Keith Miles: vocals & guitar, Jack Sundrud: vocals & percussion,
Sue Braswell: vocals
Produced, recorded and mixed by Jack Sundrud at The Spare Room
(P) & (C) 2011 Keith Miles

“Jack and I thought about this particular theme and came up with several ideas, but I kept coming back to what was happening in Egypt. I was struck by the bravery of these young people and their peaceful protest. After committing to that idea, the song came easily and quickly.”

Did you ever see something you couldn't explain
like a generation bent to the tyrant's reign
sometimes the light of hope springs from the smallest flame
waiting for one bold heart to give it a name

Oh, one man is standing tall
Oh, can't you hear his call
Oh, there must be something bigger than this

How the hell can we live in a world with war
half the time nobody knows what they're fighting for
where the idols of the tribe rule with an iron fist
I can feel the sharp knives when they start to twist

Oh, is there a season
Oh, of love and reason
Oh, there must be something bigger than this

I can hear the voices of the silent crowd
chant the anthem, help me sing their sing out loud
Egypt is free for awhile as the old men reminisce
the young folks say those kings will never be missed

Oh, where are you goin'
Oh, when the freedom flags are are blowin'
Oh, there must be something bigger than this

(Keith Miles/Jack Sundrud) – House Of Trout, ASCAP/Omarnerma Music, BMI –


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