Slowman – Homeless

Slowman: guitars, harmonica & vocals, Jacob Theorell: upright bass, Stefan Rosén: drums,
Per Ängkvist: tambourine, Katarina Byman: harmony vocals
Produced by Slowman and Anders L Johansson
Recorded and mixed by Per Ängkvist in Real Music Studio
(P) & (C) 2010 Slow Records

“We recorded ‘Homeless’ during another studio session. Between screaming guitars and thundering drums we took a soulful break with this low-key yearning for more humanity.”

He lost the whole deal because of something he said,
he still didn’t understand when he laid down his head,
in his big master bedroom in the house by the sea,
where he used to be so happy, careless and free

The business went bad, no matter how hard he tried,
he crawled down the bottle to figure out why,
his wife left him drunk in the big living room,
they closed his company in April, and the sea house in June

He is homeless,
now he is homeless

She came to the city with her soul full of scars,
she had no defense against the wolves and the sharks,
always ready to shelter a new pretty face,
now she’s walking the streets, what a terrible waste

She is homeless,
now she is homeless

The man on the street has wishes like you,
dreams and a history too,
the reason you turn away your head, is because he’s
too much like you

The young and the rich makes a fool out of a man,
that tries to survive as hard as he can,
has everybody lost their hearts in this beautiful town,
I hope, God all mighty, they someday will be found

I feel homeless
I feel so homeless

(Svante Törngren) – Slow Music Publishing –


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