccadilly, picking up where Castle Music’s "Beat Beat Beat" series left off many moons ago.

Instead of concentrating on Beat’s initial boom of 1963 and 1964, "Fab Gear" is focused instead on the scene’s later gems from 1965 and 1966, which were often musically superior to those earlier works. Other featured labels include independents such as Ember, President and Oak, as well as a smattering of choices from the majors, like Decca, Parlophone, Columbia, Fontana, CBS.

"Fab Gear" includes many of the era’s biggest names such as Kinks, Moody Blues, Searchers and Tremeloes and other hit acts such as Marmalade, Alan Price Set, Rockin’ Berries, David & Jonathan, Ivy League, Twinkle, Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers, Chad & Jeremy, Tornados, Arthur Brown, Tony Jackson & The Vibrations, The Undertakers, Billie Davis, Migil 5, Truth, Quiet Five and Sorrows.

The hefty booklet boasts band by band histories and details of each recording, including early works by David Bowie, Status Quo, Clifford T Ward, Manfred Mann’s Mike d’Abo, Lemmy and future members of Yes,  Move, Mott The Hoople, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac, Traffic, Lindisfarne and Man.

The bonus disc 6 contains recordings which weren’t issued at the time, including many tracks which have never been heard before.




Geoff & Maria.....

In the early 60's, Maria Muldaur could be found performing in the Village in New York City, playing alongside regulars like Bob Dylan, Stefan Grossman, David Grisman, and many others. Geoff Muldaur was a founding member of the Jim Kweskin Jug Band, which Maria later joined. After the Kweskin Jug Band broke up, the Muldaurs produced 2 albums together.

"Pottery Pie" was produced in 1968 by the magical team of Joe Boyd, producer, and John Wood, engineer. Already veterans of albums by Fairport Convention and Incredible String Band, and heading towards work with Nick Drake, Sandy Denny, and Richard & Linda Thompson, they were a perfect fit for the Muldaurs’ 1st effort together. The album finds the pair making some folk and blues classics their very own and includes Geoff’s celebrated version of “Brazil”, which became the opening theme for Terry Gilliam’s 1985 film "Brazil".

"Sweet Potatoes" showed up 4 years later in 1972. Paul Butterfield, Amos Garrett, John Kahn, Bill Keith and Billy Mundi all turn up to lend musical hands, and the album also sported cover art by Eric Von Schmidt. "Sweet Potatoes" was unfortunately the last album by Geoff and Maria together, but each went on to great success on their own and their careers continue to this day.




Old Crow M Show.....

Nashville string band Old Crow Medicine Show recently revealed the details for their new album "Volunteer". It's the band's 1st original music since 2014's Grammy winning "Remedy", which landed in the Top 5 on Billboard's country albums chart. Working for the 1st time with acclaimed roots producer Dave Cobb, "Volunteer" was recorded in Nashville's historic RCA Studio A, and is set for release on April 20th, 2018

The project marks Old Crow Medicine Show's 20th anniversary as a band, and the 11 new tracks for the album has topics ranging from southern history to modern refugees and the band's own beginnings. Meanwhile, electric guitar was incorporated on a recording for the first time since their famous "Wagon Wheel" in 2004, which went on to become a triple platinum # 1 hit for Darius Rucker in 2013. Old Crow Medicine Show's most recent release was their 2017 tribute to Bob Dylan, "50 Years of Blonde On Blonde", and the band filmed an episode of CMT Crossroads with Tennessee raised pop star Kesha, which aired in December. They'll appear at festivals including Bonnaroo, Del Fest and Floyd Fest this summer, with more details and a full tour schedule to be released soon.




I'm Kingfisher.....

"I wanted to give this album time, and time came to be a big part of it. ’Transit’ is my 6th solo album and my 1st truly stripped down one. While I've been collecting the songs for this album, I've seen people both depart and arrive. Events and plans that ended and became something else, a feeling and a movement that fascinates me a lot.”

One of Sweden's best kept secrets, singer songwriter I'm Kingfisher is set to return with his 3rd album ”Transit”, which is due for release on April 13th, 2018, on vinyl, CD and digitally via the newly started Stockholm based label Fading Trails Recordings. ”Transit” follows to acclaimed records, ”Arctic” and ”Avian”, which received rave reviews in his native Sweden, as well as from international publications, such as Uncut, and on ”Transit” we find I'm Kingfisher at his most stripped down and intimate yet. The 1st single ”What Good Would Loving Do Me Now” was picked up by US radio KEXP as their ’Song Of The Day’.

Behind the I'm Kingfisher moniker is Swedish musician Thomas Jonsson, who's been honing his craft since the early 2000’s, first recording under his given name before turning into the Kingfisher in 2010, and touring around the world, with over 600 shows under his belt. ”Transit” was initially recorded by Jonsson on his own, recording both vocals and guitar simultaneously in full takes, with long time producer Carl Edlom, before having some of Sweden's finest musicians adding their touches to it with Christian Kjellvander, Martin Hederos, Helena Arlock and Klabbe Hörngren being among the guests.



Dire Straits Box.....

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame will induct Dire Straits in April, honoring the legendary band’s incredible musical legacy, and Rhino Records will kick off the celebration early with a career spanning boxed set “The Studio Albums 1978 - 1991”. Bernie Grundman mastered the 1st 4 titles from analogue masters, with lacquers cut by Grundman and Chris Bellman. "Brothers In Arms" and "On Every Street" mastered by Bob Ludwig from digital masters, and cut by Chris Bellman.

 Dire Straits' "The Studio Albums 1978 - 1991" limited 6 CD box set containing all 6 original albums by the 2018 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees. From the pub rock influenced sound of their 1978 debut album, to the slickly produced 1985 album "Brothers In Arms", and their swan song "On Every Street" in 1991, this set spotlights the songwriting and guitar talents of Mark Knopfler and his Dire Straits mates. All albums have been re-mastered, with original artwork restored, the 6 albums are packed in a handsome box set slipcase.




Beth Hart Live.....

Beth Hart has announced that she’ll release a new CD and DVD titled "Live From New York : Front And Center" later this spring. It’ll launch on April 13th, 2018 on Provogue Records. It was recorded at the city’s Iridium Jazz Club and features songs from throughout her career, including tracks from her most recent album "Fire On The Floor". "Live From New York : Front And Center" will be released as a 2 disc DVD/CD set, mixed in 5.1 stereo, and will also feature never before seen bonus material, including an exclusive interview with Hart. The audio from the performance will also be sold separately as a digital release.






2 x Elton John.....

Elton John's songs will be reworked by top artists including Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Willie Nelson and Chris Stapleton. Just announced is the April 6th, 2018, release date of 2 albums. "Revamp" will include covers by pop and rock stars from Mary J Blige to Miley Cyrus. Miranda Lambert and Dolly Parton will appear on the country album "Restoration". Pink and Logic will team up for "Bennie & The Jets" and Florence + the Machine take on "Tiny Dancer". Other acts on "Revamp" include Sam Smith, Coldplay, Killers, Mumford & Sons, Q Tip, Demi Lovato, Queens Of The Stone Age and Alessia Cara. "Restoration" will feature Rosanne Cash, Emmylou Harris, Vince Gill, Don Henley, Little Big Town, Maren Morris, Kacey Musgraves, Brothers Osborne, Dierks Bentley, Rhonda Vincent and Lee Ann Womack.




True North.....

Americana and bluegrass duo True North, Kristen Grainger and Dan Wetzel, blazes new territory in contemporary bluegrass simply by traveling a bit further than others might dare to go. The silky smooth delivery of Grainger’s vocals beguiles the ear, as Wetzel skillfully weaves instrumental tapestries around her poetic and visual lyrics. Grainger’s songwriting makes artistry of real life, creating memorable songs that alternately warm and wrench the human heart. The duo’s interpersonal chemistry sparks and smokes onstage, like distant lightning from a summer storm, and the emotional wallop of their conjoined voices grabs the heart and pulls it out to sea. 

Kristen Grainger, vocals, is an accomplished singer songwriter with the soul of a storyteller. Her songs pack a powerful emotional punsch, ”Be Here Now” was named the 2015 I.M.E.A. Folk Song Of The Year, and she took 2nd place in the 2016 MerleFest Songwriting Competition, performing live in the finals in North Carolina. She was one of 10 finalists in the 2014 Telluride Troubadour songwriting contest, performing solo in front of the festival’s 10 000 member audience.  Her song ”Birds Like Me” was chosen for the soundtrack of independent film ”The Danish Boy”, slated for a 2018 release.

Dan Wetzel, guitar, mandolin, mountain banjo, resonator guitar, octave mandolin, ukulele and  vocals, has earned considerable recognition as a singer songwriter and toured nationally as a solo artist after winning a national songwriting contest. An accomplished luthier, his superb instrumental skills, particularly guitar, both flat pick and finger style, give True North’s songs their driving groove.

Kristen Grainger and Dan Wetzel’s co-written ”Mountain Boy” was featured on the European World Bluegrass Festival’s composite CD. The duo also was chosen from more than 800 entries to perform ”Limbo” and ”Doris Dean” in the finals at the Kerrville New Folk songwriting contest.  The duo’s song ”Hard Place To Suffer (And That Really Gets Me Down)” won the Wintergrass song contest.




The Feeling Box.....

Cherry Red Records are reissuing The Feeling‘s 2006 debut album "Twelve Stops And Home" for its 12th anniversary in June. It will be available as a 4 disc box set and a limited edition coloured double vinyl. The album has thus far sold almost a million copies in the UK and features 3 top 10 hits, "Sewn", "Fill My Little World" and "Never Be Lonely".

The 3 CD / 1 DVD reissue comes as a digi-book edition. The 1st CD features newly remastered audio of the album, while the 2nd disc, dubbed ‘the ones that got away’, includes songs that were b-sides, some that would feature on future albums and some that were never released. The band consider some of these songs 'among our best work'.

The 3rd CD includes original demos, more unreleased songs, and various remixes and jams from back then. According to the group 'some of these demos were simply remixed for the final album and others had a lot more work done before they were finished'.

The DVD features a documentary "The Feeling On Ice" telling the early story of the band as narrated by fan Kiefer Sutherland. It includes  performances in the Alps of "Sewn", "Never Be Lonely" and "Love It When You Call". Chris Salmon has written sleeve notes to accompany the deluxe packaging.

The remastered album is also appearing as a double vinyl LP for the first time, originally it was pressed onto one record. This is actually a limited edition yellow 2LP. "Twelve Stops And Home" will be reissued on  June 29th, 2018.




Ryley Walker.....

Ryley Walker has announced his new album, "Deafman Glance", due out May 18th, 2018, via Dead Oceans. ”Deafman Glance" is the 2nd Ryley Walker album produced by LeRoy Bach and Walker himself. It was largely recorded at the Minbal Studios in Chicago. Some later sessions also took place at USA Studios and in LeRoy’s kitchen. Cooper Crain recorded and mixed the album, as well as adding his shimmering synths all over it.

Ryley plays Electric and acoustic guitars and was joined by long time 6-string sparring partners, Brian J Sulpizio and Bill Mackay, who both play electric. LeRoy Bach also plays some electric guitar, whilst adding all piano and other keys. Andrew Scott Young and Matt Lux play bass, and Andrew supplying some double bass, both of them played electric. Drums and percussion are handled by Mikel Avery and Quin Kirchner. Topping off this list of notorious Chi-Town players is Nate Lepine, who added a lot of flute and a little saxophone too. "Deafman Glance" will be available digitally, on CD and on LP, which was cut by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios in London, using his half speed mastering method for the greatest possible audio detail and fidelity.




Ry Cooder.....

Ry Cooder details his new album "The Prodigal Son", his 1st album in 6 years. It features a mix of Cooder originals and interpretations of songs by Blind Willie Johnson, Blind Roosevelt Graves, Stanley Brothers and other traditional recordings. According to Cooder, the album's 11 tracks, set for release May 11th, 2018, offer a deft commentary on our ailing moral state.

"I do connect the political and economic dimensions with the inner life of people, since people are at risk and oppressed on all sides in our world today”, Cooder says in a statement. "There's some kind of reverence mood that takes hold when you play and sing these songs. 'Reverence' is a word I heard my granddaughter’s nursery school teacher use, a Kashmiri woman. She said, 'We don't want to teach religion, but instill reverence'. I thought that was a good word for the feeling of this music".

Cooder also trumpeted the impending arrival of his new album with the rollicking lead track "Shrinking Man", an original Cooder penned for the new album. In addition to "The Prodigal Son", the guitarist will also embark on his first full tour of North America since 2009 this summer. Check out Cooder's website for album pre-order and ticket information




Eva Hillered.....

”My love for music, writing and performing my own songs, has kept me on the track over the years, despite a chronic disease that I suffer from. As a teenager I got diabetes, and it felt as if my life had ended. I was very self destructive for many years, refused to accept my disease that felt like a prison. Then suddenly songs began to come to me, they became my light and my rescue, and made me feel a joy and meaning with my life, despite all the demanding blood checks and routines.” ~ Eva Hillered

Eva Hillered is a Swedish, Grammis nominated, recording and touring singer songwriter. Eva is best known for her unique voice that boasts a deep soulfulness, coming from the need of expressing herself in songwriting from a very early age. She lives in Stockholm and has made 8 solo albums. She tours in Scandinavia, Germany and the US. Her influences are singer songwriters as Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin, Emmylou Harris, Eva Dahlgren and Anne-Grete Preus.

