Mikael Persson: lead vocal & all instruments,
Pelle Johanson: backing vocals
Produced by The Wiener Bros
Recorded & mixed by Mikael Persson at Linnégatan
(P) & (C) 2011 Paraply Records

“If this song seems to contain words and metaphors that makes you think it has a deeper meaning, it is completely coincidental. However, if you try to get together with someone,
it would probably be a good idea, so to speak, to try to get it together with yourself first...”

A man carried love, a man carried kisses,
as much as he could hold
His path was filled with poses,
he opened the door, he climbed up the stairs
A man carried kisses, but she just wasn’t there

A man carried hate, a man carried anger,
as much as he could hold
His path was filled with power,
he opened the door,
and pulled out his gun
A man carried ashes,
and no one understands

When I called you up this morning,
you were crying in your bed
Hey, hey, hey the war is over
Don’t you know our love is dead
When I met you in the corner,
you were laughing with a friend
I said hey, I try to understand,
but cant you see I'm falling

A man carries shame, it comes out as roses,
as much as he can hold
His path is filled with poses
He locks up the door, he blows out the light
A man carries darkness,
as if to save his life

When you called me up this morning,
I was frying in my pan
Hey, hey, hey, the wound will never heal,
the pain will never end
When you see me in this garden,
pay attention to the signs
I said hey, I tried the best I could,
but can’t you see us falling

(Mikael Persson) – Perssonal Songs –


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