Annie Keating – Water Tower View (alt version)

Annie Keating: acoustic guitar & vocals, Chris Tarrow: electric guitar,
Jason Mercer: bass, Chris Benelli: drums
Produced by Annie Keating and Jason Mercer
Recorded by Jason Mercer at Stoop Sale Studio
Mixed by Steve Addabbo at Shelter Island Sound
(P) & (C) 2010 Annie Keating

“When I first moved to New York City, I worked at an office in Soho with a view of a water tower right up there on the roof. I loved looking at that water tower at different times of the day and times of year. In the bright sunshine and the pouring rain. In the winter all covered in snow, in the fall with the leaves blowing about. It was very beautiful somehow. And I was pretty young, with all kinds of new things happening to me. The song is about that feeling of longing for that sense of youth and possibility. In the tune there's a line that goes, 'homesick for a place you can't
return to again', and that's kind the heart of it.There's no going back, even if you long to sometimes. But sometimes seeing a water tower on an autumn day makes me
feel something deep in my chest, a reminder of younger days.”

Leaves turn crimson a restless season, the cold wind blowing through
Blue smoke rising an autumn sky, and a water tower view

Water tower view
Makes me think of you

Out upon this old fire escape, it’s cold but I like the view
Water tower so forlorn and beautiful, makes me think of you

Water tower view
Makes me think of you

Homesick for a place we can’t return to again, when love it was true
Rusty heart on the fire escape, and my water tower view

Water tower view
Makes me think of you

(Annie Keating) – Annie Keating, BMI –


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