Marcus Eaton


Marcus Eaton’s career has been a study in dichotomy. His music is unique and original, yet wide in its appeal. His band is but a trio, but is as sonically powerful as any twice its size. His influences and famous fans include icons dating to the 60's (such as Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame-member David Crosby), and those who are among today’s most acclaimed artists (such as Tim Reynolds of Dave Matthews Band).

Eaton might be a small-town guy at the core, but his music knows no borders.

The singer/songwriter/guitarist from Boise, Idaho, recently released his 5th CD of original material, “As If You Had Wings”, an effort that has proven Eaton’s appetite for expansion. Powered by swirling bassist Ben Burleigh and powerhouse percussionist Kevin Rogers, the release is robust, a real rocker at times, yet shows the thoughtful songwriting that has been an Eaton trademark since he signed his first recording contract with a subsidiary of MCA Records in 2002.

As one reviewer noted, the latest CD is Eaton’s “most accessible yet aggressive rock music yet. He’s developed into a dazzling guitarist”. Announces another, “The intricacy of Eaton’s songs is gratifying and unfortunately lacking in most mainstream rock”. Eaton’s style is an excellent mixture of maturity and excitement”.

The band has been likened to such vaunted trios as Cream, Rush and Police, with Eaton’s clear and inviting voice and ever-dazzling guitar work pacing the band.

One of the more discriminate authorities in rock history agrees with the haughty praise heaped on Eaton.

“I truthfully think he’s one of the best young singer-songwriter guys in America, maybe in the world”, Crosby says. “He’s an enormously talented person. And it comes from a very, very good place. People who really listen to music, I think, will find him just a joy. He’s a really brilliant writer. Brilliant musically. Brilliant lyrically. And he just plays (guitar) like God on a good day!”

And this lavish praise is imparted after a mere two-year collaboration between Eaton and Crosby, who were introduced by a mutual friend two years ago and forged a bond through their passion for music.

Eaton has been a featured act for such wide-ranging artists as Bob Dylan, Train, Victor Wooten, Dave Matthews Band, Tim Reynolds, Derek Trucks Band, Martin Sexton, John Mayer, Jewel, Counting Crows, Jason Mraz and Sheryl Crow.

Eaton borrows from traditional rock, funk, reggae, flamenco, classical, jazz and folk, has toured extensively with Tim Reynolds. The Dave Matthews Band guitarist says, "Marcus weaves a tapestry rich in musical depth and soulful feeling. Sweet impassioned spot-on singing round out this total package of dynamite”.

Eaton has performed at venues vast and intimate. He has been featured on the 20,000-capacity Gorge Amphitheatre side stage during a show headlined by Dave Matthews Band. His CD release party at The Knitting Factory in Boise crammed the concert hall even beyond it’s official 999-seat capacity.

Born in Pocatello, Idaho, Eaton has been one of the most acclaimed artist in the intermountain west for more than a decade. With such luminaries as David Crosby among his confidants, he seems poised to take the step to stardom many have anticipated for him since he first picked up a guitar as a child.

“I think everything happens in a great way for me”, he says. “It happens when it’s supposed to happen”.





Markus Berjlund

"Time For Football" is, of course, a football song, but most of all it is a song about dreams and companion­ship. We need each other in this world, as we need each other in a team. No matter if it's at the school yard or at the Wembley stadium, in family or in the neighbourhood. I need you. You need me. And that's the truth also when it comes to the challenges of the future for humanity.

The song is written by the Swedish singer-songwriter Markus Berjlund who performs it together with Caroline af Ugglas. Andreas Ahlenius is the producer-engineer and among the musicians you hear Marty Wilson-Piper.

During his life Markus has been listening a lot to musical giants like Dylan, Springsteen and Neil Young. In "Time For Football", you can also hear musical influences from British post-punk bands like New Order and The Smiths.

Caroline af Ugglas is well known in Sweden for her intense and emotive voice and her charismatic stage appearances. She has made 7 albums and also made many TV appearances in different con­texts. Her album "Så Gör Jag Det Igen" (2009) reached the number one position of the Swedish album list.

Markus Berjlund has made 3 solo albums. In 2010 he had his first song added on the playlist of the dominating Swedish radio channel, Radio P4. His music has also been played in other Scandinavian countries. But he had never even thought of writing a song in English when one morning - when the Swedish version of this song was completed - the phrase “it takes a team to fullfil a dream” came into his head. One hour later he had completed the lyrics of "Time For Football" with words focusing what mankind has in common, all over the world. Football as a metaphor for important aspects of life itself. But it is also a tribute to some of the greatest practitioners ever of the sport; Puskas, Pelé, Maradona, Gascoigne, Beckenbauer and Cruyff.

Marty Wilson-Piper is to many music lovers most known as a guitarist in the legendary Australian group The Church. As in their major hit "The Unguarded Moment", Marty here brings sober guitars with a driving force.

Andreas Ahlenius has produced gold and platinum albums with Saybia (DK) and produced and/or mixed some of the most prominent Swedish artists like Miss Li and Di Leva.





Maria Solheim

What do you have when you combine songs that speak to the soul, talent that shines the spotlight on the darkest corners of your hopes and fears, music that inspires, comforts and makes you want to alternately laugh, cry or reflect – with a heart that touches all that hear her and an honesty that makes you want to be a better person? Maria Solheim.

Maria originally aspired to be a reporter, having started working as a freelance journalist in her native northern Norway at the tender age of 14. Luckily for us, she turned her abilities for stating the truth to songwriting – in English (the better to disguise her lyrics from her parents). Love isn’t an easy topic when you’re a teenager. By the time she was 18 she had caught the eye – and more importantly the ear – of the music industry, resulting in her debut album "Barefoot" being released when she was just 19. Featuring some of Norway’s best studio musicians, the album started to generate opportunities for Maria, leading to a support spot with Susanne Vega and the start of what would become a tradition of successful tours in Germany.

Maria’s 2nd album "Behind Closed Doors" ironically opened more of them, including a release and tour in Japan. The critics loved her, and why not? The album showed Maria’s continuing development as a songwriter and as the head of her own band. With the release of her 3rd album "Frail" (one that Maria has said is very close to her heart) in Scandinavia, Germany and Japan, she continued to build her considerable and ever-increasing fan base. She even garnered a royal 'command performance' at the baptism of Norway’s Princess Ingrid Alexandra, second in line to the Norwegian throne.

In spite of a grueling tour schedule that included Germany, UK, China, Thailand, Japan, the US, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Scandinavia, Maria found the time and energy to record "There Will Be Spring", replete with beautiful yet catchy songs that proved to be eminently synch-able. Maria has seen her music in demand for a wide variety of projects - Films, audio books, advertisements (including a worldwide deal for Ecco Shoes) – not to mention other displays of Maria’s talents as a published book author and exhibitions of her artwork. The album opened up a new audience for Maria when it was released in France.