The new album ”New Me” is a tribute to the healing power of music and can be placed musically in the folk and americana genre. It includes her own songs, as well as co-writes with established writers from Denmark, Iceland and the US.



Before The Dead.....

On May 11th, 2018, Round Records will release an expansive retrospective box set titled "Before The Dead" which brings together a rare collection of the earliest known performances by Jerry Garcia. From an informal and intimate 1961 performance of simple folk songs at a birthday party with future songwriting partner Robert Hunter, to more polished coffeehouse gigs with old timey and bluegrass bands through 1964, this collection showcases Garcia’s deep study of the folk music tradition and its influence on his musical journey leading to the formation of the Grateful Dead. Even with his entire musical career in front of him, Garcia’s magnetic presence as a performer can be plainly heard in these first steps. 

"Before The Dead" is produced and curated by longtime Grateful Dead publicist and author Dennis McNally and documentarian Brian Miksis who also contributed extensive liner notes to the collection bringing historical context for each performance and the carefully researched lineage of each recording. The liner notes, along with track by track essays and listening notes by musicologist and bluegrass historian Neil V Rosenberg, essays from Sara Ruppenthal Katz, Garcia’s first wife, and Stu Goldstein, former owner of The Tangent, and rare photos and memorabilia comprise the 32 page book included with the collection. 

"Before The Dead" will be released in 2 physical configurations, a limited edition 5 LP boxed set and a 4 CD edition. The 5 LP boxed set is pressed to 180-gram vinyl in a limited edition of 2,500 by Quality Record Pressings from lacquers cut by Ron McMaster at Capitol Records. The recordings contained within "Before The Dead" were restored and mastered by Fred Kevorkian.




Rita Coolidge.....

Music legend Rita Coolidge returns to her musical roots on "Safe In The Arms Of Time", Due May 4th, 2018. on Blue Élan Records. Along with Coolidge, the luminous new album features the songwriting talents of Graham Nash, Chris Stapleton, Stan Lynch, and Keb’ Mo’.

One of music’s most enduring voices and composers, Rita Coolidge will release her dramatic and poignant new solo album, "Safe In The Arms Of Time", on May 4th, 2018, on Blue Élan Records. The album marks the 2 time Grammy winner’s return to songwriting, and as she did in her acclaimed 2015 memoir, 'Delta Lady', she drew inspiration for her new material from her personal journey.

“I’ve written so many songs assuming a role like an actor, but this time I got to write from experience”, says Coolidge, who co-wrote 3 of the album’s 12 wondrous cuts. “This is the best record I’ve ever done. I’m extremely proud of it”.

In many ways, "Safe In The Arms Of Time' is both a reflection and a continuation of Coolidge’s remarkable history, one that took flight during the heyday of the 70's LA music scene when she sang backup on Stephen Stills’ “Love The One You’re With” and Eric Clapton’s “After Midnight”. And astute music fans are well aware of how she contributed the classic, and uncredited, piano coda to Derek & The Dominos’ “Layla”. “The idea was making an album that had the same appeal of my early records, to make a roots record about my own roots”, Coolidge says.

And so it was only fitting that Coolidge and producer Ross Hogarth, along with an all star lineup of top musicians, guitarist Dave Grissom, bassist Bob Glaub, keyboardist John JT Thomas, and drummer Brian MacLeod, assembled at LA’s Sunset Sound, the famed recording studio where she recorded her 1st solo albums on A&M Records 30 years ago. “Going back to Sunset Sound was taking a journey into the past, there was a memory down every hallway”, Coolidge says.

Along with nostalgia, there was a hopeful eye toward the future, beautifully rendered on “You Can Fall In Love,” which Coolidge wrote with former Tom Petty drummer Stan Lynch and Joe Hutto. The track explores reconnecting with an old flame, and it embodies one of the album’s paramount themes, that it’s never too late. “People need to have an awakening that you can fall in love at any age and it will feel right, like you’re 15”, Coolidge says. “I really wanted to have that message come across on the record”.

Coolidge wrote 2 of the album’s standout Cuts, the sparky blues number “Naked All Night” and the smooth soul gem “Walking On Water”, with Grammy winning blues star Keb’ Mo’ and singer songwriter Jill Colucci in Nashville. Trading vocals with Keb’ Mo’ on “Walking On Water” was a thrill for Coolidge, who enthuses, “I literally have every Keb’ Mo’ CD. I’ve been a fan for decades”.

"Safe In The Arms Of Time" also gave Coolidge the chance to reunite with one of her real life past flames, one who has remained a cherished friend, Graham Nash. Nash and drumming legend Russ Kunkel had offered Coolidge their smoky blues rocker, “Doing Fine Without You”, 2 years before she began recording. “I said to them, ‘I don’t know when I’m doing a record. Can I put this on hold?”. When she and Hogarth started the project, it would be one of the 1st songs they picked.

The 'Delta Lady', as she was named by her fellow Mad Dogs & Englishmen tour member Leon Russell, has captivated fans during her astonishing 50 year career, selling millions of copies of signature hits such as “We’re All Alone”, “The Way You Do The Things You Do”, “All Time High” and “(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher And Higher”. Her 8 year relationship with former husband Kris Kristofferson yielded 3 top selling albums, including the # 1 hit "Full Moon", and multiple Grammy Awards.

"Safe In The Arms Of Time" marks the 1st new music Coolidge has recorded since the tragic death in 2015 of her beloved sister, Priscilla, a recording artist and member of Walela, the Native American trio she and Coolidge founded with Priscilla’s daughter, Laura Satterfield. The recording of the album also coincided with Coolidge’s relocation from Southern California to a new life in Tallahassee, where in the 1960's, as an art major at Florida State University, she discovered her true calling as a musician, and never looked back. 

With "Safe In The Arms Of Time", Coolidge’s musical journey, from the hills of rural Tennessee to the recording studios of Los Angeles and concert stages around the World, comes full circle. She predicted such an odyssey with stunning prescience in her memoir, writing, “sometimes the path is surrounded by rainbows, and sometimes it's buried in the mud. I’m still here and I still have a lot of gratitude for the whole process of being able to make music”.

"Safe In The Arms Of Time" will be released on multiple formats, including a 3 sided white vinyl collector’s edition with a special silkscreen on the 4th side, on May 4th, 2018, on Blue Élan Records. In March, Coolidge will debut select songs from "Safe In The Arms Of Time" at the SXSW Festival in Austin, TX, and she’ll celebrate the album with a very special record release performance at LA’s historic Troubadour club on April 30th, 2018. 




Van Morrison.....

Van Morrison reinvents jazz, blues standards and deep cuts from his catalog on his new album, "You're Driving Me Crazy", out April 27th, 2018, via Sony Legacy Recordings. The soul singer collaborated with b3 and trumpet virtuoso Joey DeFrancesco on the album, which is his 39th studio project. "You're Driving Me Crazy" will be available in CD and 2 LP formats. The vocalist will issue a limited edition 7" single featuring "Close Enough For Jazz", backed with a cover of Guitar Slim's "The Things I Used To Do" for Record Store Day 2018 on Saturday, April 21st. Jazz journeyman DeFrancesco, who has previously worked with Miles Davis, John McLaughlin and Grover Washington Jr, recruited his own band for the Morrison sessions, with guitarist Dan Wilson, drummer Michael Ode and tenor saxophone player Troy Roberts contributing to the album. "You're Driving Me Crazy" includes reworked jazz and blues classics alongside tunes from throughout Morrison's discography.




Johanna Sillanpaa.....

It’s smart, it’s soulful, it’s jazz. For every style of music that Johanna Sillanpaa explores, there’s a vibrant color in her voice to match. Sillanpaa’s vocals are expertly clear, gently raw, and yet intensely bold. She performs thoughtful jazz you can dig your heels into. She and her ensemble have played everywhere from intimate jazz joints across North America and Europé, all the way to performing in front of the 60 000 plus crowds of the Montreal Jazz Festival.

Beyond filling venues in Canada and abroad, Sillanpaa’s previous solo albums have also drawn their fair share of accolades and award nominations. Johanna’s music has garnered 2007 and 2012 nominations for Western Canadian Music Awards, as well as Best Female Vocalist and Group And Duo Of The Year at the 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards.

 There’s no mistaking that this highly acclaimed Swedish born artist has truly come into her own with her latest solo album "From This Side". The recording features Canadian JUNO Award winning jazz bassist George Koller, internationally renowned trumpeter Ingrid Jensen, TD Grand Jazz winning pianist Chris Andrew and 3 time WCMA nominated jazz drummer Tyler Hornby. From modern jazz arrangements to catchy originals all in the name of jazz, her latest musical statement is sure to captivate audiences everywhere.




Neil @ The Roxy.....

Neil Young is set to release one of the most sought after recordings from his vast archives, "Roxy : Tonight's The Night Live" on a 3 sided 2 LP set exclusively on Record Store Day, April 20th, 2018. This was the first public performance of many of the songs that would make up Young's seminal album "Tonight's The Night", which would not be released until June 1975. The album's final track "Walk On" would not appear until the release of On The Beach, in July 1974. The Record Store Day Limited Edition pressing will include an exclusive print of the band live on stage at The Roxy. The standard vinyl edition, CD and digital editions will follow on April 27th, 2018.

As Young explains below, the all star band, in this instance, Neil Young, guitars, vocals, piano, Ben Keith, pedal steel, slide, vocals, Billy Talbot, bass, Ralph Molina, drums, vocals and Nils Lofgren, piano, vocals, guitars, completed the line up, known as the Santa Monica Flyers. Young would be the first artist to christen the stage at what would become one of the world's great clubs, The Roxy Theatre on the riotous Sunset Strip, right next door to the already infamous Rainbow Bar & Grill. The shows took place on September 20th to 22nd, 1973.

Produced by Young and the late David Briggs, these resultant recordings were mixed by John Nowland with updated post production and mastering by John Hanlon, along with Chris Bellman, at Bernie Grundman Mastering using the original analog master tape source. Close your eyes and you'll be right there in that dark, smoky, 500 capacity room in West LA, on a hot summer night in 1973. "Tonight's The Night" would go on to be named one of 'Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time', and universally praised for its dark honesty and unapologetic raw delivery. The very same can be said for "Roxy : Tonight's The Night Live". Young explains how "Roxy : Tonight's the Night Live" came to be.

 "In 1973, I drove my 1947 Buick Roadmaster, 'Black Queen', to LA from the North, accompanied by Ben Keith. Once we made it to Hollywood, we met up with Billy Talbot and Ralph Molina. Nils Lofgren joined us and we drove to Studio Instrument Rentals on Santa Monica Blvd. David Briggs, producer, and Johnny Talbot, equipment manager, met us there. They had blasted a hole in the wall to connect the green board which we had set up, an old tube board I had purchased that had been used recording many historic sessions from the Beach Boys' 'Pet Sounds' to the 'Monterey Pop Festival', among many others, next to the rehearsal hall. Our 16 track analog tape machine was set up next to the board. We had finished recording 'T.T.N.' and decided to celebrate with a gig at a new club opening on the Sunset Strip, the Roxy. We went there and recorded for a few nights, opening the Roxy. We really knew the 'Tonight's The Night' songs so we just played them again, the album, top to bottom, 2 sets a night for a few days. We had a great time. 'Roxy : Tonight's the Night Live' is the live recording we made. There is a little Super 8 footage of us driving to the gig in the Black Queen one of those nights".

Tracklisting :

01. Tonight's The Night
02. Mellow My Mind
03. World On A String
04. Speakin' Out
05. Albuquerque
06. New Mama
07. Roll Another Number (For The Road)
08. Tired Eyes
09. Tonight's The Night
10. Walk On




Eno's Installations.....

Brian Eno has announced "Music For Installations", a box set collecting unreleased, rare and new music from the iconic experimentalist composed for art installations. The collection is available in a 6 CD or 9 LP set, featuring music from 1986 to the present. Much of the music has never seen a physical release and none of it has ever appeared on vinyl. It features music used for installations at locations including the Marble Palace in St Petersburg, Beijing’s Ritan Park and the Sydney Opera House. The final disc is titled "Music For Future Installations" and includes entirely new recordings. Last year, Eno brought his installation work into the home with "Reflection", a generative app that does not end. "Music For Installations" is out May 4th, 2018.




Who Came First.....

"Who Came First" is the debut solo album by Pete Townshend, 1st released in 1972. The album collected together tracks from Pete’s private pressings of his tributes to Meher Baba ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘I Am’, as well as demos from the unrealised concept album "Lifehouse", part of which became The Who’s classic "Who's Next" album.

This 2 CD expanded version of the album featuring 8 previously unreleased tracks, new edits, alternative versions and live performances. Also included in the 8 panel digipak are new sleeve notes provided by Pete himself, the original poster from the 1972 release and a 24 page booklet which contains rare images of Meher Baba and Pete in his recording studio. April 20th, 2018.





Case Garrett.....

Timing can be everything. With the groundswell of americana, independent and alt country making huge gains in recent years, Case Garrett’s album ”Aurora” lands at an opportune moment of history, fitting in right alongside the sounds that are garnering larger audiences seemingly every few months. Launched in the late fall in the United States, Garrett and his mates are looking to conquer the European and Scandinavian markets with a full out tour schedule.

While firmly rooted in country music’s hallowed traditions, the independently produced album plays out as sublimely alive and contemporary. Garrett has a keen knack for songwriting and arrangement, which he confirms throughout this debut release. Saddled up with a truly superlative band of Nashville sidemen, including Michael Douchette on pedal steel guitar and the always-amazing Jenee Fleenor on fiddle, Garrett runs through a gamut of emotions and story telling throughout the album.

