Clarence Bucaro – Looking For Home In You (L.A. demo)

Clarence Bucaro: vocals & guitars, Brian Kehew: keys & programming
Produced by Clarence Bucaro
Recorded and mixed by Brian Kehew in North Hollywood
(P) & (C) 2010 Clarence Bucaro

“This was a song written on a job working at the St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans as a landscaper in November of 2004. It's about growing weary in the long winters of your journey, and in this case looking at new love for the settled feeling of ‘home’.”

You and I, we are the same, just looking for home
Though we have just met, I can see it in your eyes
And all the snow is falling down this winter morning
It’s been a long year, but it’s coming to an end

You could be my new beginning
You could be the start of my brand new year
Maybe you’re all that I’ve been looking for
Now I’m looking for home in you
I’m looking for home in you

We’ve both been broke, and broken down, just looking for home
We do both need rest, let’s save our strength for spring
And all the world is fast asleep this winter morning
But we’re awake and in the cold, at the chance we’ve found a spark

I’m tired of chasing faith and love
Still we swear not the winds nor love has ever lead us wrong

We’ve changed our towns and our beliefs, just looking for home
It can feel like there is nothing new, even though the old has changed
And all the branches that were bare, now dressed in white
Maybe we’ve found some calm within the storm

(Clarence Bucaro) – Clarence Bucaro Music, BMI –


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