Following this whirlwind of activity, Maria took some time to gather her thoughts, experiences and energy – and to have a family. But even then she continued creating; the single “Rom For Alle” – her first in Norwegian – was a duet with Hans Erik Husby Dyvik (AKA Hank von Helvete, former lead singer of the hugely successful Norwegian band Turbonegro) and went double platinum.

Maria has now marshaled her considerable abilities in the recording of her new album, "In The Deep", to be released by Membran in February.

Produced by Nick Terry (Turbonegro, Libertines, Klaxons, Roger Sanchez, former singer with The Stone Roses Ian Brown), Maria was also joined in the studio by Henry Olsen (former Primal Scream member who has also worked with Nico, Velvet Underground, John Cale and more), Emil Nikolaisen (formerly with Serena Maneesh) and other stellar musicians. The result is a wild record with songs that range from quiet, simple guitar-based tunes, through rock, all the way to pop. 'This album has been developing a long time', says Maria. 'There have been a lot of tears and laughter along the way, and I’m incredibly proud of the result. Now I've made an album I can dance to!'.

When it comes to Maria Solheim, the possibilities are truly limitless.



Martin Kerr

Since arriving in Canada as a homeless traveler, UK born singer songwriter Martin Kerr has built his career one passerby at a time, singing his way from street corners to concert halls and arenas. Often compared to the best of the 1970’s troubadours, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, John Denver, Martin's soulful voice and lyrics connect with listeners of all ages and backgrounds.

Now he's raising his young family by performing more than a 150 shows a year, in folk clubs and listening rooms, at farmer’s markets, house concerts and festivals, even schools, offices and places of worship. He has carved out a niche as one of the most approachable and inventive musicians around.

“I've always wanted to take my music to the people where they are. I watched other musicians playing the same venues for the same people late at night and not making a living, so I thought I would try something different. I decided to play pretty much anywhere people gather, no matter their ages or backgrounds and performing for them when they weren’t expecting it. If you surprise people with something beautiful, with passion and sincerity, people will remember and support you”, said Kerr.

His hard work has paid off in a big way. In May 2017, Kerr sold out the 1 700 seat Winspear Centre, the most prestigious concert hall in his adopted hometown of Edmonton. His notoriety also landed him the opening slot for legendary songstress Sarah McLachlan at the 20,000 seat Rogers Place.

With the release of his new album ”Better Than Brand New”, Martin Kerr has gone from local hero to national talking point. Without any label backing, and relying only on his grassroots following, the album landed in the Canadian Top 10 and made it to #2 on iTunes. Now he is looking to take his burgeoning reputation as an entertainer and songwriter to a global level.

Although he has released a number of albums in the past, consisting of original material, cover song Projects, as well as a few children’s albums, and selling in excess of 20,000 copies in all, ”Better Than Brand New” sees Kerr stepping up his game on all levels.

“There is quite a contrast on the album. A few songs are incredibly intimate with just my guitar and voice, while others have synths and big drums, electric guitars and full on production”, says Kerr. “Some grow from one to the other. My producer, Stew Kirkwood, and I share an admiration for artists like Peter Gabriel and Radiohead and decided to emulate some of those more epic soundscapes that we loved from those albums”.

Kerr is an artist who believes that music has the capacity to change hearts and minds. Imbued with a deeply held social conscience, Kerr wants his audiences to not only be entertained, but to be moved.

“As a kid I fell in love with artists like Tracy Chapman and Cat Stevens, they write very personal songs about their own lives, but with an aspect of social commentary, which I’ve always admired and try to emulate”, he said.

Following in the traditions of the great folk music storytellers of past generations, Kerr’s incredibly poignant and well crafted acoustic song ”Mr Liao”, tells the tale of a down on his luck migrant farmer trying to eke out a living for his family.

“I met the family when I was teaching in China. They lived on the other side of a wall from me. I was living in a foreigners’ compound and there was this 10 foot high wall with sharpened glass on top that kept poor people from getting in, which made me very uncomfortable, because I had gone there to be with ordinary people”, he said. “On my time off I would go outside the gate and meet the migrant farmers and got to know this gentleman, his wife and son. The song tells the story of how this family got to be where they are. It’s a really tragic story and almost everybody I have played it for has cried”.

Each show and each song from Martin Kerr takes listeners on an authentic and powerfully emotional journey. Much like life, there is joy, there is sadness, there is injustice, there is love and loss all presented through melodies that stay with the listener.

Martin Kerr’s connection to people of all ages, backgrounds and all tastes, cultivated through his many years as a fearless and friendly street performer has allowed him to develop his craft as a songwriter, and especially as a live performer, in ways that are truly unique and organic. With the global release of ”Better Than Brand New”, he is set to do the same with audiences around the world.


Marty Stuart

American music icon Marty Stuart will release his 2nd album for Sugar Hill Records entitled "Nashville, Volume 1: Tear The Woodpile Down" on April 24th, 2012. The ten song collection, almost entirely written by Marty, features his touring band of musical missionaries The Fabulous Superlatives. Nashville staples Buck Trent, Kenny Lovelace, and Robbie Turner are joined by country music royalty Hank Williams III and Lorrie Carter Bennett (The Carter Family) on harmony vocals to fill out the cast.

Marty Stuart arrived in Nashville on Labor Day weekend, 1972. “I came to Nashville from the land of Jimmie Rodgers, looking for a place, a place to belong inside the world of country music. It was a country boy Hollywood, the air castle of the South, a dream factory”. 40 years, a decade worth of hits and a full round of hillbilly stardom later, Stuart has hillbilly rocked himself back to the bosom of traditional country music.

“When I reconnected with traditional country music I found myself, my calling”, says Stuart. “The kind that is timeless, beautiful, beyond trend, the empowering force, the reflection of a people and a culture. The kind of country music that the working man and scholars alike call home. The job seemed to be to champion it, love it, protect it, care for its people, attempt to write a new chapter for it and to make sure that everybody understands that it’s alive and well in the 21st century”.

Stuart has done that with his acclaimed collection of country music memorabilia and treasures which currently tours across the country, and with his Marty Stuart Show on RFD TV which provides a platform for some of Nashville’s classic artists to perform on a nationally syndicated program.

