Steve Mednick – Why? Why? Why?

Steve Mednick: vocals & guitar, Eddie Seville: background vocals & percussion,
Karl Allweier: double bass, Ashley Bathgate: cello
Recorded, produced and mixed by Eddie Seville at Cottage Sound
(P) & (C) 2010 Steven G Mednick/Prospect Hill Words & Music

“We are all immigrants, coming and going from place-to-place, sometimes welcome, most of the time fighting for a place at the table. Home is where we lay our heads, it may be a tenement in the city, a tent in a field or a cabin the woods. It is the place where we dream, feed our spirits and imagine the future.”

Home… I’m a pilgrim in search of salvation
I’m a lonely man looking for a bride
I dig deep and wide for the paradise inside
Yet for me it all comes down to home

I don’t need any money, just a place where I belong
Empty riches couldn’t buy something so fine
A place to rest my head near the land I was bred
There is nothing as sweet as my home


I was born in Tejas Country north of the Rio Grande
I was raised in Monterey on the bay
A stranger came a’calling took the land my father left
I’m outside, I’m all alone and I’m cold


I dream of peace in the valley and lillies in the field
I seek the solace of a breeze in my face
The simple life I led on the land I was bred
There’s nothing as sweet as your home

(Steven G Mednick) – Prospect Hill Words & Music –


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