Elliott Murphy: vocal & rhythm guitar, Olivier Durand: lead guitar & vocals,
Laurent Pardo: bass & vocals, Alan Fatras: drums & vocals
Produced by Elliott Murphy
Recorded and mixed by Ariel Loh at Le Kalif, Rouen
(P) & (C) 2011 Elliott Murphy

“This song was written while driving back from Beitostølen, Norway, to the airport in Oslo. I don’t know why it came to me in that moment, but it did, and I had to sing the melody into my iphone, and write down the words, and hope it all made sense when I got back to Paris.
I think we were talking about doing a country album, and my friend Steinar liked the idea,
and the next thing I knew, the song appeared.”

We got wheels and we roll down this highway
We got wheels and we roll from town to town
So many stops along the way
You can look, you can’t stay
As we roll along this eternal highway

Well, I can feel you warm body here beside me
I hope to be here until death pulls us apart
But I’m a stranger bound to roam
Even your love can’t make me a home
When I feel the call of that eternal highway

This mountain is so high, just one way across it
I might be burning with light, but my flame will go out some day, I know
So don’t cry for me when I’m gone,
‘cause my love will surely live on
In your heart, in your mind, in your soul

We got wheels and we’re rolling down this highway
I got wheels and I move from town to town
So many stops along the way
I can look, I can’t stay
As I roll along this eternal highway

(Elliott Murphy) – Elliott Murphy –


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