Playing multiple instruments, Garrett writes in a voice that is immediately accessible, blending in the hauntingly sad and personal in “Long Way Down”, to the tongue in cheek, slightly irreverent “The Thought Of You”. As a narrator, Garrett allows the characters to have wide berths in songs such a “Going Down To Mobile” and “Fill ‘er Up”, as they come vividly alive while they go about their trial and tribulations.  

Born in Missouri, with an itinerant upbringing, Garrett is now settled just outside of New York City. He credits time in his younger years spent in Tennessee and Louisiana for much of his musical outlook, highlighting the integral roles of both his grandfathers.

Noodling songs on the piano at the age of 5, by the age of 10 he formed his first band, playing bass. The summer after his senior year in high school Garrett landed his first paying club gig with almost all original songs, on acoustic guitar, piano and solo vocals. There was only one problem, “I got a little lit up”, remembers Garrett. “I figured that’s what you were supposed to do when you performed. My guitar heroes were doing it, I reckoned, and, well, I got paid but didn't get asked back. Just a dumb kid no one had heard of. It’d be nice to say I learned my lesson then and there but…” 

Alcohol plus other recreational activities, says Garrett, were already ingrained in his life. From a frighteningly young age, music and alcohol intertwined. Later, life brought Garrett a marriage and a child but then tragedy. In very short order, a divorce and the death of family members, his mother, sister, father, and brother, only led to more of the escapism. One day he found himself in the hospital with nurses and doctors hovered over him. They told him he should probably quit drinking if he wanted to live. Amidst the chaos, and the next few years, his young son and his music stayed the core of his life. And miraculously he found his footing. ”Aurora” is the result of that bedrock though it is never a screamed out presence. More so, it’s simply a river that is evident amongst the writing.

Garrett wrote, produced, and arranged the music on ”Aurora”. He played all the keyboards on the album, piano, b3, Fender Rhodes, acoustic guitar, some electric, and layered in some percussion. His original drummer, Shawn Fichtner, and bass player, Eric Swiontkowski, are on the recording along with some ultra talented Nashville players, Jenee Fleenor, Michael Douchette, Kevin Post and Aaron McDaris. In New York, stalwart session man Jimi K Bones did the heavy lifting on electric guitars and Clara Lofaro dazzles with her amazing backing vocals on 2 songs. Sammi Moore, from Nashville, adds her smooth twang to a number as well.

The spirited song, “What Can I Say”, kicks off the album with an impressive fiddle and pedal steel intro that sets the stage for the rest of adventure. “Long Way Down” was an antenna moment for the artist. He felt the lyrics and melody were just in the air, ready to grab when the time was right. “Years ago, I’m alone with my son on this baseball field, just the two of us, when I told him my brother/his uncle, had died the day before. Now, it was right after my sister had passed. Both from drinking and such. So he takes a beat to think it out and then turns to ask if he was gonna end up like them, drinking like that. Dying. He was eight years old and it just about tore me in two. I was sort of hovering between sinner and saint at that time myself. But it was the catalyst to move on. One day a few years later this song just appeared to me out of the blue. Actually the album was basically done when I wrote it, we were well into mixing, but I got it in there. Glad I did”.

“I mean, whatever you’re writing or singing, it came from something you know, but maybe you can't describe it without music. It’s not conscious all the time, like the universe kind of just spinning around and sometimes says, ‘Here’s a song, write this down’. It’s coming from some other place. Which, you know, ain’t a bad place to be”.




Neil's Paradox.....

The soundtrack album for "Paradox", the Daryl Hannah directed Shakey Pictures film featuring Neil Young, Willie Nelson and Promise Of The Real, will be released on April 20th, 2018.  The futuristic, free form frontier tone poem was premiered at the SXSW Film Festival at the Paramount Theatre, Austin, TX, on March 15th, 2018, and is set to debut on Netflix later this month.

"Paradox” features music from Young + Promise Of The Real, Young with an orchestra recorded on the MGM Soundstage, Young backed by Jim Keltner, Paul Bushnell and Joe Yankee, and several solo electric guitar passages. All music was recorded spontaneously with no overdubs, with the exception of Joe Yankee, who phoned in his part from Canada, and provides the soundtrack to ”Paradox”, the film.




West Of Eden.....

2018 was meant to be a quiet year for West of Eden after last year’s hard work with their 20 year anniversary and tours that stretched as far away as China, but when Swedish well known indie rocker Timo Räisänen approached the band with the idea of having various artists do version of his new single ”Eld & Aceton”, the band didn’t have to think twice.

"We decided to strip away all the punk and indie rocking things going on in the original version", says Martin Schaub. "Jenny wrote some English lyrics to it, and when I played the song more slowly we got this Gillian Welch vibe that we decided to hang on to".

The recording session took no more than 2-3 hours, and when Timo came into the studio, he liked what he heard so much that he added some backing vocals. So here’s the best of both worlds. West of Eden featuring Timo Räisänen in “Faith, Hope, Theft”. Enjoy!


Tom Rush's Voices.....

Tom Rush's "Voices" is the CD that fans of modern folk music and contemporary singer songwriters have been waiting for for 50 years. Well known for his golden ear for significant new songs by little known writers, the New England based singer guitarist, one of the last giants of the early 60's folk boom, was among the very first to record future standards by then fledgling performers Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Jackson Browne on 1968's "The Circle Game". On that album, he staked his own claim as a major writer with "No Regrets", an instant classic and subsequent chart hit in multiple genres by other artists, and one of less than two dozen top notch Rush originals that would tantalizingly surface on his 11 studio albums.

Tom's new "Voices" is the first album of his 55 year plus career consisting of all Rush written songs, 10 relaxed, tenderhearted, amused and sometimes thoughtful songs that perfectly reflect Tom's wry persona. Harkening back to Rush's early 60's roots in Boston as a folk and blues interpreter are 2 traditional tracks, "Corina, Corina", and the opening "Elder Green", included because "I didn't want to compromise my folksinger credentials", Tom explains.

His own compositions are shorn of elaborate metaphors, usually evocative story songs in everyday settings, and his warm baritone, tanned by experience, humor and melancholy, shines right through the lyrics, warming them from within. As on Rush's previous studio album, 2009's "What I Know", his first studio release in 35 tour filled years, his smiling, understated delivery, and exemplary skills as an acoustic guitarist are sympathetically framed by a crew of Nashville based studio musicians helmed by musician turned award winning producer Jim Rooney. Sidemen include dobro and pedal steel ace Al Perkins, bluegrass great Sam Bush on mandolin and fiddle, country and bluegrass singers Kathy Mattea and Suzi Ragsdale, and Matt Nakoa, a solo artist who has become a frequent Rush tour accompanist.




Who @ Fillmore East.....

An oft bootleg concert by the Who will soon gets its first official release. "Live At The Fillmore East 1968", which documents the last show of a 2 night stand at the New York venue, arrives on April 20th, 2018. The 2 disc, 3 LP set, focuses largely on material from their 2 previous records, "The Who Sell Out" and "A Quick One". But there are also 3 Eddie Cochran covers, "Summertime Blues", "C'mon Everybody" and "My Way", takes on Benny Spellman's Allen Toussaint penned "Fortune Teller" and Johnny Kidd & The Pirates' "Shakin' All Over", and a lengthy version of "My Generation".

The band's manager, Kit Lambert, had recorded the shows in the hopes of putting out a live album as a stopgap while the band worked on "Tommy". Instead, they put their new single, "Magic Bus", with some older tracks and delivered "Magic Bus : The Who On Tour". The Fillmore tapes were mixed by longtime Who live soundman Bob Pridden for this release.

Bill Graham had only opened the East Village club a month earlier. Although it was only open for 3 years, Graham closed it in 1971 due to changes in the music industry, its place in rock history was secured due to the number of famous live albums that were recorded in that time, including works by the Allman Brothers Band, Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa.

For the record, this is not the concert that Pete Townshend mentioned in "The Kids Are Alright" where he was arrested for kicking a policeman, who was trying to stop the show because the building next door was on fire, off the stage. That took place in May 1969.




Eric Congdon.....

2018 finds Eric Congdon further cementing his reputation as one of Western North Carolina’s most talented artists. From mind blowing live performances and ground breaking music video projects, to his ongoing charitable efforts supporting Autism, Eric always brings an energy and creativity to any project he is involved with. His latest album, ”Into The Woods” has earned high praise for its stunning mix of heartfelt songs mixed with blazing instrumentals.

His live show is a bouillabaisse of influences, ideas, and improvisation. You'll hear sounds from Appalachia all the way to Arabia, and from Bombay to Britain. Great guitarists from Tony Rice to Jimmy Page, Chet Atkins and Duane Allman. Not to mention Eric's interpretations of classic songs played on his Irish bouzouki that simply have to be seen to be believed. You never know what song or even what instrument he will play next.

Eric has taken advantage of living in one of the most picturesque and beautiful areas of the USA by creating his ground breaking Hiking Jams video series. Featuring some of the most scenic waterfalls and vistas in W.N.C., Eric has fused live music and improvisation against the breathtaking backdrop of the area's natural beauty. His video series was featured in Mountain Express. More episodes of the series are in production.

Over the past 7 years, Eric has helped raise over 150,000 US Dollars for Autism. From supporting the St Gerard House early intervention center in Hendersonville, to putting on festivals to help the Autism Science Foundation and other organizations, Eric's passion to help stems from his own experiences raising his daughter with autism. He is committed to further educating people and raising awareness about the disorder, in addition to spreading hope through his music to those dealing with it.

Don't miss a chance to see and meet Eric if he is appearing near you.



Willie Nelson.....

Releasing a new album for his birthday is becoming an annual tradition for Willie Nelson, who just announced that his next album, "Last Man Standing", will arrive April 27th, 2018, just days before he turns 85. Nelson's 2017 solo album "God's Problem Child" dropped one day before his 84th birthday on April 28th and quickly topped the Billboard Country Albums Chart. "Last Man Standing" continues that collection's theme of mortality, with the spritely title track's cheeky opening line, "I don't want to be the last man standing. Oh wait a minute, maybe I do". Yet again, Nelson finds himself contemplating the friends he's lost and wondering who will go next, with the sepia toned video for "Last Man Standing" showing him recording in the studio with his band members. "Last Man Standing" reunites the 'Red Headed Stranger' with his longtime collaborator Buddy Cannon. While the pair co-wrote 7 of the 13 tracks on "God's Problem Child", they share the credits on all 11 for this album, which Cannon once again produced. Cannon also manned the controls on last fall's "Willie & The Boys", a collection of songs Nelson recorded with his sons Lukas and Micah. Concerns over Nelson's health, which he expertly satirized on the "God's Problem Child" track "Still Not Dead", have reemerged this winter as he was forced to cancel all of his February concerts due to a bout with the flu. He's scheduled to return to the stage soon, including a headlining set at the 2018 Luck Reunion, held at his ranch outside Austin, TX, during SXSW.




Box From Utopia.....

Friday Music is traveling "The Road To Utopia" with an upcoming 7 CD box set from Todd Rundgren’s progressive band.  The April 20th, 2018,  release of "The Road To Utopia : The Complete Recordings 1974-1982" will coincide with the long awaited reunion tour of Rundgren, Kasim Sulton, who toured with his own iteration of Utopia earlier this year, Willie Wilcox, and Ralph Schuckett which kicks off this April and runs through June.

The new box set will trace Utopia’s evolution from its 1974 debut album, featuring the Mark II line-up, Mark I was a short-lived touring unit, of Kevin Ellman, drums, Moogy Klingman, keyboards, Jean-Yves Labat, synthesizers, Ralph Schuckett, keyboards, and John Siegler, bass and cello, through 1982’s "Swing To The Right", the 5th and final Bearsville album from the classic line-up of Rundgren, Roger Powell, Wilcox, and Sulton.

Across 7 albums, all of which have been expanded with bonus tracks, the band synthesized influences as disparate as prog rock, jazz fusion, pop, new wave, and even The British Invasion. From the 30 minute opus “The Ikon”, to the pop classic “Love Is The Answer”, and the spot on, slightly naughty Beatles pastiche “I Just Want To Touch You”, Rundgren’s Utopia refused to be musically pigeonholed.

Friday’s box set has all 6 of the band’s studio and sole live albums as originally released between 1974 and 1982 newly remastered by the label’s Joe Reagoso from the Warner and Bearsville tapes. Each album will be housed in an individual gatefold digipak with original art elements from each LP including inner sleeves and inserts. Rundgren, Sulton, Wilcox, and Powell have all made written contributions to this set, as well. 15 bonus tracks are spread across the 7 albums, including live performances, promotional single versions, and more.

Following the period chronicled in the new box, the band recorded 3 more albums for the Network and Passport labels between 1982 and 1985.  Numerous compilations and archival releases have celebrated Utopia in recent years, including a lost album, 1976’s "Disco Jets", but "The Road To Utopia" has all of the band’s music as originally released during the period covered.




Fly From Here 2.....

Yes will celebrate their 50th anniversary this month, and the group has many things planned for the 2018 Yes convention, among them "Fly From Here : Return Trip", a limited edition version of their 2011 album with new lead vocals performed by producer Trevor Horn. Horn had previously sung lead for Yes on their 1980 album, "Drama" and also produced the original "Fly From Here" album, which included songs he had written for an abandoned Buggles record. The Yes UK Fan Convention will take place at the London Palladium on March 24th and 25th, the same days the band will be playing the venue to close out their British tour.  A portion of the money taken in by the convention will be donated to the Christie Hospital in Manchester and Kangaroos, a charity for special needs and disabled children.