“When I first came to Nashville the most outlaw thing you could possibly do around here was to take country music and blow it up into rock & roll. Mission accomplished! Today, the most outlaw thing you can possibly do in Nashville, Tennessee is play country music”. With "Tear The Woodpile Down", the latest chapter in the Marty Stuart story, he’s doing just that




Mary Battiata & Little Pink

Mary Battiata’s latest is nothing less than a jewel of modern country” ~ Dani Heyvaert, Rootstime

Mary Battiata’s "The Heart, Regardless" debuted in late January at #24 and #38, respectively, on the Roots Music Report’s 'Top 50 Americana Album' and 'Top 50 Country Album' charts and is gathering great reveiws in the US and Europe. The album features 13 new songs by singer songwriter Mary Battiata and her band Little Pink, plus Mary’s cover of an instant country classic, “Drive That Fast”, by Baltimore honky tonk master Arty Hill. It was recorded by Mary and co-producer Dave Nachodsky in Baltimore, MD, with a posse of the finest country and bluegrass players on the mid Atlantic scene, along with contributions from special guests Dudley Connell, IBMA winner Mike Munford on banjo, IBMA nominee Patrick McAvinue, and more. From the acoustic twang of “Tall Timbers”, set on the 18th century Chesapeake Bay, to the dark guitar and bodhrum pulse of “March 16”, an anti war anthem set in northern Iraq circa 1988, from the classic country and rockabilly sounds of “20 Words” and “Can’t Take My Mind Off You”, to the second line swing of “Six Miles Out”, "The Heart, Regardless" is a fiery charmer.



Matthew O'Neill

Matthew O’Neill’s ”Trophic Cascade” is the debut release from Underwater Panther Coalition. O’Neill found acclaim with the ”Campfire Cook” LP issued in 2015 via California’s Lone Pine Records, and was praised by LA Weekly, CMJ, Magnet Magazine and others.

Returning with ”Trophic Cascade”, we see a more driven and determined O’Neill. Offering a more sophisticated record that’s bigger, bolder and more ambitious, he charts sonic territories unimaginable to listeners of his earlier works.

Having spent much of his early years living nomadically in National Forests and on Indian reservations, and working seasons on isolated farms and ranches, O’Neill’s worldview and experiences are full of contradictions, and these can he heard on this gorgeously eclectic new LP.

O’Neill channels the sounds of americana, psychedelia, soul, folk, rock’n’roll, funk, world and country, along with the spirits and sights of the great outdoors. Matthew lives and breathes the kind of expansive music that allows the listener to bring their own trip to the trip.

Twang and tribal drumming clash with synth, sax, strings and stoner guitar solos. These contradictory musical elements combine beautifully with album’s message. But there’s plenty of style to accompany the substance.

Pulling together an incredible ensemble of musicians, O’Neill is backed by a luscious layering of baritone sax and contrabass clarinet by Stuart Bogie (Arcade Fire, David Byrne & St Vincent, Iron & Wine, Sharon Van Etten), synth/keys by Frank LoCrasto (Cass McCombs), soulful vocals by Shayna Steele (Hairspray Live, Bette Midler), cello by Dave Eggar (Patti Smith, Frank Ocean, Paul Simon, Sia), bass by Jacob Silver (Charles Bradley, Lauren Hill, Lucinda Williams), and co-produced with 2 x Grammy winner Diko Shoturma (Bjork, St Vincent, David Crosby), the album sounds huge.

Opening with the call to action “Bridge Builder”, Matthew says, “’Bridge Builder’ exists at a confluence of Native American ways, failing political systems, concepts of personal freedom, and alternative positive futures”. It’s a strong dose of crunching Americana full of stomp and swagger, O’Neill sets the tone early, but this is no one-note outing.

O’Neill offsets the Nick Cave tinged malevolence of “Poisoning The Well” (“and you got that blood stained white T-shirt from when they took her from you, and I got those guilt ridden old sneakers, hanging on the line”) with the delirious psychedelia and tribal drumming of “1000 Years”.

While the shimmering and soulfully progressive “Louisiana” hints at the 70’s, he soon offers a more experimental twist on the singer songwriter format with the brass heavy “There You Go Again”, before diving headfirst into the cocksure, irresistible groove of “Alzheimer’s Blues”.

Though a consistent and full sounding collection, the album rarely repeats a trick, innovating, building and exploring from beginning to end.



Meadow Creek

Meadow Creek is mr and mrs Peter and Linda Dahl from Degerfors, Sweden. Linda is a singer and songwriter who got her 1st record deal at the age of 17, when she was the lead vocalist in the band Angel. A few years later, the band got a smash hit with the song “Sommaren I City”, which became a Swedish summer classic, and is still played regularly at every Swedish radio station.

Peter is a multi instrumentalist, producer and songwriter who started as a touring guitarist at the age of 11. As a member of the cover band Peckas Pack he has cut off most of Sweden’s party scenes. In 1996, the Dahl couple joined and started one of Sweden’s first ABBA tribute shows together with some friends from Stockholm, “SOS – A Tribute To ABBA”, touring in both Sweden and the rest of Europe for 16 years.

Meanwhile their love for bluegrass and country music grew stronger and Linda and Peter started the band Whisky & Dynamite, which became very popular on the Swedish country scene. They recorded and released 2 albums in 2006 and 2009, and their songs entered radio stations all over the world.

As songwriters, the couple has written a lot of songs for various artists and bands. For example Roger Pontare, Streaplers, Blender, Sten & Stanley, Drifters, Fernandoz, Barbados, Black Jack, Fryd & Gammen, Fernandoz and others. They have had several songs at Svensktoppen  and they also wrote the song who won Melodifestivalen in Sweden in the year of  2000. Their song, “När Vindarna Viskar Mitt Namn”, was performed by the artist Roger Pontare. The song won the Swedish final and then ended up at # 7 in the Eurovision Song Contest.  They also competed in other countries selections for the Eurovision song contest.  In 2016 they wrote the song “Golden Frame” for artists Matilda & Stefan, who won the regional final in Svensktoppen Nästa, which Sveriges Radio P4 organizes. In recent years, the couple has also worked with Starlab Publishing and writes J-pop and K-pop songs to the Asian market. 

Right now, the Dahl’s focus is their new duo Meadow Creek, which entered the studio in the summer of 2017, and recorded their own material in the style of singer songwriter, country, americana, blues and pop.  Producer of the new album is Göran Eriksson, Black Lake Music, also known as the band leader and guitarist in Jill Johnson’s band.


Melanie Dekker

"Secret Spot is a new, spirited and dynamic Melanie Dekker album, recorded with award winning Canadian producer Sheldon Zaharko, and supported by Creative BC and the Government of British Columbia.

 A collection of 10 songs that will take you to a few special corners of your heart. There is depth and variety, and the more you listen, the sweeter the details get. Each song visits a time, and a place, where a feeling glues that moment together. The pace is somewhat like walking through a city on a sunny day where the wind is howling and seems to chase you, as it’s strength differs with every turn you make.

“This folk pop record was mostly influenced by the last 100 shows, journeys experienced with my family and dearest friends over the last 5 years, and paying attention to the ‘quiver’ you get when something makes the hair on your arms stand up.  The music I listened to these past few years, City & ColourTom PettyThe BandJohn Mayer, Ed Sheeran, and inevitably some heartbreak also played a part”.

