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Citizen K – A Place To Call Your Own


Klas Qvist: lead & backing vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, bass and accordion
Produced by Tobias Walka and Klas Qvist
Recorded, programmed and mixed by Tobias Walka at Centralen Studios
(P) & (C) 2010 Paraply Records

"This song deals with the importance of having somewhere to settle down, regardless of how tumultuous everything else around you may seem. If you have this little place where you can feel safe and just go with the flow for a while, then I think you can handle almost anything”


Just let the night surround you
Now that your friends have gone away
They flew elsewhere without you
Like birds on a cold November day

Even a whirlwind existence
Must have its time of calm and warmth
You saw the clouds in the distance
In time to seek shelter from the storm

And throughout the years of doubt and worries
You learned how to make it all alone
And these days, there is no need to hurry
Since you've found a place to call your own

You’ve been here for some time now
These walls know all there is to know
You could move on but somehow
I know as well as you, you’ll never go

And you know, you’ll never seek the wilderness
Before the peace and quiet of a home
And you've had your share of pain and sadness
Since you've found a place to call your own

So, welcome home

(Klas Qvist) – Citizongs –