Mario Rojas.....

Mario Rojas is a singer songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. As a teenager he spent a few years living in Dallas, TX, where he was able to get into clubs and absorb some of the local music scene seeing such diverse acts as Freddie King and Ray Wiley Hubbard to name a few. He learned a lot living there, and has been banging on the guitar since he was a kid. Has a major in FM and a minor in AM radio. It’s all about the songs for him.

In LA around 1977 to the early 1980's he spent a few years writing, singing and playing guitar in the Shake Shakes, a pop punk new wave band who were on the cusp of making it. After that he took some time off to help raise his kids. Now he's back and has more to say. His songs reflect all the good parts of AM radio, from back when you could hear everything from the Stones to the Supremes, Dylan to Beach Boys, LA's 70's singer songwriter country rock to punk on FM. Listening to just about every type of music opens your eyes and ears and all of those influences show up.

How do you describe the music? If influences like Springsteen, Byrds, Graham Parker, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Poco, Linda Rondstadt, Laura Nyro, Goffin & King, Boyce & Hart, Leon Russell, Jam, Elvis (Presley and Costello), Cream, anything Motown, Hi, Stax, Bennett, Mathis, Badfinger, John Hiatt, Supremes, John Paul George and Ringo, Mick, Keith and Brian, Neil Young, Brain Wilson, hidden 60's pop gems, surf greats, country greats, soul greats, and on and on and on, are to your liking, then please take a listen.

”Lost Angelino” is Mario Rojas’ 3rd release. This 11 original song CD was produced by Ed Tree and Mario Rojas.




Up In Smoke.....

Fire up the home entertainment system and call your buds, because the ultimate stoner comedy is celebrating its 40th anniversary. The highlarious cannabis cultural epic  breakthrough "Up In Smoke" will 'grab you by the poo poo' all over again when it arrives on BluRay and DVD April 10th, 2018. A special deluxe collector's edition, pairing the BluRay with the original soundtrack on CD and LP in deluxe packaging, will arrive the following week, April 20th, 2018, from Rhino Records, featuring a newly recorded 2018 version of the title song.

In 1978, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong made their feature film debut, the outrageously funny classic inspired by their now legendary comedy routines of the early 70's. Following massive success with over 10 million comedy albums sold, 4 Grammy nominations and a win for Best Comedy Recording, Cheech and Chong took Hollywood by storm when "Up In Smoke" became a smash hit, establishing the pair as the reigning comedy duo of a new generation. Today, the film still has viewers rolling in the aisles and maintains surprising cultural relevance 4 decades after its original release.

 "The greatest thrill is making your 1st movie and this one has been seen and been influential all over the world for over 40 years", said Cheech Marin. "'Up In Smoke' started stoner movies and is still going strong, so smoke it up one more time".

"Where did the time go? 40 years ago we made low budget movies that grossed over 100 million and are still being watched all over the world And it also helped legalize an important medicine", said Thomas Chong. "I am so proud that a movie bearing a title of a simple song I wrote would be so influential for so many years".

In "Up In Smoke" Cheech and Chong play wannabe musicians and stoners who unwittingly smuggle a van made of marijuana from Mexico to LA. Their drug laced humor keeps their spirits high as they unknowingly elude the police and meander their way to an outrageous finale at the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood where Cheech performs in a pink tutu and Chong plays drums in a red body suit with a Quaalude logo.

 The deluxe collector's edition is presented in a 12x12 package, limited to 5,000 copies. The set pairs the BluRay with the original soundtrack on CD and LP, as well as a 7" picture disc, oversized "Up In Smoke" rolling papers, a film poster, and booklet with new essays by both Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, along with rare and unseen photos. In addition to the new version of "Up In Smoke", the CD also features another previously unreleased version of the song from 1978 with an additional Spanish verse by Cheech.




Green & Maness.....

50 years ago the Byrds set out on an ambitious path to deeper explore the country music they had flirted with on previous records with “Sweetheart Of The Rodeo”. In addition to introducing Gram Parsons to a larger audience, it was the 1st country rock record to be recorded by an established rock act. In addition to the legions of established fans, the record continues to open the eyes of new generations to country music.

Recorded in March of 1968 in Nashville, TN, and April of the same year in Los Angeles, the original record utilized the amazing steel guitar talents of Lloyd Green (Nashville) and Jay Dee Maness (LA), both established session musicians. The freshness of their playing added not only a authenticity to the sessions, but opened the eyes of a whole new audience to the sound of the pedal steel guitar.

50 years later, the original steel guitarists reunited to make a stunning instrumental tribute to this groundbreaking record “Journey To The Beginning”. Recorded at the legendary Cinderella Sound in Nashville, the record captures the original spirit of “Sweetheart”, while adding the refinement and seasoning of 50 years of reflection on the project. The record closes with a rousing vocal version of “You Ain’t Going Nowhere” with Jim Lauderdale, Herb Pedersen, Richie Furay and Jeff Hanna.

 Please join us on this “Journey To The Beginning”, starting April 21st, 2018.




John Prine.....

John Prine has set April 13th, 2018, as the release date for his first album of all new material in more than 13 years. "The Tree Of Forgiveness", on the iconic singer songwriter's own Oh Boy label, was produced by Dave Cobb, the Grammy winner who has helmed projects for Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell and Mary Chapin Carpenter, among others.

Recorded at Nashville's RCA Studio A, the album features several Prine co-writes, with such noted tunesmiths as Roger Cook, the pair previously co-wrote George Strait's 1998 chart-topper "I Just Want To Dance With You", the Black Key's Dan Auerbach, Keith Sykes and Phil Spector. Special guests on the record include Brandi Carlile, Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires.

Beginning in April and running throughout the remainder of 2018, the reigning Americana Music Association's Artist Of The Year will be on tour, with several special guests on various dates. Sturgill Simpson appears with Prine at his Radio City Music Hall concert in New York on the new album's release date. Every concert ticket sold will include a CD copy of "The Tree Of Forgiveness" upon its release. Other special guests throughout the tour will include Milk Carton Kids, Tyler Childers, Sam Outlaw, Margo Price, Colter Wall, Amanda Shires, Valerie June and others.




Dan Siegel.....

Keyboardist Dan Siegel, prolific recording artist since 1979 and accomplished TV and film composer, brings his love of acoustic piano to the fore on ”Origins”, a hauntingly melodic, rhythmically engaging all original set featuring the most sought after players in Los Angeles.

“I wrote these songs over a period of a year”, Siegel recalls, “and they hold together as a singular statement”. The title, ”Origins”, is for Siegel “the blending of different musical elements, which served as an unconscious inspiration. The music sounds somewhat mediterranean, minor keys with specific types of chord progressions. The feel is a variety of Latin and straight 8 note rhythms. There is also a harmonic element that is more American, somewhat bluesy. ’Origins’ is a combination of all of these things”.

While digitally modeled vintage keyboards, like  Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Pianet, Hammond B3, crop up in the mix, ”Origins” finds Siegel playing acoustic piano as the lead melody and soloing instrument throughout. “In the last decade I’ve gravitated toward working in a more acoustic environment”, he notes. “I think it gives the music authenticity. I’ve been playing the piano since I was 8 years old and I love it, because it’s so theoretically transparent, black and white. But I consider myself more of a composer who plays the piano, I let the music instruct me what the instrumentation would be, and it became piano centric.

The musicians Siegel assembled all hail from the highest echelons of the Los Angeles music scene. Drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, with whom Siegel first worked as far back as 1987, “can play something down the first time while sight reading, and he knows what the song is about before I do, and I wrote it”. The sought after Brian Bromberg, who has appeared on several of Siegel’s most recent albums, is “a one of a kind acoustic bass player who always reminds me what is important in a song”. Percussionist Lenny Castro, an associate of Siegel’s dating back to 1981, “was the first person I talked with when I was planning this project, because I knew he would be prominently featured on almost every track. He brings joy and groove to everything he plays on, has impeccable time and is a consummate professional”.

”Origins” also features a blend of electric and acoustic guitars. In the electric slot is the remarkable Allen Hinds, “one of the most musical people I know”, says Siegel. “He’s from Alabama and he brings that Southern blues rock attitude with him. He always enters conceptually through the back door, he’ll give you something cool and quirky every time you give him a chance to do his thing”. On acoustic guitar is Ramon Stagnaro from Peru, who “shows up with a couple of nylon string guitars and gives you that authentic Latin feel that doesn’t come naturally to every guitar player”.

Adding yet more sonic layers is Craig Fundyga, “an amazing jazz vibraphonist that I stumbled on a few years ago”, says Siegel. “He could play what I give him with one hand tied behind his back. It’s fascinating to watch a four mallet player get around on the instrument like he does”. Lastly, Rogerio Jardim adds ethereal yet precise wordless vocals on 2 tracks. “There are very few people who really know how to double instrumental melodies with voice. It’s a much different requirement than just being a vocalist. Rogerio brought a Brazilian aesthetic to the music just by opening his mouth. Impressively, he’s also a great drummer”

From the artfully restrained opening funk of “Rite Of Passage”, to the churning bluesy rock vibe of the closing title track, ”Origins” foregrounds Siegel’s confident lyrical touch and melodic resourcefulness at every step. The moody, somewhat foreboding quality of “When One Door Closes”, the shifting melodic roles of voice and piano on “After All”, the floating time and acoustic bass solo of “Moon And Stars”, the train like rhythmic patterns of “Strange Sky”, the subtle bolero feel of “Crossing”, all attest to Siegel and the band’s versatility and finely attuned simpatico.

A native of Seattle raised in Eugene, OR, Siegel has recorded over 20 solo albums and amassed hundreds of other producing, arranging, composing and performing credits in his decades long career. Standout solo efforts include the electric oriented ”Another Time, Another Place” in 1984 with Patrick O’Hearn and Alex Acuña, to the exotic world music direction of ”Hemispheres in 1995, with Béla Fleck, Andy Narell and Dori Caymmi, among others. Siegel has also recorded and performed with high profile artists such as Glenn Frey, Chaka Khan, Philip Baily, Kenny Rankin, Hugh Masekela, Joe Sample, Herbie Hancock and the London Symphony Orchestra. In addition to his many TV and film scoring credits, he has served as musical director and conductor on the late night CBS show ’Overtime With Pat O’Brien’, and worked on numerous projects as a session player, including the Oscar winning film The ’Usual Suspects’.




Crosby, Smalls & Vai.....

Harry Shearer, who portrayed bassist Derek Smalls in the 1984 parody rockumentary "This Is Spinal Tap", is releasing his debut solo album in character. "Smalls Change (Meditations Upon Ageing)" arrives on April 13th, 2018, via Twanky Records/BMG.

David Crosby, Steely Dan's Donald Fagen, Peter Frampton, Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith, former Yes member Rick Wakeman, Dweezil Zappa, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai will appear on the record with many others.

Smalls described the project as 'halfway between rage against the dying light' and trying to find the light'. Detailing how he roped in so many high profile guest artists, the bassist said simply, 'Pity fuck'.

Smalls will launch a United States tour, "Lukewarm Water Live : An Adventure In Loud Music", on April 14th at New Orleans' Saenger Theater, in collaboration with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. Full details of the tour have yet to be announced, but the trek will also include dates at Atlanta's Symphony Hall, with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and a special appearance with the National Symphony Orchestra at Washington DC's Kennedy Center.

Smalls, singer guitarist David St Hubbins (Michael McKean) and lead guitarist Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest) have issued 3 Spinal Tap LPs, 1984's "This Is Spinal Tap", 1992's "Break Like The Wind" and 2009's "Back From The Dead".



Elvis, The Searcher.....

Legacy Recordings and RCA Records will release "Elvis Presley : The Searcher (The Original Soundtrack)" in April.  This is a musical companion to a 3 hour, 2 part documentary of the same name, by Thom Zimny, which focuses on Elvis’ development, from his early blues and country roots and influences, his contributions to popular culture and to his 1976 recording sessions at the Jungle Room in Graceland. Formats include a CD and 2LP vinyl, both feature 18 tracks, and an expanded 3 CD box set that delivers a further 37 Elvis songs and a bonus various artists CD which features selections from Mike McCready’s original score for "Elvis Presley : The Searcher", Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers performing "Wooden Heart" and some of the music that inspired Elvis. In terms of the Presley audio, the label describes the tracks on the single disc as essential Elvis Presley hits, powerful performances, and rare alternative versions. The triple disc deluxe set also includes a 40 page book featuring the usual rare photos, and liner notes by Warren Zanes.

The documentary will premiere in the US via HBO on April 14th, 2018, and this audio companion is released a little earlier, on April 6th, 2018.




Chicago VI Live.....

Chicago is turning 50, and the band is celebrating the landmark anniversary with a new box set looking back on its remarkable onstage history.  On April 6th, 2018, Rhino Recordswill release "Chicago : VI Decades Live (This is What We Do)", featuring 4 CD's and 1 DVD of previously unreleased live music recorded between 1969 and 2014.  This exciting new collection coincides with the group’s current tour in which they’re playing the complete "Chicago II" every night before a lengthy encore set of greatest hits.

The first 2 discs capture the band’s complete, raw, early performance at the Isle of Wight Festival on August 28th, 1970, as they shared a bill with The Doors and Jimi Hendrix.  You’ll hear songs from their 1st 2 albums, including “Beginnings” and the multi part “Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon”, including “Make Me Smile” and “Colour My World”, as well as “Mother” from their 3rd album, which hadn’t yet been released.

