Fur Dixon & Steve Werner – Little Paradise

Fur Dixon: vocals & guitar, Steve Werner: vocals, guitar, mandolin & bells
Produced by Dennis Moody & Fur Dixon
Recorded by Dennis Moody at Dennis Moody Studios
(P) & (C) 2010 Grass & Gravel Records

“This song was written about me and my, then 10 year old boy, Remy. We had a tiny apartment, two dogs (not allowed!) and some frogs in a tank. On a few occasions the tub did overflow, but the water never reached the downstairs neighbors! Times were tough, but they were also very sweet. It was our little paradise.”

We’ve got a simple life, not much stuff but that’s alright
Urban delight, and it’s paradise
A little one bedroom, there’s room for two and some dogs
I hear the frogs and it’s paradise, it’s so nice

Paradise and I rolled a lucky seven
Our ship’s come in, the bathtub’s overflowin’
Paradise, I’ll meet you here tonight
You wear a smile and I’ll wear white
It’s so nice, paradise, it’s so nice.

I’ve had my eye on this, I still remember our first kiss

Well some take a plane, I’ll hop a train
I don’t think twice because it’s paradise
Wake up it’s tumbling by, open those sleepy eyes
Here’s the sign, you arrived, it’s paradise
This stop paradise, sonny, paradise, it’s so nice
Our little paradise, it’s so nice, our little paradise

(Fur Dixon) – Fur Dixon, BMI –


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