 "The backbone of most of the tracks are my acoustic guitar, and then I coloured the songs with my favourite musicians and instruments. I also dared to use my fingers on the piano track on ‘Always Gonna Be’, gently strummed the ukulele on ‘More Human’, got funky with the Wurlitzer piano on ‘Better When We Do’, and gently hammered it all home on a Rhodes on ‘When It’s Over’, the final and most gentle track."



The Men

In the winter of 2011 The Men got what is usually referred to as a ”unique offer” in commercials. They were asked if they wanted to travel 9,911 miles across half the globe from Lund, Sweden to Melbourne, Australia to play in a music festival.

”We just shook our heads and realised that it was a completely stupid idea. Sure, we would be headlining the festival, but still — it was too long a journey and too short notice. And then we looked at each other again. Melbourne. When would we get a chance like that again? We had to say yes”.

The group’s singer and hyper-energetic maracas shaker Sven Köhler remembers the trip that made such strong impressions on him, bassist Ola Främby, guitarist Olof Wallberg and drummer Niklas Kilenstam, that it inspired the five first songs on The Men’s 4th album ”This Way”, "If Tomorrow Comes", "St Kilda Beach", "Looking For Swedish Men", "Mr BBQ" and "My New Black Sailing Shoes".

“Oh, no – not a concept album”, you might think. Have The Men followed 60’s icons The Who, The Kinks, The Small Faces and The Pretty Things down this risky path? Not really. The Australian theme songs merely work as a kick-off to what might be the best collection of songs in the hard-hitting rhythm and blues tinged power pop style that they’ve made their own.

Still there are differences that give ”This Way” a slightly different edge compared to its predecessors, ”The Men” (2002), ”Return” (2006) and ”Four Good Men And True” (2009). For starters, the band this time decided to record in producer Amir Aly’s Yla Studios in Malmö, while the two latest albums were done in producer Christoffer Lundquist’s famously retro equipped studio.

In Sweden, Aly is as famous for his modern pop productions, as Lundquist is for his ability to capture the late 60’s sound. On paper it sounds like two different production schools, but in reality the difference isn’t that big. “The main goal this time was to push the sound as far as we possibly could. Everyone was to play loud, and everyone was to be heard the most”, is Ola Främby’s summary.

As a fan of The Men’s forerunners The Sinners and The Girls, Amir Aly enthusiastically started his work to create an "updated old school sound for 2013”. Production-wise the task was solved with a clever microphone placement in the studio in order to give each instrument it’s own characteristic sound. The idea was to use fewer microphones but position them in a way that would give the group a more modern and aggressive sound. The result has made Niklas Kilenstam’s already explosive drumming get even more in your face than before. Then Ola Främby’s mighty Gretsch bass was plugged into a Fender 75 guitar amp, which created a fat and slightly distorted bass sound. And when Aly finally panned Olof Wallberg’s ringing guitar power chords and Främby’s pumping bass into opposite stereo channels everyone realised that they had achieved their goal. It sounded like The Men, only more so.

Words like ”retro”, ”mods” and ”60’s” have followed The Men since their formation in the early 00’s. But with ”This Way” it seems the band have escaped the anorak. So what’s the correct way of describing The Men’s music today? Ola Främby needs only three words. “Hard, but elegant”, he says. And when he describes the atmosphere in the song "Back To Square One" he comes even closer to what might be the essence of The Men’s music; “It sounds like England when it’s raining”.

But let’s get back to the album’s sunny start with its Melbourne-inspired songs. "Looking For Swedish Men" almost wrote itself when their Australian record label contact/concert promoter/fan Dave Stevens met them at the airport, holding up a sign with that message.

Dave is also the founder of the record store Pure Pop Records at St Kilda, the beach community that inspired another of the songs on “This Way”. Apart from the music festival gig the band also played in the record store, and hung around on the clubs and bars around St Kilda. With its relentless riff and honking sax, St Kilda Beach became the band’s tribute to the area’s laid-back and inviting atmosphere.

Even the lyrics have taken a step forward this time. Sven Köhler and Ola Främby write the group’s material together with The Men’s fifth member — manager, songwriter and creative spin doctor Joakim Kilenstam. ”It’s not just things we make up, it’s for real. We write about ourselves. To love and live your dreams, like keeping on playing rock ’n’ roll”, Sven says.

The songwriting trio Köhler/Främby/Kilenstam have slightly different roles in the creative process. Sven’s strength is the ability to easily find melodies and basic chord progressions. Ola not only churns out melodies in a near constant flow, he’s also the man with an ear for quirky arrangement ideas that help the songs stand out even more. Joakim is the non-musician with a head full of possible or impossible musical combinations, like: “How about playing it as if it were a soul number on ’Sweet FA’”.

One example that shows just how personal The Men’s songwriting can be these days is the duet "Don’t", where dad and daughter — Sven and Isabella Köhler Alvén, that is — meet in a generational clash, so funny and direct that it’s hard not to be moved.

Of the album’s 13 songs all but two are around the magic three-minute mark. With its six and a half minutes, "My New Black Sailing Shoes" is the big exception. “We had a bunch of unfinished songs that we started with, but never really got around to finishing. So we put them all together into one song instead”. Now wait, where have we heard this one before? Wasn’t that album called “Abbey Road”?

And sure, we could go on and discuss song after song on ”This Way”. But then we wouldn’t have time to talk about the amazingly detailed cover with its tin miniature figures by the collector and miniature creator Pelle Persson. Take a closer look at the minimal proportions of The Men figures on the CD booklet’s last page, and then consider this dialogue when Pelle was about to paint Ola Främby’s boating blazer with its classic broad stripes.

Pelle: ”Hey, that thin red line between the blue and grey fields — does that really have to be there too?”

Ola: ”Well, it depends on how precise you want to be”.

A deep sigh could be heard, but Ola’s boating blazer got a thin red line. The Men is that kind of band. And “This Way” is that kind of album.

Sven Lindström, Malmö, September 2013



Merle Haggard

Iconic country music legend, Country Hall of Famer and most recently a Kennedy Center Honoree, Merle Haggard, is releasing a new album, ‘Working In Tennessee’, on October 4th, 2011. This marks his 2nd disc for Vanguard Records and is a collection of self-penned Haggard riches, plus a couple of classics made famous by Johnny Cash, as well as a new version of Merle’s stalwart “Working Man Blues”, featuring Willie Nelson and his son Ben Haggard.