Discs 3 and 4 have a total of 18 selections culled from 6 decades of live shows beginning with 3 songs taken from a December 8th, 196,9 show in Paris, “Poem For The People”, “25 Or 6 To 4” and “Liberation”.  The discs continue with a number of collector oriented deep cuts and just a sprinkling of hits like “If You Leave Me Now” and “Look Away”.  A March 1987 Pensacola show has yielded Robert Lamm’s “Forever” and a soulful medley of “In The Midnight Hour”, “Knock on Wood” and “I’m a Man”, with the then recent “Get Away”.  A couple of standards, “Night And Day” and “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”, have been taken from the 1994 big band tour, previewing the next year’s "Night And Day album".  The 8 songs on Disc 3 all feature the guitar wizardry of Terry Kath, while Disc 4 picks up after his tragic passing on January 23rd, 1978, with the Greek Theatre performances from later that year of “Hot Streets” and “Little One”, which Kath had sung on "Chicago XI".

On February 12th, 1977, Chicago played live on the German music television show Rockpalast . The entire concert is included here in its DVD premiere. Here’s where you’ll hear more of the band’s biggest hits like “Saturday In The Park”, “Just You ‘N’ Me”, and “(I’ve Been) Searching So Long”, plus a cover of The Beatles’ “Got To Get You Into My Life”.   As a bonus, the DVD also includes the band’s performance of “What’s This World Comin’ To” from the 1973 ABC television special "Chicago In The Rockies".

"Chicago : VI Decades Live (This is What We Do)" captures the strength and power of the various lineups over the years of the legendary band started by Peter Cetera, Terry Kath, Robert Lamm, Lee Loughnane, Jimmy Pankow, Walt Parazaider, and Danny Seraphine.  Look for this live retrospective on April 6th, 2018, from Rhino Records.




Mike Spine.....

Don’t Let It Bring You Down” is the 9th full length studio album for Seattle born and Seattle plus Europe based artist Mike Spine. Since 2002, Spine has been known for hundreds of high energy rock performances and 5 albums with his punk rock band At the Spine. In 2010, Spine began revisiting his folk rock and americana roots, when he formed The Beautiful Sunsets and released the critically acclaimed ”Coalminers & Moonshiners” in 2012.

Songs on ”Don’t Let It Bring You Down” are in the vein of ”Coalminers & Moonshiners”, with some added spice and variety. Started as a stripped down solo acoustic album in Portland, OR, with longtime engineer and friend Rob Bartleson (Wilco, Pink Martini, Pond), the new album morphed into a more complex full band album, with 3 Portland based musicians, when Spine returned from a long tour performing overseas in 5 continents. Delayed due to subsequent tours in Europe, the album is finally being released.

The album is a collaboration with Joey Prude on drums, Rob Bartleson on bass, and Ali Ippolito on piano, organ, accordion and backing vocals,. Songs from the album paint vivid pictures of lives of the working class in cities where Spine worked as musician, teacher and activist for the last 2 decades. Known for 20 years of powerful live performances, Spine and his band mates will spend the next year touring Europe and US in support of the album.




Cash Forever.....

"Johnny Cash : Forever Words", a collaborative album featuring Johnny Cash's unknown poetry, lyrics and letters, will be released on April 6th, 2018, via Legacy Recordings. The icon's words will be set to music and performed by an all star lineup that includes Chris Cornell, Willie Nelson, Elvis Costello, Rosanne Cash and John Mellencamp, among others.

Co-produced by Johnny and June Carter Cash's son John Carter Cash, the material is culled from what their son described in a statement as a monstrous amassment of Johnny Cash's handwritten letters, poems and documents that were uncovered following the deaths of his parents. From love letters, "To June This Morning", to Cash's final poem, "Forever/I Still Miss Someone", the words were written across the span of Johnny Cash's lifetime.

Recorded primarily at the Cash Cabin Studio in Hendersonville, TN, over the past 2 years, album producers Cash and Steve Berkowitz invited the A list album cast, which also includes T Bone Burnett, Kacey Musgraves, Kris Kristofferson, Brad Paisley, Carlene Carter and the Jayhawks, to craft new music to pair with the newly found writings.

 "Determining the artist for each song was truly a matter of the heart", John Carter Cash said in a statement. "I picked the artists who are most connected with my father, who had a personal story that was connected with dad. It became an exciting endeavor to go through these works, to put them together and present them to different people who could finish them in a way that I believed that dad would have wanted".

The album serves as a musical complement to "Forever Words : The Unknown Poems", which contains Cash's formerly unpublished writing and served as inspiration for some of the album's songs. The 16 song set is available for preorder and will come in CD, 2 LP vinyl and digital formats.



Love's Forever Changes.....

50 years ago Love‘s epochal "Forever Changes" LP was released. To mark the occasion, Rhino Records have announced that a special "50th Anniversary Edition" of the album will be issued on April 6th, 2018.

The box set contains 4 CD's, 2 DVD's and a vinyl disc, all housed in an illustrated 12x12 hardbound book. It includes the CD debut of a remastered version of "Forever Changes" made by original co-producer and engineer Bruce Botnick, as well as the first ever release of the mono version on CD. Also included are alternate mixes of the album, as well as a selection of rare and unreleased singles and studio outtakes.

 The vinyl disc contains Botnick’s stereo remaster of the original album, while the DVD includes a 24/96 stereo mix. Also featured is “Your Mind And We Belong Together”, a rare Love promotional video directed by Elektra producer Mark Abramson that was originally released in 1968.




Josh Rouse.....

"As you may have heard I have a new album coming out April 3rd, 2018. It's a bit of a sonic departure from the last few, well, a bit more modern I'll say. I will be heading out, with band, in April to do some concerts that will hopefully find us in close proximity to your area over the next year.  We've teamed with Pledge Music to do a fancy preorder for the record and I'll be wearing my hand out writing lyric sheets and signing C.D's, still like the format I have to say and it will make a comeback, for the next month. If you'd like to get the record and/or a small piece of my very valuable time you can order here. Looking forward to seeing you in 2018!" ~ Josh Rouse





PK Gregory.....

PK Gregory’s 3rd collection of original tunes, “Honkabilly Blues”, was recorded entirely live in the studio, with no overdubs, click tracks, auto tuners, fluffers, or other studio trickery what-so-ever involved. All instruments were played simultaneously in one take by PK Gregory, in front of a live studio audience consisting of various local spiders and other critters, including Matt. It was born out of a desire to appease those fans who demanded a recording of tracks ’just the way you do them live’. Thus, this CD contains the essence of PK Gregory’s quirky songwriting style.







Mary Chapin Carpenter.....

Mary Chapin Carpenter's anticipated new album, "Sometimes Just The Sky", will be released March 30th, 2018, through Lambent Light Records via Thirty Tigers. A celebration of her acclaimed 30 year recording career, the landmark record features new versions of some of Carpenter's most beloved songs as well as one newly written song, which became the title track. Produced by Ethan Johns, the 13-track album was recorded entirely live at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios outside Bath, England

Joined by long time collaborator Duke Levine on guitar and a handpicked band of Johns' favorite musicians, Carpenter reimagined 1 song from each of her 12 studio albums along with "Sometimes Just The Sky". On the album title and newest song Carpenter says, "I read a beautiful interview withPatti Smith in which she said that you don't have to look far or wide, and it doesn't have to be complicated or expensive or madness in order to find things to soothe you in life, or to be happy about. Sometimes just the sky makes everything fall into perspective".




United We Swing.....

In June 2006, John Mayer showed off his jazzy side in a guest appearance at Jazz At Lincoln Center's annual fundraising gala. The singer guitarist teamed with trumpeter and artistic director Wynton Marsalis, and other members of the organization's house band, for a heartfelt version of "I'm Gonna Find Another You", a lovelorn, downtempo track that would see release on his "Continuum" LP that same year. The track appears on "United We Swing : Best Of The Jazz At Lincoln Center Galas", an all star compilation of live performances recorded between 2003 and 2007.

Each of the album's tracks finds Marsalis and co backing a well known guest on a song from their own catalog or a cover. Bob Dylan turns up for a 2004 reinterpretation of his "Highway 61 Revisited" classic "It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry", arranged by Marsalis, Lenny Kravitz appears performing "Are You Gonna Go My Way" in 2007, Eric Clapton offers his 2003 rendition of Louis Armstrong's "I'm Not Rough", and James Taylor sings his own "Mean Old Man".

In a statement, Marsalis discussed how he and his bandmates approached the diverse material featured on the compilation. "When collaborating with each of these musicians, we naturally had a lot of explicit conversations about the blues form", the trumpeter said. "The styles we were playing were kind of American root styles, hymns, folk songs, different types of blues shuffles, country blues shuffles. Most of our rhythm section was from New Orleans, the crossroads of all of those styles, it was easier for us to access the gospel music, early rock'n'roll, with the type of back beat shuffle, and the swing rhythm. We discussed all those types of things a lot. We talked about form, and how we would go from one part to the other, when there's too much arrangement, when to take horns out, all this kind of stuff".

Also featured on "United We Swing" are Natalie Merchant, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Blind Boys Of Alabama, John Legend, Jimmy Buffett and Tedeschi Trucks. The compilation is out March 23rd, 2018, on Blue Engine Records.




Chris Stills.....

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Chris Stills will release his new album, "Don't Be Afraid", on March 23rd in the US. Recorded over the last few years, "Don't Be Afraid", is an evocative collection of 11 heartfelt songs. Chris exudes a pure authenticity as he writes about his personal life and experiences over the past decade. With an endearing and honest intimacy he crosses a wide range of ups and downs through love and hardships that Chris calls 'a self reflective, atmospheric space walk'.

His 1st album in over 10 years, the collection features 3 co-writes, showcasing new and old friendships, 2 with DavidSaw on "The Weekend", and "In Love Again", and another with Ryan Adams on "Criminal Mind", while jamming it for the first time at his studio, Pax Am in Hollywood. Chris makes good use of his influences, wearing them like a heart on his sleeve, Pink Floyd in "Don't Be Afraid", Queen in "I'm Frightened", Harry Nilsson in "This Summer Love", and Tom Petty in "Criminal Mind". Yet, with Chris's very personal touch and stellar vocals he ties it all together making it undeniably a Chris Stills record.

Chris Stills, the son of Stephen Stills and Veronique Sanson, was raised between Paris and Los Angeles. His multicultural influences are infused in his work as a singer songwriter and actor. Since his debut album "100 Year Thing" in 1998 and follow up album "Chris Stills" in 2006, Chris has toured the world performing and recording with a variety of brilliant artists including, Don Was, LeAnn Rimes, Ryan Adams, Gov't Mule, Smashing Pumpkins, Don Felder, Richard Ashcroft, Lucinda Williams, Paul Weller and Rickie Lee Jones. His songs have been featured in numerous movies and television, including the hit Showtime series 'Shameless', and films like "American Hustle", directed byDavid Owen Russell, and most recently "I, Tonya", directed by Craig Gillespie, where Chris sings the Bee Gees classic "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart".

Stills will perform on day of release, March 23td, 2018, in New York City at The Standard Sounds Annie O Music series, as well as on April 21st, 2018, in Los Angeles where is he is co- producer and musical director for "Light Up the Blues", an annual concert to benefit Autism Speaks at the Dolby Theatre. Performances will include Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Burt Bacharach, Judy Collins, Sheryl Crow, Chris Stills, Oliver Stills, Benmont Tench, Mike Campbell, Steve Ferrone and Jack Black, plus many special guests.



Courtney Yasmineh.....

Courtney Yasmineh reaches new levels of inspiration with her 2018 release, the full album “High Priestess And The Renegade”. With a decade of writing, recording, and touring as an independent singer songwriter to inform the project, we hear in her words and in her voice, a culmination of evolution and determination. Working again with producer, multi instrumentalist and vocalist Rob Genadek proves to be fruitful as the album shows them both at the height of their abilities. Themes of falling from grace and of rebirth carry the album and give a true concept album feel. There are elements of folk, gospel, r'n'b, pop, and punk in these arrangements and Courtney’s own signature Guyatone guitar keeps the vibe more D.I.Y. than polished throughout. The touring duo of Courtney and Rob Genadek will be in the US and Europe playing the entire album at shows. Courtney’s first in a series of novels about “A Girl Called Sidney”, published by Gibson House Press, is available worldwide through Amazon.com, as well as all independent bookstores.



Randy Bachman.....

Randy Bachman, co-founder and lead guitarist of Canada’s legendary Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive, offers a unique approach to songs written solely by the late George Harrison. Bachman, an ardent admirer of Harrison from the Beatles’ early days, pays tribute by reinterpreting and taking a few liberties with these landmark songs.The only original, “Between Two Mountains”, symbolizes to Bachman George’s dilemma and how every so often he did manage to squeeze in a song or two, between those of Lennon and McCartney. His songs were special and great. Over time, he became a mountain as well. Universal Music, March 16th, 2018.






Ashley Campbell.....

Ashley Campbell just announced that she will release her debut album on March 9th, 2018. She co-wrote every song on it, including the title track, "The Lonely One". "This is the theme of the album and the songs reflect the different kinds of loneliness that a person can go through".

On the difficulty of separating her own musical story and journey with her famous father, Glen Campbell.
"You can’t really hide the fact that I’m Glen Campbell’s daughter. I hope that people don’t think that it’s the only thing that I am. I would hope that my music and my musicianship would speak for itself. Hopefully, they can connect with my music separately. On the other hand, it has helped a lot. It helps a lot because people have a lot of love for my dad so they seem a little more open to hearing my music and hearing what I have to say".

