Luke Jackson – Trouble (alt string mix)

Luke Jackson: guitar & vocals, Christoffer Lundqvist: celesta & flute,
Magnus Börjeson: fender rhodes bassline, Jens Jansson: percussion
String arrangement written and conducted by Robert Kirby,
performed by the October 2nd Strings
Recorded, produced and and mixed by Christoffer Lundqvist at Aerosol Grey Machine
(P) & (C) 2008 Popsicle Recordings

“This song dates back to 1996. It’s the first song I ever wrote that I would perform under my own name. This version, with the late, great Robert Kirby’s beautiful string arrangement, has never been released before. I hope you enjoy it.””

Baby, I think you’re gonna hate me this time
Lately I’ve been feeling greatly like I’m
On a train to somewhere, don’t know where I’m going
Beneath my feet, the grass is growing
It’s cold outside, it might be snowing
I guess there’s just no way of knowing, not this time

After, I drain all the laughter from your face
Lie here, I think I’m gonna die here in your place
Thinkin’ ‘bout the time we spent
How the way we met was heaven-sent
Now I am here and you are there and,
it’s way too easy not to care
So I think about the moonlight mile,
and the way it felt to make you smile
But the memories fade into each other,
I think I’m gonna need another day

Trouble, you’re gonna burst my bubble this time
Hoping that you were only joking last night
Think I’m on a road to nowhere, bits of wood and sand in my hair
Slept all night and through to morning, caffeine kicks in still I’m yawning
And who are you to speculate
About the shape of my heart and my mental state
You’re in my head you keep me flying,
so I guess there can be no denying
That I’m thinking ’bout your love
Thinking ’bout your love
Thinking ’bout your love
Thinking ’bout your love

(Luke Jackson) – Luke Jackson, SOCAN–


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