‘Working in Tennessee’ is another in a long line of stellar discs filled with Haggard’s honest and candid observations of the world in which we all live, as well as life on the road and at home with backing by his longtime band The Strangers, plus a number of veteran studio cohorts. Produced by Haggard and Lou Bradley at the Hag’s northern California Tally studio, the album is another worthy addition to his tremendous body of decades of radiant work. It’s a loaded mixture that reflects the consistently self-possessed artistry which long ago earned him the moniker “poet of the common man” and displays his masterly phrasing with alternately smooth tones and rough-hued vocals that deliver all the resonant interpretive impact he’s known for.

‘Working in Tennessee’ opens with the title track, an ideal Western swing workout, that underscores Haggard’s oft-confrontational relationship with Music City, to the stark vulnerability of “Sometimes I Dream”, co-written with his daughter Jenessa, to the autobiographical tale of “Down On The Houseboat”, co-written with his wife Theresa. Willie Nelson and his son Ben are featured on the kicking re-make of his anthemic “Working Man Blues” and Theresa joins Hag on a duet of the Johnny Cash-June Carter standard “Jackson”.

The album is a strikingly artistic example of the artist’s unflagging creativity which shows no signs of slowing down. According to Haggard, “I’m swinging back in full throttle right now. Music keeps me alive. It makes me breathe better. It’s funny, but I feel better when I come off a tour than when I start out”. What an amazing accomplishment for a man who was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2008 and had part of his lung removed. With no signs of the disease returning, Haggard continues to produce songs and perform live at the age of 74 with more energy and enthusiasm than many a younger man or woman.




Michael Brewer

Michael Brewer was born on April 14th, 1944, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The oldest of four children, he performed on the radio at age four. He was a singing drummer in a rock and roll band in highschool, along with fellow bandmate and guitarist Jesse Ed Davis. In 1960 he sold his drums and bought his first guitar. After graduating highschool in 1962, he traveled the folkcircuit performing in coffee houses from coast to coast, and began writing songs. He met Tom Shipley in 1964 at The Blind Owl coffee house in Kent, Ohio, but they wouldn't become a team for a few more years.

He teamed with first partner Tom Mastin in 1965, and settled in San Francisco, then Los Angeles. His first recording contract was with Columbia Records as Mastin & Brewer. They formed a band with drummer Billy Mundi (later to be an original member of Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention), and bassist Jim Fielder (later to be an original member of Blood, Sweat & Tears). Mastin & Brewer toured southern California opening for The Byrds, along with another newly formed band, Buffalo Springfield. Buffalo Springfield got together in a house next door to Michael, once owned by Lenny Bruce, and they got their name from a road work vehicle that was parked in front of Michael's house. Mastin & Brewer began headlining clubs in L.A., and began recording, but Mastin decided he couldn't take the pressure, and they separated. Sadly, years later Tom Mastin commited suicide.

Mastin & Brewer's man at Columbia Records was leaving to help create a new record company being formed by Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss called A&M Records. He took Michael with him, and Michael became a staff song writer for A&M's publishing company Good Sam Music.

Tom Shipley moved into a house around the corner from Michael and they began writing songs together. Soon, Tom was a staff writer for A&M, as well. Their demos for the publishing company exhibited a sound and style of their own, and A&M suggested they record their songs themselves. Their first album “Brewer & Shipley/Down In L.A.” was released in 1968.

Unhappy with life on the coast, Michael and Tom moved back to the heartland, doing what they'd done before - Performing their songs for those who'd care to listen. They made Kansas City, Missouri their home, and with friends, formed a company named Good Karma Productions. Brewer & Shipley acquired a new recording contract with Buddha/Kama Sutra Records in New York City. They recorded four albums for that label “Weeds”, “Tarkio” (containing the now classic rock-anthem "One Toke Over The Line"), “Shake Off The Demon” and “Rural Space”. Eventually, they moved to Capitol Records and recorded two albums “ST-11261” and “Welcome To Riddle Bridge”.

In 1980 Michael and Tom amicably went their separate ways. Michael met Dan Fogelberg in a bar in the Rocky Mountains, and Dan invited him to sing on a song on his latest album. The album was “The Innocent Age” and the song was "The Reach". Dan produced Michael's first solo LP entitled “Beauty Lies”, on Full Moon/Warner Bros, and it was released in 1983.

In 1987 Brewer & Shipley regrouped for a special concert in Kansas City. They did a few more reunion shows, but writing new songs is what got them back together. While on tour in Alaska, they decided to form their own company "One Toke Productions". They have written songs for, and recorded two CD's for that company, “Shanghai” and “Heartland”, and after forty plus years together Brewer & Shipley are still performing.

In 2004 Michael released his 2nd solo effort, entitled “Retro Man”. In the last few years Michael has been more prolific than ever writing songs, and in early 2011 released his 3rd solo album entitled “It Is What It Is”.




Michael Hearne

Red River Dreams” is the latest CD release of Michael Hearne, one of the originators of the ’Southwestern Americana’ sound that seems to float over his 2 homelands of the hill country of Texas and the mountains of northern New Mexico.

His instantly recognizable ’whiskey velvet voice’, as friend Eliza Gilkyson describes it, combined with his impeccable musical instincts, inspired songwriting and instrumental virtuosity form as complete a musical assemblage as you will find in any country, folk or americana artist today.

Hearne has one of the most devoted followings of any musician still practicing his craft, touring around Texas, NM, and the great American southwest, and “Red River Dreams” embodies many of the reasons why.

The title cut speaks of Hearne’s time spent in Red River, NM, in the 1970’s, which seemed to be ’Austin North’, serving as a getaway and mountain retreat for several of the artists involved in the early Austin scene, such as Michael Martin Murphy, Ray Wylie Hubbard and Bob Livingston. “Blue Enough” is a beautiful lament co-written with Jed Zimmerman, another fine songwriter in the folk americana vein, featuring Kelley Mickwee, a rising star in the current Austin music scene on harmonies.

“June 25, 2009” ponders the life and legacy of Michael Jackson. “The Highway Is a Friend of Mine”, co-written with Michael’s longtime friend and frequent musical partner Shake Russell, is a great picking song and classic traveling troubadour tune. “Back in the Day”, another Hearne-Russell co-write, is a journey through the influences and experiences of Hearne’s Texas upbringing.

Although we feel that some of the tracks are standouts for radio, we truly feel there isn’t a song to miss in this collection, including Michael’s selections of other writers’ songs, such as the John Ims tune “Magic”, Chuck Pyle’s gem “Endless Sky”, and his impeccable treatments of the classic Lightfoot and Parsons tunes.




Michael Tomlinson

One of the songs on Michael Tomlinson’s new album,”House Of Sky”, elicited a touching letter of response from former US President Jimmy Carter. He wrote to thank Michael for a song Michael had written about him and his years of humanitarian work around the world. The song is entitled “Seeds Of Love” and is one of the cornerstones of Michael’s newest release. The entire album is filled with deeply moving and uplifting songs that are impossible to categorize by genre. To many listeners they are just “Michael Tomlinson music". Writes the long time President of MTV and VH1, Van Toffler, who has followed Michael’s music for more than 20 years, “when it comes to beautiful, soul searching ballads, Michael has no peer”.