On the album.
"I want people to be able to listen to it years from now and not identify it with a specific time or era".

On her definition of country music.
"Country music to Ashley Campbell is the telling of an emotional story. It doesn’t matter if it’s happy or sad or nostalgic. It just has to tell a story and evoke some kind of emotion and be real while doing it".



Fanny Walks Earth.....

Fanny is one of music's lost legendary entities, often invoked, but seldom playlisted. The band, a vital part of the Los Angeles rock scene in the early 1970's, was the 1st all woman ensemble to release albums on a major label. Sisters June and Jean Millington formed the core of the group, with June on adventurous electric guitar and Jean on the Beatles-esque bass. Formed from the velvet ashes of the sisters' teenage touring band the Svelts, Fanny was a showcase for the swagger of long haired, bell bottomed, fierce femmes at the dawn of the women's liberation movement.

With June tossing off solos with improvisational grace, keyboardist Nickey Barclay adding audacious class on keyboards and Jean's funky basslines leading the way to the dance floor, Fanny was as passionate as Laura Nyro and as cool as Little Feat. Yet maybe because the band never did have a big hit single, its story is now better known than its music. Now, the Millington sisters, along with original Svelts and once and future Fanny drummer and vocalist Brie Howard (Alice de Buhr was also a Fanny member), are out to correct that with a reunion, and a whole new album of original Music, as Fanny Walked The Earth.

Jean and June Millington have continued to play music together over the years, while also forging separate paths. June also co-founded the Institute for Musical Arts in Western Massachusetts, a recording and retreat complex, supporting women musicians at all stages of their careers. Brie Howard's life beyond music has included motherhood, an impressive career in film, many songwriting credits and a custom cake business. She has been in two bands since leaving Fanny, American Girls and, with her husband David Darling, Boxing Gandhis. Howard answered the Millington sisters' call to reunite in early 2016, and things just felt right. "The minute we finished the first song during rehearsal, we all knew we sounded pretty f¤%&ing great!", Howard says in a recent email exchange. A short video Howard posted to Facebook garnered the attention of Blue Élan Records president Kirk Pasich. "He had all the Fanny albums in his record collection", Howard says, "and the deal was offered".

The songs on "Fanny Walked The Earth", to be released March 2nd, 2018, came from fruitful jams among the 3 women. "They weren't written with a particular approach in mind", says Howard. "It had been 50 years since we first played together. All those years of life experience, time on our instruments, having shared our history together and apart, led to the stories written about on this record. There's a huge difference in what there is to write about now than when we were in our teens and early 20's". Though on a major label, Reprise, the original Fanny operated in ways that prepared the Millingtons and Howard for today's free-for-all music business environment. The Svelts, in fact, were one of the only all female garage rock bands on the west coast, rogue warriors holding their own in a sometimes rough club scene.

"Being in a band in the 60's taught me self sufficiency", Howard explains. "We were our own roadies, sound crew, manager, booking agent, funders, transportation, publicity. I drew and painted our posters in 1966 and designed and created our album artwork". Howard wrote half of the band's new album and helped direct the video for "Lured Away", the band's 1st song in 44 years. "I still have a 'get it done yourself' attitude about many things. We're busy on social media, fully immersed on as many levels as we can be".

"Fanny Walked The Earth" conveys the same effervescent spirit the 1970's Fanny possessed, these women see no need to sit on stools and wax gentle about their position as rock'n'roll elders. Having influenced bands from the Runaways to the Bangles, Fanny is ready to be heard by listeners ready to rediscover its uniquely welcoming jams. Howard says the trio is eager to tour, the new songs were designed to be experienced live. "On the new record", she says "you can expect to hear 3 very fortunate women who have earned the opportunity to continue kicking ass".



Cina Samuelson.....

My mother was a wonderful woman, she loved music, she loved to sing and she really loved to dance. The song 'Sweet Mama' is about a very special moment for me, my mother and a man called Elvis. The song 'How Long Is Forever' is about a couple getting married and the promise to stay together forever. But the question is; How long is forever?" ~  Cina Samuelson

New single just released by country music artist Cina Samuelson, recorded live in a studio in Mariestad, Sweden, and it contains the 2 songs ”Sweet Mama, Elvis And Me" and "How Long Is Forever”, both written by Cina.






Bettye LaVette.....

For her 10th album and 1st album on a major label in nearly 50 years, legendary soul singer Bettye LaVette takes on the songs of Bob Dylan with the grit and experience that makes her one of the greatest living soul singers alive.

"Things Have Changed" is a masterpiece of interpretation of one of the greatest songwriters alive, by one of the greatest soul singers alive. Produced by Steve Jordan, the album spans Dylan’s catalogue and features guest appearances by Keith Richards and Trombone Shorty.

Verve Records, March 30th, 2018.





Eric Andersen.....

Real Gone Music has announced that, in conjunction with Sony’s Legacy Recordings, the label is adding a new title to the long running Essential series with a volume devoted to singer songwriter Eric Andersen.  The 2 CD "The Essential Eric Andersen", due March 30, 2018, features 33 songs chosen by Andersen himself, which span his entire career and feature recordings from 18 albums and 10 different labels including Vanguard, Warner Bros, Columbia, Arista, Gold Castle, Appleseed, Meyer, Ryko, Smithsonian Folkways and CBS Holland.

Eric Andersen moved to New York in the early 1960's and soon became known in the Greenwich Village folk scene.  He was signed to Vanguard and released his 1st album, "Today Is The Highway", in 1965. 2 tracks from this effort kick off this new retrospective.  His songs, including “Violets Of Dawn” and “Thirsty Boots”, would come to be recorded by artists such as Judy Collins, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Linda Ronstadt, Grateful Dead, among others.

The compilation continues tracing his career including 4 cuts from his 1972 Columbia debut, "Blue River", which would become his most commercially successful album.  The title song features Joni Mitchell.  Andersen ran into problems with his sophomore album for Columbia when the tapes were lost for nearly 2 decades. Luckily, they were eventually found and finally released as "Stages" in 1991. 5 tunes have been drawn from the album, including “Time Runs Like A Freight Train”, which has Dan Fogelberg on background vocals.

Other tracks on the collection include live versions of “Violets Of Dawn” and “Thirsty Boots”, from Andersen’s Arista period and collaborations with Lou Reed, “You Can’t Relive The Past”, and Richard Thompson “Hills Of Tuscany”. "The Essential Eric Andersen" also has songs from Andersen’s time with the Danko, Fjeld and Andersen bands in the 1990's. The trio featured Andersen, Norwegian singer songwriter Jonas Fjeld and Rick Danko from The Band.

The set then chronicles Andersen’s return to solo work in the 2000's for Appleseed Recordings and Meyer. A previously unreleased cover of Merle Haggard’s “Mama Tried” from the 1970's premieres here, and the collection comes full circle by ending with Andersen’s earliest recording, a 1964 duet with Phil Ochs on “Plains Of Nebrasky-O” for Smithsonian Folkways.

Anthony DeCurtis of Rolling Stone has penned new liner notes for the booklet which includes photos from Andersen’s private collection. The set has been remastered by Mark Wilder at Battery Studios. It’s being released in time to coincide with Andersen’s new tour, which begins in April and the release of a new documentary about Andersen, 'Songpoet'. "The Essential Eric Andersen" is the most comprehensive overview of the singer songwriter’s career to date.




Led Zeppelin.....

15 years ago, Led Zeppelin issued "How The West Was Won", premiering performances from the band’s June 25th and 27th, 1972, concerts at the Los Angeles Forum and Long Beach Arena.  Now, those seminal tracks have been newly remastered under the supervision of Jimmy Page for a surprise addition to the band’s Super Deluxe library, as well as in a variety of formats, all of which are due from Atlantic/Swan Song Records on March 23rd, 2018, including the first-ever BluRay Audio and vinyl editions.  The remastered "How The West Was Won" arrives in advance of the band’s official 50th anniversary celebration, which will kick off this September.

"How The West Was Won" sequenced material from the Los Angeles and Long Beach concerts to replicate a single concert from start to finish as the band introduced songs from its then unreleased 5th album, "Houses Of The Holy", which would be released nine months later, and looked back on its already storied catalogue.  Among its 18 tracks are a 25 minute version of “Dazed And Confused”, a 21 minute blues medley built around “Whole Lotta Love”, and fiery takes on “Rock & Roll”, “Moby Dick”, “Immigrant Song”, “Black Dog”, and, of course, “Stairway to Heaven”.




Melanie Dekker.....

"Secret Spot is a new, spirited and dynamic Melanie Dekker album, recorded with award winning Canadian producer Sheldon Zaharko, and supported by Creative BC and the Government of British Columbia.

A collection of 10 songs that will take you to a few special corners of your heart. There is depth and variety, and the more you listen, the sweeter the details get. Each song visits a time, and a place, where a feeling glues that moment together. The pace is somewhat like walking through a city on a sunny day where the wind is howling and seems to chase you, as it’s strength differs with every turn you make.

“This folk pop record was mostly influenced by the last 100 shows, journeys experienced with my family and dearest friends over the last 5 years, and paying attention to the ‘quiver’ you get when something makes the hair on your arms stand up.  The music I listened to these past few years, City & ColourTom PettyThe BandJohn Mayer, Ed Sheeran, and inevitably some heartbreak also played a part”.

 "The backbone of most of the tracks are my acoustic guitar, and then I coloured the songs with my favourite musicians and instruments. I also dared to use my fingers on the piano track on ‘Always Gonna Be’, gently strummed the ukulele on ‘More Human’, got funky with the Wurlitzer piano on ‘Better When We Do’, and gently hammered it all home on a Rhodes on ‘When It’s Over’, the final and most gentle track."




Grateful Dead.....

The Grateful Dead forged its legend on the road, traveling countless miles between 1965 and 1995 to perform a world record 2 318 shows for millions of devoted fans. The band's refusal to ever play a song the same way twice has endeared generations of fans, many of whom prefer certain live versions of songs over their studio counterparts, and garnered the popular phrase among Dead Heads, "there is nothing like a Grateful Dead concert".

Made for die hard Dead Heads and new fans alike, "The Best Of The Grateful Dead Live" is the ultimate live collection, a 2 disc set with recordings selected from the band's official live albums on Warner Bros and Arista, plus a few tracks from their many archival live releases, beginning with "St Stephen" from the group's 1st official live album, 1969's "Live/Dead", and ending with the poignant "So Many Roads," taken from the band's final concert at Chicago's Soldier Field in July of 1995

"The Best Of The Grateful Dead Live" will be available as a 2 CD set on March 23rd, 2018. The music will be available through digital and streaming services as well. On the same date, "Volume One" of the collection will also be available on 180 gram vinyl as a 2LP set, covering the 1st half of the album. "Volume Two" on vinyl will be released at a later date.

"We wanted to follow up the 2015 "The Best Of The Grateful Dead" studio set with a live counterpart, and have focused our efforts on the band's primary live albums, as well as some key tracks from archival concert releases", says band archivist and producer David Lemieux. "Just as there was nothing like a Grateful Dead concert, there is also nothing like a live Grateful Dead recording, it's no secret that as good as the Dead's studio recordings were, they excelled in front of an audience, and this set provides an overview of just how great the Dead were live in concert".




The Decemberists.....

The Decemberists have announced a new studio album, "I’ll Be Your Girl", which is set for release on March 16th, 2018, via Capitol Records. The band has also unveiled the record’s 1st single, along with a batch of spring and summer tour dates.

"I’ll Be Your Girl" was recorded in the group’s hometown of Portland, OR, with producer John Congleton, who has worked with the likes of St Vincent, Lana Del Rey, Angel Olsen and more. In a note posted to their Facebook page, the band writes, “the songs tend to the darker, more absurdist side of things, I mean, how can you blame us, and features a lot of nice vintage synth work by Jenny and Chris, some heavy drumming from mr Moen and, of course, the sort of baroque bass work you’ve come to expect from the former mr Lincoln High, Nate Query. All in all, everyone acquitted themselves quite nicely”.

“When you’ve been a band for 17 years, inevitably there are habits you fall into”, lead vocalist and songwriter Colin Meloy says in a press release. “So our ambition this time was really just to get out of our comfort zone. That’s what prompted working with a different producer and using a different studio. We wanted to free ourselves from old patterns and give ourselves permission to try something different”.




N.R.B.Q. 1969.....

The New Rhythm And Blues Quintet formed over 50 years ago, and after playing together for a few years, the band began recording with Eddie Kramer and inked a 2 record deal with Columbia Records. Their eponymous debut appeared on shelves in 1969, featuring the band’s wide ranging originals, peppered with versions of songs from artists as wide ranging as Eddie Cochran and Sun Ra, plus a co-write between the band’s Terry Adams and jazz experimentalist Carla Bley.

It was, and is, a wildly original and influential release. For all of its stature, it’s hard to believe in its 49 year existence, it has never been reissued, nor ever appeared on CD or digital. That changes March 16th, 2018,  when "NRBQ" is available once again, on CD, for the first time, digital, and as a gatefold LP. Combining elements of the original, with additional photos and new liner notes from Jay Berman, the package has never looked, nor sounded better. The band is still going strong, and this reissue follows hot on the heels of their 5 CD boxed set, "High Noon : A 50 Year Retrospective", and last year’s critically acclaimed EP, "Happy Talk". As Berman says in his notes, "this historic and monumental recording has been remastered, and finally authorized for re-release. This album is a great reminder that NRBQ is on a mission, one that holds steady to its original inspiration to this day. For those fans who missed it the first time around, it hasn’t aged a bit".




