Hey Negrita – Welcome Home

Felix Bechtolsheimer: vocals, Oli Bayston: guitars, bass, keyboards & vocals,
Neil Findlay: drums, Drew Cullingham: guitar,
Gigi Collard, Matthew Ord, Lisa Lorenz & Richard Kayvan: backing vocals
Produced by Oli Bayston
Recorded and mixed by Richard Kayvan at Little Austin
(P) & (C) 2010 Fat Fox Records Ltd

“I wrote this song in a rehab centre in Delray Beach about ten years ago. I was coming off heroin, methadone and booze at the time, and was in a pretty bad shape. My room mate was a fifty-five year old cowboy junkie who had worked with Gram Parsons and Little Feat, and he got me into the whole country thing. The song is about desperately wanting to go home to London, but knowing that I would probably die if I didn't get clean first. We recorded this very recently as part of a new project I'm working on, but when it was done, it sounded more like a Hey Negrita tune. As Matt and Neil are on the recording as well and as I wrote it at the same time as the majority of the songs on 'We Are Catfish', it kind of made sense to call it a Hey Negrita song. The whole thing was recorded in our rehearsal room, which gives it a nice open feel.”

The future’s killing me with you still hanging around
Everything I try to do you have to put me down
Buy me another one, don’t pass me by
Why smoke and sink my friend, when you can shoot and fly?

Oh Babe, don’t you cry
Love in your cup won’t mean shit when you die

Head back to London now, step off the plane
Don’t push it in my face, I know it’s all the same
Please shut the bedroom door, I don’t want to hear you moan
Slap bang wallop she says “welcome home”

Oh Babe, don’t you cry
Love in your cup won’t mean shit when you die

I wake up on the floor, feeling just like dead
Pass me a cup of wine and ease my aching head
Let’s shoot another one, that’s all I’ll ever be
I guess tomorrow’s gonna be the death of me

Oh Babe, don’t you cry
Love in your cup won’t mean shit when you die

(Felix Bechtolsheimer) – Fat Fox Music Ltd, PRS –


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