Michael’s new album was financed entirely by listeners who felt much that same way, supporters from all over North America and Europe. Last summer he launched a crowd funding campaign and invited people around the world to help him co-create “the most beautiful album of my life”. Tomlinson writes, “I felt that the only way my project could stand apart is if I could inspire people to want to be a part of something that made the world a better place”. His effort was extremely successful, raising almost $20,000 more than the songwriter had asked for. He spent the fall of 2015 in a Seattle recording studio, with several artists from around the world contributing tracks to his album, sending music files back and forth until the songs took form. This summer Michael Tomlinson releases ”House Of Sky”.

The album is a bookend to his very first album,“Run This Way Forever”, which Michael released in the late 1980’s. That album was played in a couple of dozen cities and sold over 100,000 copies on Michael’s own small label, Desert Rain. Michael then signed with a series of LA based labels, gaining one top ten hit with “Dawning On A New Day”, but decided in the mid 1990’s to leave the chaos of the traditional music industry when he learned what he called, “an obvious-to-everyone-but-me lesson, that the music business was never about music”. From that time on Michael has continued to write and record in Seattle and perform concerts around the US every year. He also hosts occasional retreats, called “A Gathering Of Friends”, and is completing a book to be released in 2017.



Michael Ward with Dogs & Fishes

"I wrote this tune in early 2016, appalled by the dangerous devaluation of truth featured in the campaign rhetoric of Donald Trump. It’s foul breath clouded not only the public debate in a historically pivotal election, but threatened to permanently alter the standards by which that discourse is interpreted and judged. Straight faced lying threatened to become an accepted vernacular of the political process. At that time it seemed a surreal and incomprehensible possibility that his campaign might actually succeed, but all of us, including Trump and his minions, were in for a cruel surprise.  His stunning victory installed a man of seemingly bottomless corruption and infantile character in a position to alter the course of history in ways we are coming to understand daily in ever more personal ways.The fundamental concepts of democracy and fair play are being challenged in such a bold, shameless and relentless way that renders punch drunk the default condition of public engagement, certainly a tactical political goal. This assault on the central values of a progressive society obviously requires a response and I felt that this song and it’s message was aimed at the heart of the situation and deserved amplification. This video is the product of several months work with videographer Carol Luna, and hopes to join the rising clamor of resistance, artistic and otherwise, to this pernicious threat. Contrary to my usual routine of obsessive production, we recorded this song very quickly, using most of what went down live in the basic sessions in the final mix. Solos and vocals were done later but it was a surprisingly cohesive effort, reflecting the urgency of the topic." ~ Michael Ward





Mikael Persson

Acclaimed US singer-songwriters Greg Copeland and Janni Littlepage, English-Italian singstress Luisa Jordan-Killoran and Swedish pop-oracle Citizen K are just a few of the artists and musicians who helped Mikael Persson complete his sophomore solo album, "Marks & Bleeds".

An album that in many ways is about dreams and meetings, where dreams have given rise to song ideas, and various meetings with other artists and musicians have helped Michael achieve what he's been looking for in his musical life ever since its inception in Borås in the 70's.

Early in the process of the new album, Mikael was offered an unreleased song by acclaimed singer-songwriter Greg Copeland, "Roughhouse Boys", and as always is the case, Mikael puts his own unique stamp on an already amazing song.

Later on, brilliant singer Luisa Jordan-Killoran enters the picture, and the project find the dynamics in the vocal arrangements that were previously lacking. Just listen to the heartbreaking version of Vince Clarke's "Only You", and you'll understand why.

In the eleventh hour of work the experienced songwriter Janni Littlepage offers her services and the album feels at once like a finished, complete unit.

Along the way, old friends and acquaintances, like Klas Qvist (Citizen K), Thomas Pontén (Little Green) and Pelle Johanson, have helped out with both arrangements and production ideas.

The title of the new, forthcoming album is "Marks & Bleeds", but in another world and in another time, it could as easily have been "Dreams & Meetings". Please enter the wonderful world of Mikael Persson, and let yourself be swept away.....




Mike Spine 

Don’t Let It Bring You Down” is the 9th full length studio album for Seattle born and Seattle plus Europe based artist Mike Spine. Since 2002, Spine has been known for hundreds of high energy rock performances and 5 albums with his punk rock band At the Spine. In 2010, Spine began revisiting his folk rock and americana roots, when he formed The Beautiful Sunsets and released the critically acclaimed ”Coalminers & Moonshiners” in 2012.

Songs on ”Don’t Let It Bring You Down” are in the vein of ”Coalminers & Moonshiners”, with some added spice and variety. Started as a stripped down solo acoustic album in Portland, OR, with longtime engineer and friend Rob Bartleson (Wilco, Pink Martini, Pond), the new album morphed into a more complex full band album, with 3 Portland based musicians, when Spine returned from a long tour performing overseas in 5 continents. Delayed due to subsequent tours in Europe, the album is finally being released.

The album is a collaboration with Joey Prude on drums, Rob Bartleson on bass, and Ali Ippolito on piano, organ, accordion and backing vocals. Songs from the album paint vivid pictures of lives of the working class in cities where Spine worked as musician, teacher and activist for the last 2 decades. Known for 20 years of powerful live performances, Spine and his band mates will spend the next year touring Europe and US in support of the album.



Michelle Lewis 

Michelle Lewis writes joyful songs that make you cry, and sad songs that leave you smiling. Her music is rich with melody, her lyrics find beauty in sadness. As a storyteller, she writes intensely visual songs that explore the defining moments in burgeoning and breaking relationships.

More polished than folk and more personal than pop, Michelle's songwriting is uniquely intimate.

Her single, " Run Run Run,” found huge popularity among Boston Marathon runners and was featured on the national cable broadcast of the race. The song’s music video amassed more than 100 000 views in its first month and has more than 300 000 to date. 

Michelle is a graduate of the world renowned Berklee College of Music. She tours frequently across the United States and Europe. Her first release, ”This Time Around”, arrived in 2004. She has been a longtime collaborator with producer Anthony J Resta (Elton John, Duran Duran, Shawn Mullins), spanning their work on her EP’s  ”Broken” (2009) and  ”Paris” (2011), and now her 2nd full length album,  ”The Parts Of Us That Still Remain”.

Michelle Lewis is a Boston singer songwriter living in Los Angeles.



Miss Tess

On her new release “Baby, We All Know”, Miss Tess continues to explore her own personal crossroads of American roots music. This full length release features 11 finely crafted and well sung original songs. Heightened by Tess’ prowess on her Weymann archtop guitar, she is accompanied by her top notch band, The Talkbacks, featuring guitar ace and co-conspirator Thomas Bryan Eaton. The songs were further enlivened with piano, organ, pedal steel and fiddle in the studio.