J Briozo.....

J Briozo evolved out of a set of songs that Swallows' lead singer Jeff Crandall wrote as the Minneapolis based band was set to return to the studio to record their 3rd full length album, "In The Shadow Of The Seven Stars". The acoustic guitar and piano based songs that Jeff was working on were written from the perspective of a fictional singer songwriter named J Briozo, a persona loosely based on his mother’s Portuguese ancestry.

Jeff wasn’t convinced at the time that this would be anything other than a studio project, assuming he’d play most of the parts, and he had no real intentions of conjuring up a band to perform the material.

However, as Swallows began recording in one studio, Jeff began recording the basic tracks for "Deep In The Waves" in another studio across town and he quickly recognized that his solo album had begun to take on a life of its own. The new album was going to require the talents of his Swallows’ band mates to fully realize the vision that Jeff was developing for the project.

Jeff decided to invite members of Swallows to add additional parts to the somewhat open frameworks he had laid out for the songs on the album. The group composed their parts in the studio, creating psych pop, rock, jazz, orchestral and folk arrangements for the songs. By the end of the tracking, it was clear that a compelling new sound had developed and a full band would needed to support it.




Jackie DeShannon.....

After spending the 1st full decade  of her recording career at Liberty/Imperial Records, where she immortalized such iconic anthems as “What The World Needs Now Is Love” and “Put A Little Love In Your Heart”, Jackie DeShannon was wooed away to Capitol Records in 1971. Upon landing at her new label, the Kentucky born DeShannon was dispatched to Memphis’ American Recording Studios, where, with producer Chips Moman and a crack band consisting of Bobby Emmons and Bobby Woods on keyboards, Reggie Young on electric guitar, Mike Leach on bass, Johnny Christopher on acoustic guitar, and Gene Crisman on drums, she recorded a avorful mix that embraced her southern soul roots blended with country, gospel, and pop.

The wide ranging repertoire included the DeShannon originals “West Virginia Mine” and “Now That The Desert Is Blooming”, along with songs by George Harrison, “Isn’t It a Pity”, Van Morrison, “And It Stoned Me”, Carole King and Gerry Goffin, “Child Of Mine”, Emitt Rhodes, “Live Till You Die”, Arlo Guthrie, “Gabriel’s Mother’s Highway”, Spooner Oldham & Dan Penn, “Sweet Inspiration”, and others. But those tracks inexplicably remained in the vaults, leapfrogged by the tracks DeShannon cut at Capitol Studios upon returning to California that turned into her "Songs" album. In fact, of the Memphis tracks, only a single, “Stone Cold Soul”, and a lone track on "Songs", “Show Me”, were released at the time.

The rest of the "Songs" album, co-produced by DeShannon with Eric Malamud and John Palladino, featured covers of Bob Dylan’s “Lay Lady Lay”, retitled “Lay, Baby, Lay”, and Hoyt Axton’s “Ease Your Pain”, plus a shimmering trio of DeShannon originals, “Salinas”, “Bad Water”, and a remake of “West Virginia Mine”.  DeShannon’s stay at Capitol proved to be short lived, legendary producer Jerry Wexler bought out her contract to bring her to Atlantic Records, leaving most of Jackie’s Memphis masters unreleased. Some of those masters emerged as part of a long out of print UK collection decades later, but now, for the 1st time, all 25 of Jackie’s Capitol recordings are available on this Real Gone Music compilation. "Stone Cold Soul : The Complete Capitol Recordings" presents Jackie’s rare Memphis tracks, including 5 previously unreleased titles along with her "Songs" album. The CD also offers a stunning selection of never Before seen period photographs from her personal collection, along with in depth liner notes from Joe Marchese, taken from an interview with Jackie. Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision, "Stone Cold Soul" offers essential listening for any Jackie DeShannon fan or vintage roots rocker. March 2nd, 2018.




R Wood & R Lane.....

What do 2 Faces do when their lead singer, bon vivant Rod Stewart,  doesn’t show up for the "Ooh La La" recording sessions? They work on a soundtrack for an obscure film by actor and friend Alexis Kanner, most famous for his guest roles on the late 60's TV series 'The Prisoner', and draft the uppermost rank of British rock royalty to play on it.

Indeed, given the pedigree of the personnel on this project, it is rather stunning how obscure this 1976 album from Faces members Ron Wood and Ronnie Lane remains, having only been issued on CD abroad and for a brief time at that, one suspects it has much to do with the flop of the film, which appears to have only been screened at the Canadian Film Festival, and the fact that the original LP was released 4 years after it was recorded in 1972.

Just listen to the roll call of session men on "Mahoney’s Last Stand", which was produced by Glyn Johns, himself a British rock and roll noble of good standing and fresh from producing Paul McCartney and Wings’ "Red Rose Speedway" when he worked on this album, Pete Townshend, guitar and special electronic effects”, Blind Faith and Family member Rick Grech, fellow Faces Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones, soon to be fellow, for Wood Rolling Stones habitués Ian Stewart, Bobby Keys, and Jim Price, Micky Waller, Wood’s fellow member in the Jeff Beck Group of the late ‘60s, and Grease Band member Bruce Rowland, to name but a few.

As for the music, much of it has a rustic, rural feel in keeping with the film’s setting, which follows the misadventures of a recluse who rents a ramshackle farm in the Canadian countryside, with some nods, “Woody’s Thing”, towards the blues rock Wood would explore with Keith Richards in the Rolling Stones. But without a doubt the highlight is Lane’s “Just For A Moment", which is here in both vocal and instrumental versions, it’s a prime example of the wistful roots rock that made Lane’s post-Faces solo career so compelling. Richie Unterberger’s liner notes examine this Little known detour in the careers of 2 British rock legends, fascinating for Faces and Stones fans.




Brian Flanagan.....

Brian Flanagan is an Irish songwriter, composer, vocalist, musician and poet. He has worked with artists from diverse musical backgrounds such as Michael Flatley, Nadine Coyle, Eric Bibb, Nathan Carter, Finbar Furey, Brian Kennedy and Sharon Shannon. Brian is renowned for his ability to write to order, emotionally charged pieces that are immediately engaging. He scored a Christmas Top 10 hit for Síle Seoige & Friends in 2014 with ‘Maybe This Christmas’ and has 4 iTunes # 1 tracks to his name.

Love, loss, self pity, recognising chances and taking them, or not, almost mystical nature experiences, Life changing encounters, art and artists, environmental protection, human rights, it is truly a broad, moving and very current spectrum of themes which Irish singer songwriter Brian Flanagan has worked through in the 11 tracks of his CD. Until recently he has released a string of successful singles.

The melodies are catchy, but not banal. After having listened to the album a few times you'll find many of the wonderful tunes continually rotating around in your head, getting more familiar and enjoyable with each turn. That is of course also due to Flanagan's warm and velvety voice, the soft background choirs and the unassuming but wonderfully musical and supportive instrumental backing.

Good examples are the haunting lamentations of the flute on the title track "Where Dreams Are Made", the crystal clear yet warm Irish pipes in "Flowers In The Window", a piece in memory of a friend, and the piano dripping notes like a tap in the self-searching "Whole Lot Of Livin'". The harmonium in "Lagan Love" is played by Flanagan himself, conjuring up the picture of mists rising from the river.

The listening experience gets a further deeper dimension if you read the song lyrics with their surprising images in the graphically opulent booklet. Brian Flanagan often sings quite quickly, with sometimes unexpected stops and starts. He occasionally throws in Irish words like "grá" (love), and not only in the traditional "Lagan Love". 



Meadow Creek.....

Meadow Creek is mr and mrs Peter and Linda Dahl from Degerfors, Sweden. Linda is a singer and songwriter who got her 1st record deal at the age of 17, when she was the lead vocalist in the band Angel. A few years later, the band got a smash hit with the song “Sommaren I City”, which became a Swedish summer classic, and is still played regularly at every Swedish radio station.

Peter is a multi instrumentalist, producer and songwriter who started as a touring guitarist at the age of 11. As a member of the cover band Peckas Pack he has cut off most of Sweden’s party scenes. In 1996, the Dahl couple joined and started one of Sweden’s first ABBA tribute shows together with some friends from Stockholm, “SOS – A Tribute To ABBA”, touring in both Sweden and the rest of Europe for 16 years.

Meanwhile their love for bluegrass and country music grew stronger and Linda and Peter started the band Whisky & Dynamite, which became very popular on the Swedish country scene. They recorded and released 2 albums in 2006 and 2009, and their songs entered radio stations all over the world.

As songwriters, the couple has written a lot of songs for various artists and bands. For example Roger Pontare, Streaplers, Blender, Sten & Stanley, Drifters, Fernandoz, Barbados, Black Jack, Fryd & Gammen, Fernandoz and others. They have had several songs at Svensktoppen  and they also wrote the song who won Melodifestivalen in Sweden in the year of  2000. Their song, “När Vindarna Viskar Mitt Namn”, was performed by the artist Roger Pontare. The song won the Swedish final and then ended up at # 7 in the Eurovision Song Contest.  They also competed in other countries selections for the Eurovision song contest.  In 2016 they wrote the song “Golden Frame” for artists Matilda & Stefan, who won the regional final in Svensktoppen Nästa, which Sveriges Radio P4 organizes. In recent years, the couple has also worked with Starlab Publishing and writes J-pop and K-pop songs to the Asian market. 

Right now, the Dahl’s focus is their new duo Meadow Creek, which entered the studio in the summer of 2017, and recorded their own material in the style of singer songwriter, country, americana, blues and pop.  Producer of the new album is Göran Eriksson, Black Lake Music, also known as the band leader and guitarist in Jill Johnson’s band.




Concert For George.....

"Concert For George" was first released across a number of formats in 2003 and documented that emotional and rather joyous evening on November 29th, 2002, when friends, family and former bandmates came together to celebrate the life and work of George Harrison. Almost 15 years after that release, February 23rd, 2018, it will be reissued, available for the very first time on 4LP vinyl and other formats, including new video audio combo packs and a very exclusive deluxe box set.

Despite the big names, there was something very intimate about this event and the people who performed all knew and loved George. They included Jeff Lynne, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and Joe Brown, who closed the show with a tear jerking performance of "I’ll See You In My Dreams".

Significantly, this new vinyl version features the complete sound recordings from "Concert For George", the first time all the songs from the performance have been available on an audio product. This means that Sam Brown‘s stonking rendition of "Horse To The Water", arguably one of the best of the night, is included on the vinyl edition. The CD's remain as before, and include a slightly edited down 20 track collection. Side 8 of the new vinyl includes a beautiful looking etched mandala design.

A limited edition deluxe box set includes the 4 LP vinyl, 2 CD's, 2 BluRay's and 2 DVD's along with a 12x12 hard bound 60 page book. Fans who buy this edition also get a cutting from the original handpainted on stage tapestry used as the backdrop at the Royal Albert Hall on November 29th, 2002. This is mounted on an individually numbered card. This deluxe edition is limited to 1000 worldwide and includes a note from Olivia Harrison, explaining the story behind the tapestry. Before you get too excited, this edition is $350.

Although the content on BluRay, DVD and the 2 CD's hasn’t really changed, the full concert is on the 1st BluRay or DVD, while the 2nd video disc offers the theatrical version with additional material, this time around there are combo editions available as 2 CD + 2 BluRay set or a 2 CD +2 DVD package. If you don’t want the video (but why wouldn’t you?) there’s a 2 CD edition as well.




Southern Swampers.....

In 1969, after years of working as the house band for the late Rick Hall at the legendary FAME Studios, where the likes of Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett recorded, the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section struck out on their own. Affectionately known as the Swampers, the band set up their own studio, Muscle Shoals Sound, at 3614 Jackson Highway in Sheffield, AL, and they didn’t have to wait long for artists to seek them out. Cher, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Bob Seger, and many other superstar acts came to town to get a helping of the Swampers’ funky, soulful Southern swamp sound.

But unlike other celebrated studio musicians such as Booker T & The MG’s, the Swampers never put out a record of their own material. Until now. This month, "Muscle Shoals Has Got The Swampers" will finally see the light of day. The title is taken from the shoutout given to the band by Lynyrd Skynyrd in “Sweet Home Alabama”, and the album includes 14 previously unreleased instrumental tracks, mainly from 1969 to 1978, that sizzle with precision and groove.

“We were never known as soloists because people gave us so much work”, says Swampers bassist David Hood. “Everyone would ask, ‘When are you guys gonna make an album?’. We just didn’t have time”.

Eventually the Swampers, which also includes guitarist Jimmy Johnson, drummer Roger Hawkins, and the now deceased keyboardist Barry Beckett, tried to make a record with a couple of singers, but as Hood says, “It sounded like the singer, not us”.

Unearthed by Jackson, Mississippi based Malaco Records, many of the album’s tracks came out of studio jams the foursome would play while sitting around waiting for whatever legend was ready to record. A few of the cuts, including “Muscle Shoals Malmo Express”, were recorded specifically for a friend in Sweden who needed theme music for his public radio show. All told, the collection is a vital snapshot of music history and stands as a testament to the deep influence the band had on modern music. “I’m happy this is finally coming out”, says Hood, one of the more modest and unassuming music legends around. “I’m really proud of what we’ve done”.




Nina Simone.....

