Mikael Persson – Home Sweet Home

Mikael Persson: vocal, guitars & recorder, Klas Qvist: accordion & vocals,
Christer Rudmyr: bass, Åke Strömberg: drums
Produced by Mats-Ola Tranell & Mikael Persson
Recorded and mixed by Mats-Ola Tranell & Mikael Persson at Linnégatan and Vinylbaren
(P) & (C) 2010 Paraply Records

“Don’t try this at home...”


When she’s sneakin’ out the the back door,
there is blackness in her eyes
The house that she is leaving,
is a fortress full of lies and fear
She’s got no one she can run to,
doesn’t dare to use the phone
Her friends have all deserted,
her sister doesn’t want to hear

It’s been going on too many years,
and there’s no reason why
If only she could straigthen up,
it wouldn’t be that high
Maybe she is wrong,
and maybe ugly on the side
Maybe she could try again

Home sweet home...

She leaves him for another life
She leaves the pain behind
She thinks she’s gonna start again
A place that he can never find
And her friends show up from long ago,
she thinks it’s rather kind
To be the centre of the world again
The past has almost slipped her mind

So she’s back to going out, ‘cause
she deserves to have some fun
Her friends can see her laugh again,
and there’s this handsome man
She likes his gentle smile
She likes the twinkle in his eye
Maybe she could try again

Home sweet home...

Everything she sees
Everything she feels
Everything she knows is sadness
But couldn’t it be done
To rise above the shame
She’s done nothing wrong
Let’s roll away the chain

Home sweet home...

(Mikael Persson) - Perssonal Songs –


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