Tess says “I consider this my best yet collection of original music. In writing these tunes I stepped out of myself and into many different characters, based on real life and my imagination, and pulled sounds and stories from my musical fantasyland. Baby, we all know their secrets and on goings, in a world of mischief and troubled fun”. These songs were penned at Tess’s yearly writing retreat in New Hampshire, and at her home in Nashville. Yet time and place don’t bear much relevance here, the subjects she speaks through live in the streets of New Orleans, in the backwoods hollers of Tennessee, on a train heading to Mexico, and under the sheets.

Tess got her musical start at home in Maryland, her childhood nights ending in music. Her parents would sing her to sleep with the gentle, tender sounds of American folk songs, occasionally interrupted by their 30’s swing band rehearsing in the basement. Tess studied pianomas a child, and continued on as a teenager to take up the guitar and singing, and eventually began her own studies in early jazz and blues. All grown up, Miss Tess & The Talkbacks regularly steal the show at venues with something a little rowdier and more eclectic. Infused with classic country and honky tonk, southern rhythm and blues, New Orleans jazz and swing, and sounds of swamp pop and early rock ‘n’ roll, she is an embodiment of everything that it still homegrown in America.

Miss Tess has been releasing albums and leading a band for over a decade, spanning her career over many different cities, including Baltimore, Boston, New York, and her new home base of Nashville, TN. Straddling her move from New York to Nashville, the new album was recorded in both cities. The recording cast includes her steady band mate and co-producer, Thomas Bryan Eaton, producer Dan Knobler (Rodney Crowell, Tift Merritt), Robin Macmillan, Jake Silver, Roy Williams, Stefan Zeniuk, Eric Frey, Dominic Billet, Kai Welch, John Pahmer, Aaron Shaffer Haiss, Oliver Craven, Maya De Vitry and Caitlin Canty.

A follow up to 2012’s “Sweet Talk” and 2013’s “The Love I Have For You”, both released on Signature Sounds Recordings, “Baby, We All Know” will be released independently. As she expands and grows more into her own sound, Tess is still hard to categorize. She says “Many times after the show, somebody will come up to compliment the band and ask me what kind of music we just played. After mumbling through a few different genres I usually just tell them it’s my music and hope they enjoyed the show”.

Enjoyable is just what “Baby, We All Know” is, propelled by the classic quality of Tess’s vocals, compelling and totally believable. The production throughout is the right balance of punch and rhythm, without getting in the way of the vocals or songwriting, giving this collection of songs a plentiful dose of old school swagger. Time after time, Miss Tess is able to utilize sounds and styles from a past era combined with modern sensibilities to present an authentic and engaging presence.



Mojo Monkeys

Labels don’t stick easily to the Mojo Monkeys, a groove greasing Los Angeles trio of veteran musicians who filter swampy New Orleans grooves, Bakersfield honky tonk and Texas swing through distinctly Angeleno sensibilities. Their 3rd album, ”Swerve On”, testifies to the improvisational verve that makes their shows such infectious, dance floor packing fun.

Band leader and drummer Dave Raven, bassist Taras Prodaniuk and guitarist Billy Watts 1st discovered their kinetic musical chemistry while backing Tower Of Power vocalist Hubert Tubbs in a funk band 20 years ago. Since then, between them, they’ve accompanied a who’s who list of americana and rock artists, including Eric Burdon, Merle Haggard, Teresa James, Kris Kristofferson, Shelby Lynne, Mike Ness, Bonnie Raitt, Richard Thompson, John Trudell, Dwight Yoakam and Lucinda Williams. That depth of rootsy musicality infuses ”Swerve On”, which displays more stylistic diversity than 1999’s ”Hang” or 2010’s ”Blessings & Curses”.

“Some of the ideas have been around since the closing days of the last record”, notes Raven, while wisecracking about their ’amazing breakneck pace’ of production. With one or all of them on tour at any given juncture, scheduling face time can be maddeningly complicated. When they do manage to meet at Raven’s home, he says, “I press record and we just start jamming. Sometimes things come out in one piece. We usually stop and go, ‘hey, what if we went to the 4 chord here? What should we do for the bridge?’ I usually write lyrics and melodies later”.

“Song For The Muse”, a cool, funky track that sat around for years, recounts what happens when the lyric writing muse stands him up. Pedal steel maestro Marty Rifkin joins the Monkeys for bar room 2 stepper “Tuscaloosa Maybe”, and the old school jazzy swing of “Two Shots”, you can almost hear martini glasses clinking behind co-writer Phil Parlapiano’s suave piano fills. The irresistibly danceable “Beat Bus Driver” boogies into funk city with “Little Javelina”. The soulful camaraderie between Prodaniuk, Raven and Watts pulses through their joyous version of Allen Toussaint’s “Ride Your Pony”, which rolls with the muscularity of the Lee Dorsey hit.

It’s easy to get caught up in the Mojo Monkeys’ rubbery grooves and just dance away cares. But their lyrics serve up food for thought too. The Raymond Chandler-esque “Argyle & Selma” is a partly spoken tale about the struggles of everyday Hollywood characters Raven knows, while the country rocking title track contemplates life’s precious mysteries. Most poignantly, “If I Were Gone” recounts his recent dance with mortality, “if I were gone, gone, gone, and you were all alone, would you miss me much, would you crave my touch?”.

“We had the music for a while, and then I got really sick last fall into the winter”, he recalls. “I really started thinking about death and honestly, being OK with it. My wife and my kids weren’t OK with it, but for me, and I felt, ‘well, if it’s my time, I had a great time’. But I came through it”.

The LA music community is damn happy he lived. Now the Mojo Monkeys are striving to get the hip swiveling, spirit buoying ”Swerve On” in front of eyes and ears, and the band on the road.

“Our show is entertaining”, Raven says. “It’s not like we’re just standing up there looking at our shoes. There’s so much joy. We just love playing together, and I think that translates”.




Mona & Maria

Mona & Maria is a new duo from Oslo, Norway. They're here with their debut album 'My Sun'. Mona & Maria’s music can be described as harmony-based pop with folk elements and great, and often grand, arrangements, but still with an acoustic feel. Their debut 'My Sun' consists of 10 self-penned songs. Mona & Maria tell us about the debut:

“Something was let loose after we started working on songs that did not fit the sound of the band we were in. We strongly felt the need to create something more personal, and we started making melodies to something obscure that had been lying dormant in both of us. After a band breakdown, came a new musical need that we found in each other. We both were terrified of singing alone, but together we sort of found a third person to make us feel secure. We began experimenting with harmonies. It became our way of being together. After several rounds and recordings of these songs, the record started to take shape, and we found our soundscape by working with dynamics. We wanted to have both the low-key and intimate, and the grandiose and dramatic, to have both darkness and light at once. We wanted to make unpretentious arrangements that enhanced the lyrics and the melodies, and not buried them. The result was 'My Sun'.”