Few artists have had the impact on pop, soul, rock and jazz as the iconoclastic Nina Simone. Simone played by her own rules in life and art, recording some of the most electric and eclectic music imaginable in any genre. It wasn’t uncommon on a Simone album to find politically charged protest music alongside popular Broadway hits and reworkings of contemporary rock songs. This April, she will enter the Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame, though she preferred to call her singular fusion of genres 'black classical music'. Throughout her long and fascinating career, the singer, pianist, songwriter and activist recorded for a variety of labels, including Philips, RCA Victor, and CTI. But 2 new compilations are looking at her 2 earliest recording affiliations, for the Bethlehem and Colpix labels. On February 9th, 2018, "Mood Indigo: The Complete Bethlehem Singles" will arrive from BMG, and 2 weeks later, "The Colpix Singles" will be released on the newly reactivated $tateside label.

Nina Simone began her recording career at the jazz oriented Bethlehem Records label at the age of 25 in 1958. Her debut album "Little Girl Blue", named for the Rodgers and Hart standard, would feature 11 of the 14 tracks she recorded for the album, including what would become a signature song, “Porgy (I Loves You Porgy”, from George and Ira Gershwin and DuBose Heyward’s Broadway opera, "Porgy & Bess". By the time “Porgy” began rising on the charts, Simone had already moved on to Colpix Records, but Bethlehem continued to capitalize on the artist’s small trove of recordings for the label both on the collection "Nina Simone & Her Friends", also featuring Chris Connor and Carmen McRae and on 45 RPM singles.  Between 1959 and 1962, Bethlehem issued all of the material Simone had recorded for the label.

"Mood Indigo: The Complete Bethlehem Singles" will be released on CD and vinyl.  The 14 track CD version follows the chronology of the original singles, while the vinyl LP version has “Porgy (I Loves You Porgy)” and “Love Me Or Leave Me”, Simone’s debut single, on a bonus 7" replica 45 rather than on the LP. Additionally, Barnes & Noble will have an exclusive blue vinyl version. Ashley Kahn’s new liner notes draw on a fresh interview with drummer Al 'Tootie' Heath, who joined Simone and bassist Jimmy Bond on the intimate recordings.  The collection of original mono single versions has been produced by the acclaimed team at Omnivore Records.

Simone’s move to Colpix Records was a fruitful one. She remained at the label from 1959 to 1964, releasing 10 albums and numerous singles. Those singles are being collected on the 2 CD, 27 track, release simply entitled "The Colpix Singles", also available in a 14 track highlights edition on vinyl. Singles were drawn from both live and studio albums for the label, including "The Amazing Nina Simone", "Nina Simone At Town Hall", "Nina Simone At Newport", and "Nina Simone Sings Ellington". At Colpix, Simone recorded some of the most sly, sultry, and incendiary music of her career, touching on folk, blues, jazz, and soul, including renditions, all included here, of “Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair”, “Willow Weep For Me”, “Cotton Eyed Joe”, “I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl”, and an answer song to Ray Charles’ “Hit The Road, Jack” entitled “Come On Back, Jack”.  Featuring all of the songs in their original mono single versions, including some unique edits, "The Colpix Singles" will be released on $tateside, which Warner Music’s Global Catalogue Division relaunched last year to focus on  classic jazz, soul, and r'n'b releases, making Nina Simone an ideal candidate for the new label’s roster.




Martin Kerr.....

Since arriving in Canada as a homeless traveler, UK born singer songwriter Martin Kerr has built his career one passerby at a time, singing his way from street corners to concert halls and arenas. Often compared to the best of the 1970’s troubadours, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, John Denver, Martin's soulful voice and lyrics connect with listeners of all ages and backgrounds.

Now he's raising his young family by performing more than a 150 shows a year, in folk clubs and listening rooms, at farmer’s markets, house concerts and festivals, even schools, offices and places of worship. He has carved out a niche as one of the most approachable and inventive musicians around.

“I've always wanted to take my music to the people where they are. I watched other musicians playing the same venues for the same people late at night and not making a living, so I thought I would try something different. I decided to play pretty much anywhere people gather, no matter their ages or backgrounds and performing for them when they weren’t expecting it. If you surprise people with something beautiful, with passion and sincerity, people will remember and support you”, said Kerr.

His hard work has paid off in a big way. In May 2017, Kerr sold out the 1,700-seat Winspear Centre, the most prestigious concert hall in his adopted hometown of Edmonton. His notoriety also landed him the opening slot for legendary songstress Sarah McLachlan at the 20,000 seat Rogers Place.

With the release of his new album ”Better Than Brand New”, Martin Kerr has gone from local hero to national talking point. Without any label backing, and relying only on his grassroots following, the album landed in the Canadian Top 10 and made it to #2 on iTunes. Now he is looking to take his burgeoning reputation as an entertainer and songwriter to a global level.

Although he has released a number of albums in the past, consisting of original material, cover song Projects, as well as a few children’s albums, and selling in excess of 20,000 copies in all, ”Better Than Brand New” sees Kerr stepping up his game on all levels.

“There is quite a contrast on the album. A few songs are incredibly intimate with just my guitar and voice, while others have synths and big drums, electric guitars and full on production”, says Kerr. “Some grow from one to the other. My producer, Stew Kirkwood, and I share an admiration for artists like Peter Gabriel and Radiohead and decided to emulate some of those more epic soundscapes that we loved from those albums”.

Kerr is an artist who believes that music has the capacity to change hearts and minds. Imbued with a deeply held social conscience, Kerr wants his audiences to not only be entertained, but to be moved.

“As a kid I fell in love with artists like Tracy Chapman and Cat Stevens, they write very personal songs about their own lives, but with an aspect of social commentary, which I’ve always admired and try to emulate”, he said.

Following in the traditions of the great folk music storytellers of past generations, Kerr’s incredibly poignant and well crafted acoustic song ”Mr Liao”, tells the tale of a down on his luck migrant farmer trying to eke out a living for his family.

“I met the family when I was teaching in China. They lived on the other side of a wall from me. I was living in a foreigners’ compound and there was this 10 foot high wall with sharpened glass on top that kept poor people from getting in, which made me very uncomfortable, because I had gone there to be with ordinary people”, he said. “On my time off I would go outside the gate and meet the migrant farmers and got to know this gentleman, his wife and son. The song tells the story of how this family got to be where they are. It’s a really tragic story and almost everybody I have played it for has cried”.

Each show and each song from Martin Kerr takes listeners on an authentic and powerfully emotional journey. Much like life, there is joy, there is sadness, there is injustice, there is love and loss all presented through melodies that stay with the listener.

Martin Kerr’s connection to people of all ages, backgrounds and all tastes, cultivated through his many years as a fearless and friendly street performer has allowed him to develop his craft as a songwriter, and especially as a live performer, in ways that are truly unique and organic. With the global release of ”Better Than Brand New”, he is set to do the same with audiences around the world.



Neil, Willie & The Real.....

"Time is fluid in this far fetched, whimsical western tale of music and love. Somewhere in the future past, The Man In The Black Hat hides out between heists at an old stagecoach stop with Jail Time, Particle Kid, and an odd band of outlaws. Mining the detritus of past civilizations, they wait for the Silver Eagle, for the womenfolk, and for the full moon's magic to give rise to the music and make the spirits fly....."










More Marillion.....

After the success of last year’s "Misplaced Childhood" box set, the Marillion reissue campaign continues into 2018 with a similarly lavish multi disc set of 1994 fan favourite "Brave".

Steven Wilson has remixed the original album in 5.1, which should delight fans, as a new mix is likely to bring out some of the more subtle elements of the original recording. A hi-resolution stereo mix will also be included.

The BluRay disc will include a documentary on the making of the band’s concept masterpiece, though details on this are rather scant. The original "Brave" movie will not be included.

2 discs of live material will compliment the studio material. The show from La Cigale in Paris will be released in complete form for the 1st time. The main "Brave" set was originally released as disc 2 of the "Made Again" live album in 1995, but the encores have never been issued commercially. In addition to the complete "Brave" on the 1st live CD, a 2nd disc will include ‘Cover My Eyes’, ‘Slainte Mhath’, ‘Sugar Mice’, ‘Sympathy’, ‘Easter’, ‘Waiting To Happen’, ‘Hooks In You’ and ‘The Space’.

March 9th, 2018.




Rupert Holmes.....

English born New Yorker Rupert Holmes may be best known for his hit singles "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" in 1979 and "Him" in 1980, but several years prior to this, Rupert broke onto the music scene with 3 meticulously crafted albums for the Epic label in the space of 2 years. These albums were full of perfectly told stories of love, life and loss, and paved the way for Rupert’s ascendancy to the big time.

These 3 albums are now available together in one package, fully endorsed by Rupert, and containing engrossing sleeve notes including a brand new interview with Rupert himself.

Contains an array of bonus tracks, many of which have never been heard before, and with an absolute exclusive and a must for fans, this package contains the first ever live recordings of Rupert Holmes ever released. All selected by the man himself.

Contains the singles ‘Terminal’, ‘Talk’, ‘Our National Pastime’, ‘I Don’t Want To Hold Your Hand’, ‘Deco Lady’, ‘Weekend Lover’ and ‘Who, What, When, Where, Why’, plus rare alternative and live versions of a number of these.

All material has been fully remastered, with audio being sourced from Rupert’s own private collection of master tapes wherever possible. Contains CD wallet replicas of the Epic albums, faithfully reproducing their original artwork. So if you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, make sure you pick up this excellent definitive collection of Rupert Holmes’ complete Epic years.

Cherry Red Records, February 23rd, 2018.




Scott Smith Band.....

The critical raves for Scott Smith’s 2016 debut album "The Sum Of Life" found the emerging americana country rocker earning praise for 'his strong homage to rock and roll' and 'vocals that call to mind Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan'. Vocal comparisons are great, but let’s also pay respect to the thoughtful poetry of his lyrics. On “My Soul to Keep”, the high energy, horn fired track that lays the spiritual foundation of his latest EP "Igniting The Flame", the singer songwriter waxes poetic about his own burgeoning career, and by extension, ponders just where all of us are headed

He sings, “God bless the light that shows the way, there’s some black and white then some grey, invest in your future, plant some seeds, it wouldn’t be a journey if you know where it leads”. Then there’s the extreme addictiveness of his songs, which, just like music did in the old days, makes you want to listen over and over. 

Thus far, Smith’s journey as an indie artist has taken him to places, and opened the door to exciting collaborations, far beyond where he dreamed growing up in the Bay Area absorbing the insights of his 1st guitar teacher, David Nelson of The New Riders Of The Purple Sage. “The SF music scene greatly inspired me along with birth of the 60’s music”, he says. “My older brother introduced a lot of music to me. I bought my 1st Grateful Dead album when I was 6. But I loved Stones and Beatles, Cream, all that stuff, too. There was so much happening musically living in the Bay Area at that time. It was very alive. It was great to learn from David and listen to stories of the birth of the Bay Area music scene and legends like Janis Joplin and Grateful Dead. What inspired those performers were old time music and old blues”.

"The Sum Of Life" featured guest performances by virtuoso classical and rock violinist David LaFlamme, acoustic guitarist Nina Gerber, boogie woogie pianist Mitch Woods, among others. For his more americana driven follow up EP "Down To Memphis", Smith invited legendary mandolinist David Grisman, a longtime friend of Jerry Garcia, to play on a rollicking tribute to the Grateful Dead.

Likewise, "Igniting The Flame" finds Scott upping his musical game with LaFlamme, keyboardist Spencer Burroughs, who also played on "Down To Memphis", veteran 'Tonight Show' and Mavis Staples backup singer Vickie Randall, veteran trombonist and horn arranger Mike Rinta and saxophonist Paul Branin. To help him with his vocal production, Smith turned to producer Julie Wolf at the legendary Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, where Creedence Clearwater Reveival and Santana, among other legends, have recorded. 

Other key tracks on the new EP include another rambunctious horn drenched rocker “Drop Kick It”, Smith’s whimsical, upbeat response to a bad day, featuring the line, “wondering where it all went wrong, how did your life become a country song?”, the edgy rocker “Bulls Eye To My Heart”, which blends images from TV with a romp about falling hard for someone, and “Rolling Home”, which finds Smith rising to the challenge of writing a highly memorable traditional blues song 

“In addition to stronger vocals, "Igniting The Flame" reflects my progress as a songwriter who can write about meaningful things but keep everything fun and catchy”, Smith says. “This EP is definitely a step up from my previous projects. While I’m honoring the great artists that have influenced me, I’m also staying on the fringe. I like being on the outside of the mainstream. On the edge. I like giving a positive message, even in downer songs. I like rock because it lifts my spirits, takes me out of my funk and reminds me to let go of fears and just live”.



Edgar Winter.....




Elmore James.....

Mississippi born bluesman Elmore James left his imprint on a generation of rock performers with his electrified style, influencing Jimi Hendrix and Keith Richards during his too brief lifetime. That influence extends to the world of roots music and the new James tribute album "Strange Angels: In Flight With Elmore James", which includes Rodney Crowell's rendition of "Shake Your Money Maker". Crowell's version retains the shimmying rhythm and tempo of James' original, replacing the strutting bass riff with some sizzling electric guitar.

"First time I heard 'Shake Your Money Maker', I was completely floored", says Crowell. "I couldn’t stop playing it for weeks. When I was asked to participate in this tribute, I jumped on it. Down and dirty, ethereal rock and roll is how I describe the song".

Released last week, January 26th, 2018, in conjunction with what would have been James' 100th birthday, "Strange Angels" also features Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer on the title track, Jamey Johnson and Warren Haynes on "It Hurts Me Too" and Tom Jones on "Done Somebody Wrong".






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