Mona Andersen (27) and Maria Knudsen (28) have already written songs together for many years, and both were central parts of the band Bazooka Boppers, with which they released two albums. After the band’s break-up in 2010, Mona and Maria continued playing together, and it worked out so well that they decided to move forward as a duo. The album was recorded at Engfelt & Forsgren Studio with Christian Engfelt as producer, along with the girls themselves. Engfelt also plays the bass on a few of the songs.


Music Is Love

There's been tributes to The Byrds, The Buffalo Springfield and The Hollies. There's been several tributes to Neil Young. There's even been a tribute to Graham Nash's album "Songs For Beginners". But there has never been a tribute to the collective body of work of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Until now!

On October 16th, 2012, Sweden's Hemifrån and Italy's Route 61 Music releases "Music Is Love - A Singer-Songwriters' Tribute To The Music Of Crosby Stills Nash & Young.

The album features, not only several musicians from the inner circle of CSN&Y (Stephen Stills' former girlfriend Judy Collins and daughter Jennifer Stills, Anthony Crawford and Rick Rosas from Neil Young's Electric Band, Sonny Mone from Crazy Horse, David Crosby's guitarist Marcus Eaton and vocal favorites Venice), but also some cool names from the 70's (Karla Bonoff, Elliott Murphy, Willie Nile, Wendy Waldman), some interesting names from the 80's (Sid Griffin from Long Ryders, Ian McNabb from Icicle Works, Liam O'Maonlai from Hothouse Flowers, Steve Wynn from Dream Syndicate), as well as some new-up-and-coming names from the alt country scene in the U.S. (Clarence Bucaro, Neal Casal, Carrie Rodriguez).

The liner notes are penned by Dave Zimmer (author of two official books on CSN and CSNY), and CSN&Y's official photographer Henry Diltz offers some unpublished photos from his vast archives.



My Darling Clementine

With her best years seemingly behind her, a former Las Vegas showgirl works double shifts in a rundown Memphis bar. Alone and estranged from her daughter, Marcia lives life vicariously through her customers and the everyday tragedies of people falling in and out of love. These are moving tales of grief and heartbreak, lust, murder and domestic horror. Serving beer and burgers as these very different stories unfold, Marcia reflects on her single doomed shot at happiness. Then one day, she receives a phone call that changes everything…..

”The Other Half” is a unique collaboration between the leading lights of mystery fiction and country music. An original story by bestselling crime writer Mark Billingham, soundtracked by the powerful and poignant songs of internationally acclaimed americana duo My Darling Clementine.

Mark Billingham is one of the UK’s most acclaimed and popular crime writers. He has twice won the Theakston's Old Peculier Award for Best Crime Novel, and has also won a Sherlock Award for the Best Detective created by a British writer. Each of his novels featuring detective inspector Tom Thorne has been a Sunday Times bestseller, and ’Sleepyhead’ and ’Scaredy Cat’ were made into a hit television series on Sky 1 in 2010 starring David Morrissey as Thorne. His most recent novel,’Time Of Death’, and ’In The Dark’, published 2008, are being adapted into a series and will air on the BBC in autumn 2016. Mark lives in North London with his wife and two children.

My Darling Clementine are leading lights of the British americana and country music scene who have, to date, released 2 highly acclaimed albums, “How Do You Plead?” (2011) and “The Reconciliation” (2013). Comprising of husband-and-wife duo Michael Weston King and Lou Dalgleish, they have a growing legion of fans, including such famous figures as Graham Norton and Bob Harris. My Darling Clementine mine a rich seam of country classicism, in particular the countrypolitan sound of late 60’s Nashville.





The Mystix

Called ’a roots supergroup’ by The Boston Phoenix, The Mystix continue to headline major venues throughout New England, performing their unique interpretations of the music of rural America, as well as inspired original material.

Their 5 critically acclaimed CD’s have enjoyed substantial airplay across the country and around the world, consistently appearing on major americanaand roots charts in the US, UK and Europe.

Noted for their impeccable musicianship as well as their soulful, spirited and lighthearted performances, The Mystix’ legendary, veteran lineup never fails to deliver a thrilling show.

Jo Lily, guitar and lead vocals, Bobby Keyes, guitar, Matt Leavenworth, fiddle, Jesse Williams, bass and vocals, Marty Richards, drums and Annie Raines, harp and vocals.



My Quiet Companion

The Swedish Gothenburg based trio My Quiet Companion (Sofia Ekberg, Patrick Rydman and Henrik Cederblom) was formed in the autumn of 2012, out of pure joy, jamming together while producing Sofia’s EP "All The Small Details". Their eponymous full length debut album contains a selection of tracks previously released on that record, along with new material. The group performs their original songs in a style of americana, folk, pop and roots. My Quiet Companion have played live across Sweden, where they have opened for Aoife O’Donovan of Crooked Still fame and shared the stage with Adam Levy (songwriter and guitarist from Norah Jones’ Handsome Band). In 2015, the trio was invited to play the 2015 Arctic Sounds Festival, Sisimiut, Greenland, where they also held songwriting workshops. With 3 guitars, mandolin, dobro, stompboard and harmony singing they create a groovy intimate sound where you can lean back and listen to the tales of the song. Catchy Americana with a Scandinavian edge.




Mårten Lärka

Mårten Lärka is a pop oriented singer, songwriter and troubadour, from the northern part of Sweden. He has mostly used Swedish lyrics, but now also sings in French.

The music of Mårten Lärka is minimalistic with the songs clearly defined in the centre. Rock’n’roll or lullabies. The lyrics are given with a mix of humor and seriousness, with the modern society in focus.

Mårten Lärka has attracted creative youngsters, curios children and cultured adults for more than a decade. He has been touring with his personal style all through Sweden, and parts of Germany.

2005 saw the release of the debut album, "Innan Natten Har Gjort Kväll". 2006 it was time for the xmas single, "Trasiga Pepparkakshjärtan". The 2nd full length album, "Livstidsvicket", followed in 2008. The EP series, "Trubadelica", started off 2011. The 4 track "Doneras Till Staten" was released in 2013 and a 3rd full length album, "Jadåså", in 2014. The 10” vinyl album "Alouette" will be released in April this year.

Mårten Lärka started his musical track in the 80´s. In the 90´s he belonged to the swedish indie scene with Opossum, who later on became The Trimatics. He has also been involved in a Swedish Grammy, for performing 2 classic children songs on "Älskade Ramsor, Sagor Och Sånger Från Barnkammarboken, Vol 4" in 2007. But that's another story...




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